Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 91

Even Liu Yiyi felt that even if it was Yang Tai himself, standing in front of Chen Feng at the moment, Chen Feng’s brow would not be frowned!
The gunshots here naturally attracted the attention of nearby security guards. Within a minute, a dozen security guards ran over.
Seeing Yang Qing lying on the ground with a bruised nose and swollen face, and one hand dripping with blood, the complexion of these security guards suddenly changed. After taking out the high-voltage electric baton, he had to act on Chen Feng and Ahao.
“Let them go!” At this moment, Yang Qing staggered and stood up from the ground, shouting hoarsely.
“Yeah?!” Many security guards were shocked, but there was a large number of people on their side, why did they let these two people leave.
“Can’t you hear what I said?!” Yang Qing roared, and the security guards suddenly silenced, obediently giving way.
Chen Feng smiled, thinking that Yang Qing is acquainted.
“Senior, this friend of yours was injured by Bai Guangyi and I. It has nothing to do with Jiulongzhuang. All the responsibilities shall be borne by the two of me. I hope that seniors will not get involved in Jiulongzhuang.” Yang Qing said in a low tone, Chen Feng He has already shown his strength. He is definitely not something he can provoke. Even Yang Tai will never provoke a warrior who is suspected of being a land god. So at the moment, Yang Qing must take Jiulongzhuang out of this matter, otherwise, Yang Tai will not let him go.
Many security guards looked at each other and were shocked by the name Yang Qing. What is the identity of the young man in front of him? Listening to what Yang Qing said, even Jiulong Village didn’t seem to dare to offend this young man!
Chen Feng smiled, turned around and left.
As long as Jiulongzhuang doesn’t mess with him, he doesn’t bother to deal with Jiulongzhuang. Of course, if Jiulongzhuang doesn’t know each other, he doesn’t mind letting it disappear.
After leaving Jiulongzhuang, Chen Feng called Qiao Xiaoyue, asked Qiao Xiaoyue to come over to pick up the people, and arranged Gu Dongchen to the best local private hospital.
Seeing Liu Yiyi following him, Chen Feng couldn’t help frowning: “What are you doing with me?”
“I…” Liu Yiyi was a little nervous, looking at Chen Feng not knowing what to say.
“Sorry, I was on the train before…”
“No, I didn’t take it to heart.” Chen Feng said lightly, “Also, stop following me.”
After speaking, Chen Feng left Jiulong Village by car.
Liu Yiyi was stunned for a long time before he bit his lip aggrievedly and dialed Liu Zhizhou’s phone.
“Daughter, are you done with Young Master Bai?” Liu Zhizhou asked with a smile. In his opinion, as long as Chen Feng and Ahao, two reckless things stepped into the Jiulong Village, there would definitely be no way out.
“It’s finished.” Liu Yiyi’s tone was a little cold.
“Since the processing is over, you can communicate with Bai Shaoduo, and you don’t have to come back tonight.” Liu Zhizhou still smiled.
Liu Yiyi was a little angry. There is no doubt that Liu Zhizhou regarded her as a piece of goods and did not consider her feelings at all.
“Dad, do you think Bai Guangyi is set to win?” Liu Yiyi asked with a sneer.
“Daughter, what do you mean?” The smile on Liu Zhizhou’s face stagnated.
“Dad, if I tell you that Bai Guangyi is in the hospital, and Yang Qing is also interrupted by the two people, would you believe it?” Liu Yiyi sneered.
“Daughter, this is no joke!” Liu Zhizhou’s tone became a little harsh.
“Heh, don’t believe me, come and see by yourself!” Liu Yiyi smiled and hung up the phone directly.
It was all because of Liu Zhizhou. Without Liu Zhizhou, she might still have a chance to catch on the line of Chen Feng, but Liu Zhizhou, because of her self-righteousness, would have lost this opportunity for her life!
There was a beeping sound, Liu Zhizhou was a little lost, even Yang Qing was interrupted by a hand?
how is this possible!
Others didn’t know the security force of Jiulongzhuang. He knew it. He even knew that Yang Qing had a gun, but Yang Qing was still interrupted by one hand.
What are those two people? Liu Zhizhou suddenly panicked, and he realized that he had done a stupid thing before, and he was on the side of the Bai family without knowing the details of the other party.
The other party won’t bother yourself, right? Liu Zhizhou thought anxiously.
Yang Qing was more panicked than Liu Zhizhou at this time, because when Chen Feng was leaving, he did not say exactly that he would not trouble Jiulongzhuang.
If Chen Feng finds trouble for Jiulongzhuang, and Jiulongzhuang is not prepared at all, he will inevitably fall into passiveness.
Yang Qing hurriedly dialed Yang Tai’s phone, and told Yang Tai exactly what had happened here, without daring to add any extra energy.
Jinling, inside a luxurious villa in the Imperial Court.
A fair-faced youth hung up the phone with a gloomy expression.
“Lao Pang, if it was you, would you be sure to catch Yang Qing’s bullet at close range?” Yang Tai’s gaze shifted to the old man who was leaning as if a gust of wind could blow down his name. Pang Dongqi is the number one master of the Yang family.
Pang Dongqi’s eyes narrowed slightly, then he bowed slightly, and said: “Master, ten meters away, the old slave is sure to catch the bullet, but within ten meters, the old slave definitely can’t do it.”
Yang Tai’s pupils shrank, and sure enough, even Lao Pang was not that young man’s opponent.
Even Lao Pang’s strength is far from that of the young man!
Because according to Yang Qing, when he shot, the young man was less than three meters away from him!
Three meters and ten meters are the difference between cloud and mud!
“Master…” Pang Dongqi paused and said, “If the old slave is right, the young man who caught the youth bullet is at least a warrior in the late stage of Anjin, and it is even possible in the early stage of Huajin.”
“In the early stage of Huajin?!” Yang Tai couldn’t help but exclaimed. In the early stage of Huajin, that was already the scope of a master of martial arts, and he could establish a school and become a master of a discipline.
Moreover, Yang Qing also said that the young man’s age was no more than twenty-five years old.
At the beginning of the 25-year-old Huajin…
Yang Tai doesn’t know what to say anymore, evildoer? Freak? Can’t describe it!
Because Yang Tai himself is also a warrior!
He has been cultivating since he was six years old, and he has been cultivating for twenty years, but he can only be able to break through the late Ming Jin stage, and he can’t even reach the dark Jin.
Rao is like this, he has been hailed as a rare genius in the Yang family for a century.
But now, there is a person who is about his age or even younger than him, but he may have broken through to the early stage of Huajin!
Yang Tai really couldn’t accept it, he didn’t believe that there was a genius even more enchanting than him!
As if seeing Yang Tai’s unwillingness, Pang Dongqi hurriedly persuaded: “Master, this person is definitely not a person who is waiting for idleness. There must be an unbelievable teacher inheritance or family power behind him.
Yang Tai waved his hand and said solemnly: “Don’t worry, I’m not that stupid yet, and the other party just broke Yang Qing’s hand and didn’t do anything to me at Jiulong Village. This shows that the other party doesn’t seem to make things big. .”
“In that case…” Yang Tai groaned a little and ordered: “Lao Pang, first let someone investigate the other party’s details before making plans.”
“Yes, Master.” Pang Dongqi nodded respectfully, then turned and left.

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