Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 904

The woman stood up angrily, as if about to leave.
Chen Feng hurriedly shouted, “Wait!”
The sexy girl didn’t mean to stop, she left the room directly, and even slammed the door violently, making a bang.
Chen Feng shook his head, wondering why he was so unsure.
After reconciling his mind, he looked at the condition of his body again, but was surprised to find that most of the injuries on his body had healed. Apart from the injuries outside of the skin, he was still a bit shocking, but his body was in good spirits.
It’s boring to lie down, and since the woman left, no one else has come in.
He was also worried about the two sisters Long Ling, enduring the pain from the wound that could not be touched easily, and got up from the bed with difficulty.
Opening the door that the woman had just slammed on was angrily, walked outside and inspected it in a circle, but it seemed that Chen Feng was the only one here.
He was hungry, but he couldn’t find any place to eat.
Shouting loudly here, there was no response. He wondered if he had come to a different space. There was no one here except the woman.
There was no way, he was going to go outside, walked to the big iron gate in the yard, and looked towards the end of the road that stretched over. There was actually no one nearby.
Chen Feng was really scared. Could it be that there is really no one’s world here?
In the sky, a plane roared and flew overhead, which finally gave Chen Feng a lot of peace of mind. He was still on earth.
Sitting under a pergola by the hillside, a large old locust tree twisted its branches, just covering a space.
There were tables and chairs placed there for people to rest under the tree, and Chen Feng walked over and sat down.
The stone bench is very cold, and the smooth surface will make you feel like you want to slide out.
Looking at the distant scenery, it seemed a bit desolate. He still didn’t leave the desert, maybe just on the edge of him.
After sitting for a while, I don’t know how long, and finally a black car drove from outside. Chen Feng didn’t move, and he didn’t have the urge to find someone as eagerly as he was just now.
This is just a place to rest on vacation, so it’s normal to not see people, but I don’t know what the white star means when he put himself here, but doesn’t care about him at all.
The car parked in the yard, and then two people walked down from above. Chen Feng glanced at the man and recognized the strong man with Bai Xing.
But that woman didn’t know him, nor was it the sexy woman Chen Feng saw.
When they got out of the car, the strong man saw Chen Feng sitting there, he walked straight over, and the woman smiled at Chen Feng and walked into the house.
“What are you doing sitting here?” the strong man asked.
“Just do it casually,” Chen Feng replied.
Since Chen Feng didn’t want to talk, the brawny man didn’t take it seriously, and continued: “Young Master Bai asked you to stay here, and he will look for you again when you recover from your injury.”
Chen Feng asked, “Which Young Master Bai, I know two.”
The brawny man has no idea of ​​joking with Chen Feng: “The one you know.”
Chen Feng was very indifferent to the strong man’s anger. He just continued to ask: “You asked me to heal my wounds here. What do you want me to do for you?”
The strong man took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed it to Chen Feng kindly. Chen Feng shook his head, and he also took one out of it and lit it.
He said: “I don’t care about this kind of thing. I just know that Young Master Bai said so. And you are a very powerful person. If you are willing to leave, Young Master Bai will not stop you. But he saved your life. , He hopes you can remember.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Do you still want to use this kind of thing to blackmail me for the rest of my life.”
The brawny man said: “Young Master Bai didn’t mean that. He just meant that if it is really dangerous, you can give him a hand.”
Chen Feng was a little surprised: “He will want to let me pull him, which is somewhat incredible.”
The strong man said again, “Shao Chen, you shouldn’t mind if I call you that way.”
Chen Feng smiled and said: “It seems that no one has called me like this for a long time, as if even I have forgotten myself. So it seems that you have investigated my identity?”
The strong man nodded: “Shao Bai said, if he goes to Yanjing, he must visit Shao Chen, but he has never had a chance.”
Chen Feng remembered the Chang family sisters and asked, “What about the two sisters? How are they?”
The brawny man was a little confused, and seemed reluctant to say clearly.
“What’s the matter? Did something happen?” Chen Feng asked anxiously.
The brawny man said: “Major Bai told them all about you, but even though they tried their best to save your life, after knowing that you are a very rich person, they left alone and told you not to Go find them.”
Chen Feng didn’t expect that the sisters would be so repulsive to come into contact with a world completely different from them, but he could only smile bitterly, he couldn’t always pretend to be a very ordinary person with him.
“I see.” Chen Feng replied somewhat lonely.
The strong man told Chen Feng some things about here. The woman who came with him will take care of Chen Feng here. If there is any need, she can tell the girl that she will do everything she can, and it can’t be solved. You can find him.
Chen Feng just agreed perfunctorily.
After introducing all this, the strong man was about to leave. Chen Feng suddenly remembered the beautiful woman he saw when he woke up, and asked the strong man, “Who is that beautiful woman here?”
However, the strong man looked at Chen Feng suspiciously and asked, “What woman?”
“It’s the beautiful woman with long black hair. When I woke up, she happened to be in my room.” Chen Feng introduced.
But the strong man still shook his head. He said, “Before I brought Xiaoye up, there was no one here. Originally, only Xiaoye was taking care of you. I took her to buy some essential items, and this place was empty. ”
Chen Feng thought for a moment in amazement, could it be that when he just woke up, he had an illusion, but that was too real, such a beautiful woman, he really hadn’t seen it for a long time.
The strong man still wanted to ask clearly, Chen Feng waved his hand at him, and did not continue to talk to him.
The brawny man had no choice but to stop asking, he repeatedly asked Chen Feng to notify him of anything, and finally drove away.
Chen Feng watched him leave, and then returned to the house. Although it is not a big place, it is not a big problem to live with more than a dozen people, not to mention that there are only two of him and Xiaoye now.

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