Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 909

When Chen Feng returned to his seat, the matter between Bai Xing and Southco seemed to have been discussed, and the expression looking at Southco seemed very satisfied.
Just waiting for Chen Feng to take his seat, Southco shouted to Chen Feng: “Chen Feng, your friend is really a great friend. I have decided that when I go back, I will act as my agent. Replace it.”
Chen Feng didn’t expect him to be so direct, but naturally he still wanted to congratulate him: “Then you still have the ability to know people. If you disagree, there is still nothing you can do.”
Southco shook his head and said, “That’s not it. You need to thank you for this. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to find such a great agent.”
Chen Feng smiled.
Raise the wine glass, it is recommended that a few people do one.
And he also looked at Leona deliberately, she seemed to be restrained a lot on the table, but secretly blinked at Chen Feng, without any other actions.
The matter was negotiated, but the scene did not end, but for the next thing, Chen Feng did not need to be with him all the time. He left with the excuse that he still had business, and let Bai Xing take Southco to Lans Take a turn inside.
Bai Xing was naturally familiar with these things. When Chen Feng left, he still thanked Chen Feng very politely.
Chen Feng smiled and said: “I have said that you saved my life, and I will definitely return this favor to you, but this time, I can’t offset my life-saving grace. If you still have problems, You can still come to me regardless.”
But Bai Xing shook his head and said, “Shao Chen, don’t really care about saving you. If it’s not the Chang family sisters, you can’t do anything with me. The ones who really save you are the two sisters.”
Speaking of them, Chen Feng had no intention of continuing.
Just saying goodbye to Southco, he left.
And Chen Feng’s next thing is naturally to go to the place written on that piece of paper.
Sure enough, after just waiting in the lobby of that hotel for a while, Leona also walked in.
When she saw Chen Feng, Leona smiled.
“How do you know that I will be back at this time? If I wait until late, then you have to wait forever.”
Chen Feng also smiled and said: “Women and women’s intuition, and I also have my own intuition, and my intuition has always been very accurate.”
Leona touched Chen Feng’s forehead with a finger, gently pressed it towards Chen Feng, and smiled: “Then I want to know how accurate your instincts can be. Guess what I’m wearing What color underwear. If you guess it right, there will be a reward.”
Chen Feng didn’t answer at all, and directly kissed the red lips that were close at hand. There is no reason not to not eat this kind of delicious food that was delivered to his mouth on his own initiative.
With a sweet and greasy fragrance, the red lips are soft, especially intoxicating in the mouth.
Leona was just a little flustered when she was suddenly attacked, but she immediately calmed down, and the main one kissed Chen Feng.
Between the lips and teeth, a slippery body fluid was born, each mouthful of each other’s breath, just kissing each other, Leona’s eyes were already enchanting, as if sinking into it.
Fortunately, she still kept the meaning of Qingming, and pushed Chen Feng away.
He whispered, “Bad guys, just here thinking about eating others, are there so many people?”
Chen Feng said with some unsatisfied smiles: “But you don’t feel very comfortable, and you can’t bear to let go.”
“Sure enough, Uncle Southco was right, you are a complete villain.”
After speaking, Leona turned and left, and walked towards the elevator of the hotel.
Chen Feng smiled and chased after him.
“What are you doing?” Seeing Chen Feng chasing around, Leona asked suspiciously.
“I haven’t talked about perfume yet. Why would I be willing to leave? I think the perfume smell on Miss Leona must be stronger. I just want to smell it more.”
“Who promised you. Indecent guy.” This is the elevator door has opened, Leona is about to walk in.
But Chen Feng suddenly shouted, “Be careful.”
He flew over and hugged Leona, then threw himself aside.
A tall man who was standing in the elevator actually held a dagger and stabbed towards the place where Leona was just now.
When she hit the ground, Leona felt her knee hurt, but she also knew that if it weren’t for Chen Feng, she might have died.
Rubbing his knees, looking at the spot.
It was a man with a baseball cap and a mask covering his face. Although he could not see his face, he was probably in his 20s or 30s.
Chen Feng has also stood up.
He looked into the elevator, where a corpse had actually fallen.
Chen Feng stared at him and didn’t immediately knock off the dagger in his hand. People on the side also noticed the blood left in the elevator, and a woman screamed loudly.
Suddenly someone shouted: “It’s murdered!”
The scene became chaotic in an instant. Some people were escaping in a panic. Some curious ones wanted to come over and take a look. The security guards in the hotel quickly surrounded them.
“Put down the knife in your hand,” one of the security guards shouted.
The guy swung his knife directly at the shouting security guard, as if he wanted to frighten him, but Chen Feng also kicked his wrist when he was distracted.
The guy had a pain in his wrist, and there was no way to hold the dagger in his hand, and he fell to the ground with a cry.
Seeing that the guy had no weapons in his hands, several security guards swarmed and stopped the other party.
Chen Feng just glanced, then returned to Leona’s side.
Help her up, Leona’s knee injury made it more difficult to walk in high heels.
Even supporting her is very difficult.
Chen Feng had just pressed the elevator on the other side. When the elevator came down, he hugged Leona and led her into the elevator.
The chaotic security guards are still controlling the murderer, and Chen Feng has slowly taken Leona up.
In the elevator room, only Leona and Chen Feng were left.
It seems that in such a confined small space, any woman seems to be shy, even Leona is no exception.
It’s just maybe because she was injured now, lying in Chen Feng’s arms, and feeling the warmth from Chen Feng’s body even closer.
That kind of feeling is naturally not comparable to an ordinary confined space.
“Are you okay?” Chen Feng asked seeing Leona’s blushing face.
Leona was still quite bold and said, “Maybe you need to do a full-body check on me before I know if I’m okay.”

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