Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 908

Naturally, Chen Feng just ignored this sentence and asked Southco: “You haven’t introduced it to us yet, so worried, don’t bring it out!”
Southco was still angrily: “This is my niece, she just wanted to come to China to see it this time. So I brought her here, but I promised my brother to take her back intact. of.”
Chen Feng was surprised: “Your niece, Asian?”
Southco disagreed and said, “What’s wrong, her mother is Chinese, so she thinks she is a mixed race.”
Only then did Chen Feng look at Leona carefully. Although the skin color and appearance are no different from those of Huaxia, if you look closely, you can still see that her eyes are blue like gems.
Chen Feng smiled at Leona again.
Southco was still on guard against Chen Feng and kept staring at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng didn’t really keep his sight on Leona, he came here today because of Bai Xing’s business.
When the dishes were served, the four beautiful girls walked up with the trays in turn, each step being very standard, as if they were models on the runway, showing their respective figures vividly and exquisitely.
However, that’s just a small adjustment before talking about business.
After eating for a while and drinking some wine, I said to Southco, “Actually, I brought Bai Xing here this time. It’s not just a simple meal. You also know what your project is that the Bai family is doing. And he is also from the Bai family.”
Chen Feng didn’t explain it thoroughly, but he almost understood it very well.
Bai Xing also put down his chopsticks and looked at Southco.
“I don’t quite understand what the struggle will be between you, but the Chinese people from Bai Su and I have cooperated very well, and I don’t have any ideas to change this state.”
Southco was also very direct, which was tantamount to rejecting Bai Xing.
But Bai Xing tried to say: “I know Mr. Southco’s love for her brother, he is also a very capable person, but this time the project is far from being as simple as Mr. Southco thought.”
Southco looked at Bai Xing curiously: “What do you mean?”
Bai Xing said: “Since Mr. Southco invested in the project, it must be the same as the micro-end project investment in the Southeast. They are all aimed at pointing to the world’s leading or even the first position, but if it is only reserved for the younger brother, Then the most he can do is to a level that is very good in China, but it is far from being able to reach the world level.”
Southco said: “You mean you can, but I don’t think this kind of thing can be done only by faith. Everything has his own trajectory, just like I can’t confirm my investment this time. He will be able to succeed, even somewhere, he will fail. Do you know what I mean?”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “You are humble. You have invested so many times. That time you didn’t make enough preparations before you started. Just looking at your own history, there really are no examples of failure.”
Southco said to Chen Feng: “It’s just that I tried all failures when I was young, so now I will be very cautious, but I still can’t confirm that I will succeed. Chen Feng, you must know this. .”
Chen Feng smiled, he naturally knew that this world would not be 100% successful.
And Bai Xing said: “Mr. Southco, I know what you mean, but compared to my younger brother, I have a fuller advantage. And if there is no bold vision for something, I just see what is in front of you, or care about it for a while. If he succeeds or fails, then there is not much he can take to get out. I think this is my answer.”
Southco became more curious about the white star’s appearance.
He said: “Now I think I can listen to your thoughts. If you can really impress me, I am willing to replace my agent in China.”
Chen Feng left and got up and went to the bathroom. He originally handed over everything to Bai Xing. Whether he succeeded or failed was to see Bai Xing. On the contrary, Chen Feng’s own existence would make Southco think that he was forcing him. It made Southco feel bad about Chen Feng, but he still felt a little uncomfortable.
Therefore, Chen Feng also took the initiative to leave.
Unexpectedly, just coming out of the bathroom, a woman also came out of the lady’s bathroom next door.
It would actually be Leona, and Chen Feng smiled at her: “You are really a beautiful lady. Your beauty is like a gift from heaven. People want to touch them but dare not carry any dirty thoughts. , Only dare to approach with a sacred attitude.”
Leona didn’t seem to expect Chen Shengeng to say such a thing, but she still didn’t seem to have any waves. It should be this kind of praise that she has listened to a lot.
“Thank you, Mr. Chen Feng.” Leona’s Mandarin is very standard, and she can’t tell that she is really a person living abroad.
Chen Feng admired: “Your Mandarin is really good.”
Leona smiled: “My mother always calls me Mandarin again, so I can speak it since I was very young. It’s as fluent as my English.”
Chen Feng said: “Then I don’t know what Miss Leona wants to see when she comes to China, and I don’t know if I have the honor to accompany Miss to see.”
But just after speaking, Leona slowly approached Chen Feng.
Her jewel-like pupils blinked and smiled charmingly: “Is Mr. Chen Feng dating me?”
“If so?” Chen Feng was attracted by her expression.
“If it’s Mr. Chen Feng, I think I’ll agree.” Leona got closer, her pretty face was only a short distance away from Chen Feng.
So close, Chen Feng could smell Leona’s perfume.
“Quiet Violet.”
Leona said in a slightly amazed tone: “I didn’t expect that Mr. Chen Feng could even smell this. Isn’t Mr. Chen Feng familiar with women’s perfumes?”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Don’t you like it? I really like your taste.”
Never mention any woman in front of a woman, this is a rule, how could Chen Feng offend it.
Leona let out a sigh of relief on Chen Feng’s face, and Qian smiled and said, “I don’t like it or not. It’s not so simple to confirm. This is my room number. I think Mr. Chen Feng would be more willing to be with me. Talk about perfume.”
Chen Feng took the note from her hand, it is naturally impossible to write it now.
Seeing Leona leaving, the figure under the cheongsam was weak and boneless, slender and enchanting, every step seemed to involve Chen Feng’s heart.
She was not as clear as she seemed on the surface, but she seemed to be a demon inside.

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