Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 910

But some things are not what they imagined. Maybe if there weren’t just what happened, Chen Feng would really have a peach blossom romance, but now I know Leona must have been frightened, and Chen Feng can’t do anything. Out of that kind of thing.
When Leona was sent to her own room, Leona smiled and said, “Do you want to stay?”
However, Chen Feng had no idea of ​​teasing, and said seriously: “Don’t make trouble, you are now trying to use this kind of thinking to cover up what has just happened. But what you need now is not fierce indulgence, and It’s a rest of peace of mind.”
Leona seemed to be seen through her mind, helplessly like a white rabbit.
Chen Feng gently put her on the bed and stroked the corner of the cheongsam, and her slender snow-white thighs were exposed in front of Chen Feng.
I really wanted to touch the smooth and elastic skin, but Chen Feng still stopped the thoughts in his mind, but saw Leona’s injured knee.
Some skin was rubbed there, and there was some bleeding. Chen Feng found the hemostatic medicine in the cabinet of the hotel room, so he took it and prepared to apply Leona.
Leona worried: “Will this leave a scar?”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “No, this kind of scratch will disappear soon, and there will be no scars at all.”
When Chen Feng said so, Leona felt relieved.
After dealing with the wound, Chen Feng also stood up and prepared to say goodbye. He did not intend to linger with a woman in this situation.
“You take a good rest. This kind of thing will pass until your mood stabilizes. If you haven’t forgotten me in two days, I will come to talk to you about perfume.” Looking at lying on the bed, I was very tired. Leona, Chen Feng said.
Leona just looked at Chen Feng bitterly, as if she felt that Chen Feng had done something unreasonable to her.
Chen Feng did not dare to stay longer. If he continued to stay, he was really afraid that he would not have that good concentration and would really eat Leona.
After closing the door for Leona, Chen Feng left here.
When passing downstairs, he saw that someone had come and caught the murderer. It seemed that someone was still looking for him. Maybe he wanted to find him to understand the situation at the time, but Chen Feng was afraid of trouble, so he sneaked away. NS.
I want to come to tomorrow’s news conference and talk about anonymous heroes.
But these have nothing to do with Chen Feng.
Because there was no car to go back, Chen Feng called Bai Xing, and soon the brawny man who had sent Chen Feng up the mountain came over in a car.
“Shao Chen, why are you alone? Why don’t you go to play with Shao Bai and the others.”
Chen Feng shook his head, “I don’t like the excitement, and I feel bored. You should send me back.”
The man had nothing to say, and drove Chen Feng back to the villa on the mountain.
Unexpectedly, Xiaoye was still waiting at this time. Seeing Chen Feng’s return, she immediately ran up happily.
“Why are you still awake? You will be so sleepy from nine o’clock, do you have to sleep?” Chen Feng looked at Xiaoye and asked.
Xiaoye looked a little sleepy, but when she saw Chen Feng, she still smiled and said, “Young Master Chen, you haven’t come back yet. I dare not go to bed alone. I’m afraid you will use my place when you come back.”
Chen Feng smiled and nodded on Xiaoye’s forehead, and said, “You just sleep alone and feel scared. If I don’t come back, are you still up?”
Xiaoye smiled happily, as if Chen Feng had been told by Chen Feng’s thoughts in his heart.
Chen Feng said again: “Okay, go to bed, I don’t have anything to use you, I can do those things myself.”
But Xiaoye insisted: “I’m here to take care of Chen Shao. How can I let Chen Shao do it by myself, and you are still injured. Just talk to Xiaoye about what you want to do.”
Chen Feng knew that this girl was stubborn, but it was difficult to convince, so he pretended to be angry and said, “If you don’t go to bed anymore, I will deduct your salary. This month’s salary is all deducted.”
Sure enough, Xiaoye felt wronged immediately when he heard that the salary he cared most was going to be deducted.
“Well, you go to sleep, I was joking with you, you won’t even listen to me, right?” Chen Feng could only comfort him again.
Xiaoye also knew what Chen Feng meant, so she turned around a little bored and walked to her room.
In fact, Xiaoye was really not needed. After washing, Chen Feng also lay on the bed and fell asleep deeply.
By the early morning of the next day, Bai Xing went up the mountain.
Chen Feng was awakened by him.
Xiaoye was preparing breakfast, Chen Feng looked at Bai Xing resentfully, and Bai Xing was also a little guilty.
But his happiness cannot be hidden.
“Let’s talk, what’s the matter again.” Chen Feng said irritably.
Bai Xing said excitedly: “Southco has replaced Bai Su, and now the person in charge of Southco’s desert project is me, and everyone in the Bai family respects me very much. I dare not refute it. You…”
Without waiting for Bai Xing to finish, Chen Feng interrupted: “You came here because of this, then you should go back. I don’t want to hear you share the joy here. I have no interest in such joy.”
Bai Xing stopped his words with some embarrassment.
Chen Feng said again: “Then you are not leaving now, what are you going to do. Wait for me to invite you to dinner?”
Bai Xing also knows that Chen Feng is now in anger and dare not argue with him. He just waved his hand quickly: “Naturally not, but I don’t know how to thank Chen Shao, so I wondered if Chen Shao had a meal, it must be yesterday. In the hotel, there are still those four little girls.”
He said, still with some lewd smiles.
Chen Feng kicked him angrily and said, “Go, go, don’t think of me like you, I’m not that kind of person.”
In the end, Bai Xing had to leave here alone.
Thinking that this matter would end like this, Chen Feng wondered if he would find a time to meet Leona, and forgot to keep the contact information of the woman, and now he can’t even make a phone call.
But when he was thinking about it.
On the third day that Bai Xing left, Bai Su actually came to the door.
This is something that Chen Feng never thought of.
He came by himself, there was no one in the car, not even a bodyguard, and he didn’t seem to be afraid of what Chen Summit would do to him.
Chen Feng sat there. He walked up to Chen Feng and said respectfully, “Shao Chen.”
Chen Feng didn’t go to see him, so naturally he didn’t have a good impression of him.
And Bai Su still respectfully said: “Shao Chen, the previous thing was that I didn’t know Taishan, and I offended Shao Chen. I hope that Shao Chen can forget about the villain.”

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