Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 906

Bai Xing took the water I handed over, but only held it in his hand.
He lowered his head, as if he had encountered something particularly annoying. Chen Feng sat next to him and asked, “How come you have such an expression. Do you just show me your face when you come to me? Is it?”
Hearing what I said, Bai Xing reduced his attitude slightly. He said, “There are indeed some annoying things, but I think that I haven’t come to see you for a long time. I think it’s better to come over and ask about your condition.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “When you come to care about me like this, why do you feel that you are forced, not from your sincerity at all.”
Bai Xing also smiled reluctantly: “If you really think so, it’s better to come, so as not to make you misunderstand what I mean, but make you resent me.”
Chen Feng took a sip of water and said, “Just tell me what the hell are you doing. I know you must have something to ask me when I look at you.”
And Chen Feng’s words have already spoken for this purpose. Bai Xing didn’t have any hesitation. He also took a sip of water and said, “I do want to ask you for something, but it’s hard to tell because of face.”
Chen Feng looked at Bai Xing very seriously: “I said, you saved my life. If there is any problem, I will definitely pay this favor.”
Being watched, Bai Xing finally stopped hesitating: “I think you also know that something happened in our Bai family recently. I thought I could easily solve this problem, but…”
Some tangled expressions appeared on Bai Xing’s face, as if he was very unwilling to fail.
Although Chen Feng knew, he didn’t know exactly what happened, so he just asked, “How do you need me to help you?”
Bai Xing thought for a while and said, “Young Master Chen, as long as you help me deal with one person.”
Chen Feng wondered: “A person? Who?”
“A well-known businessman, he recently came to the desert to start a project, and our Bai family participated in this project, but for some reason, Bai Su contacted him. If the project is successful, the Bai family At least you can go up to one level again.”
Chen Feng thought for a while, and smiled: “You want to stop Bai Su and his business, and then make him incapable of competing with you for the position of the Patriarch of the Bai family, right?”
Bai Xing nodded frankly.
“Then who is this businessman, can actually make your Bai family rise to the next level directly because of a project? I think he must be an incredible businessman, right?” Chen Feng asked curiously.
Bai Xing nodded and said, “Executive Director of Pop League, Southco.”
Chen Feng was also surprised: “It was the old man. I didn’t expect him to invest in the desert. I remember that the last time he invested was 20 years ago, he built the world’s largest micro-end production device on the southeast coast. .”
Bai Xing also sighed: “That guy is indeed a genius investor. Every investment seems to have accurately hit the hottest industry in the next ten years, so that he can firmly hold the most profitable profit and property in his hands. .”
Chen Feng looked at Bai Xing’s complete lack of fighting spirit, and comforted him: “Since you have found me, then I will definitely help you, and it just so happens that I have some friendship with Southco.”
Bai Xing looked at Chen Feng in surprise: “You know him? I was expecting you to help me block him out of the desert, but as long as he is out of the northwest, I won’t care where he is. But if If you know him, then, Shao Chen, can you help me connect this line?”
Although Bai Xing requested such a request, Chen Feng could not directly agree to it. Instead, he said conservatively, “I can’t tell you clearly. Although I know the old guy, will he give me this face? I just said. I don’t know.”
Bai Xing didn’t think there was anything at all, and said excitedly: “As long as Shao Chen can help me meet Mr. Southco, I still have the confidence to let him directly cooperate with me.”
Chen Feng didn’t know how he had such self-confidence, but after thinking about it, he agreed, “Okay, I’ll help you contact that old guy. As for the rest, I can only help you, but it’s mainly up to you.” ”
But then Bai Xing was still very happy.
He came over with a sad face, but when he left, he was full of joy.
And because Chen Feng didn’t have Southco’s direct number, he still asked Shi Pojun to send the number over.
After Chen Feng called, it took a while for someone to connect.
“Are you?” Southco asked, probably because of an unfamiliar number.
Chen Feng replied: “It’s me, Chen Feng.”
“Chen Feng, why did you guy call me suddenly. Did you think of asking me to borrow money? I tell you, it’s impossible.”
Chen Feng frowned. He didn’t know why this guy would say that. He quickly denied: “How could I ask you to borrow money? Do you have more money than mine? If you don’t have money, remember to call me. , I will give you a sum of money to continue investing.”
Southco laughed and said, “Haha, you are still that humorous, but I recently came across a big project, the application of rare earths, how about it, are you interested. If you also invest in it, I will tell you that it is definitely possible. Make a lot of money.”
Chen Feng thought for a while and refused: “I won’t rob you. I think you are definitely not short of funds. If you wait for when it will go public, I can consider it.”
Southco lamented: “That’s really a pity. The money was originally made by everyone. It seems that you must have some other place to make money.”
Chen Feng didn’t continue arguing with him on this issue, and directly asked about Bai Xing.
“Is your latest project in the desert?”
Southco was surprised: “Chen Feng, how did you know? Are you watching me? If you want to join in, I’m naturally happy, but you can’t monitor me either…”
When Chen Feng heard of what kind of reverie ability, he immediately interrupted him and said, “I didn’t monitor you. I happened to be in the desert, so I knew it. Where are you now?”
When Southco heard this, he said with guilt: “Excuse me, Chen Feng, I misunderstood you, are you in the desert? I have to go there recently. When the desert comes, how can I find you? Sample?”
Chen Feng hasn’t said yet, but Southco has proposed it himself, which just prevents Chen Feng from speaking.
“Yes, but I want to bring someone, and he also said he wants to see you.”
“That’s okay.”

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