Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 912

Southco told me that it was because Leona’s mother in Europe was sick. She was worried and had flown back to Northern Europe.
When Chen Feng thought about it, he still felt a little regretful, but he was just a little worse at the time, otherwise he could kiss Fangze.
But since he left, he didn’t have too much nostalgia. If Leona came to China next time, he would definitely not let this charming enchanting girl go.
He returned to the mountains to recover his so-called injuries. Although his injuries were almost healed, Chen Feng was reluctant to leave. It was just that he seemed to feel much quieter here.
Even the whole soul is quiet.
But Xiaoye will always be twittering in his ears.
“Shao Chen, do you know? The girls in our village got married early, but I always don’t have a matchmaker. I really don’t know why, do those people look down on me.”
Chen Feng was closing his eyes and meditating, but was disturbed by Xiaoye.
“If you talk less, I think there may be more matchmakers, and even the threshold of your house will be stepped on.” Chen Feng sneered.
But Xiaoye didn’t seem to know it. She said, “I don’t want the matchmaker to step on the threshold of my house. My dad only changed the door of my house last year. If it is stepped on, my dad will be tired again.”
Chen Feng looked at her, and thought in his heart: “Is the point of your family’s threshold? The point is that you talk too much, OK?”
But Xiaoye always couldn’t see Chen Feng’s bitter eyes.
While talking, Bai Xing’s somewhat old Porsche 911 came to the courtyard again.
Chen Feng sent Xiaoye angrily, “Go, I didn’t see anyone coming, hurry up and pour tea for the guests.”
Xiaoye entered the house very obediently.
It was not only Bai Xing who got out of the car, but also an old old man with a withered face and gray hair.
When he got out of the car, Bai Xing deliberately went up to support him, and then walked towards Chen Feng step by step.
Chen Feng probably guessed the identity of the other party, but didn’t know what Bai Xing meant when he came with him.
“Are you?” Chen Feng still asked.
“Old man Bai Jingfeng is still the head of the Bai family for the time being.”
Sure enough, as Chen Feng thought, this guy is the father of Bai Xing and Bai Su.
Chen Feng glanced at Bai Xing, asking him why in his eyes, but Bai Xing just pretended not to see it.
At this time, Bai Jingfeng had already reached the opposite of Chen Feng, and Xiaoye also brought a few cups of tea from the house.
“Whether Chen Shao’s stay here is peaceful? If there is any improper hospitality, I hope Chen Shao will forgive me and leave it to Bai Xing to do anything.” Bai Jingfeng said politely.
Chen Feng nodded and said, “Naturally everything is fine, and there is no discomfort.”
Bai Jingfeng said, “That’s good.”
Xiaoye put the tea in front of Bai Jingfeng and Bai Xing, then smiled secretly at Chen Feng before escaping.
Bai Jingfeng picked up the tea, gently pushed aside the tea on the tea surface, and took a sip, but frowned inexplicably.
To Bai Xing, he said, “Tomorrow I will get a pound of Dahongpao from my inventory and give it to Shao Chen.”
Bai Xing respectfully responded: “Yes.”
And Bai Jingfeng became so generous, and Chen Feng felt that he didn’t come here for trivial things. He wanted to escape. The more important things, the more troublesome it would be to deal with.
But at this time Bai Jingfeng had already spoken.
“Shao Chen, besides visiting Shao Chen in the mountains this time, there is actually one more thing I want to talk to Shao Chen.”
Sure enough, it came.
Chen Feng did not directly refuse, and there is no problem listening first.
“You said it.” Chen Feng didn’t say anything polite, but simply said.
“In this matter, the old man was unwilling to seek help from anyone, because even if I said it, I couldn’t seek help from anyone if I wanted to. It’s just that I recently discovered what Bai Su seems to be doing, but later I found out that it was actually doing it. I also asked about doing things for Chen Shao. But I didn’t expect Chen Shao to have ideas about Molang.”
Chen Feng was also taken aback. He didn’t expect that Bai Jingfeng’s incident would be related to Molang.
So he nodded and said: “It is indeed what I asked Bai Su to do for me. Does Master Bai want to deal with Molang too? When I told Bai Su, he was very scared. I want to take the Bai family now. I dare not do anything with Molang.”
Bai Jingfeng nodded slowly: “It’s exactly what Chen Shao said.”
And Bai Xing said from the side: “But there are some things that Young Master Chen doesn’t know. Our Bai family and Mowolf are not in the same hatred. If it is not for the difference in strength, we must have found Mowolf for revenge.”
Chen Feng looked at them curiously: “Doesn’t share the hatred of heaven?”
“It’s really not shared.” Bai Xing said: “Three years ago, Molang killed the previous owner and his wife and daughter in the old house of my Bai family.”
And this really did not occur to Chen Feng. He said, “They dare to be so bold, isn’t anyone going to take care of it? Didn’t even Qianjia say anything?”
Bai Xing shook his head, and Bai Jingfeng said: “As long as this kind of thing hasn’t happened to them, it will be far away. Not to mention taking the initiative to provoke the upper body.”
When Chen Feng thought about it, he understood that if he was targeted by the pack of wolves, it would really outweigh the gain, and naturally no one would want to do this kind of thing.
But Qianjia has always maintained that kind of detached status, and they don’t believe that even if the Molang becomes stronger, it will really surpass them.
So this caused the continuous growth of Mowolf.
Chen Feng thought about it and said, “I do want to deal with Mowolf, but Mowolf is not so easy to deal with. And all of my roots are in the southeast and Yanjing, and I am a little too far away from this desert.”
Bai Jingfeng also knew that what Chen Feng said was also the truth, but in his heart it was not a day or two for him to deal with Molang, and when he heard that Chen Feng wanted to deal with Molang, he also made a decision.
He looked at Chen Feng very seriously, and said, “If Shao Chen can guarantee that Molang can be wiped out, then my Bai family is willing to be driven by Shao Chen from the whole clan. Even if my body is broken, my Bai family has no complaints.”
Chen Feng looked at Bai Jingfeng in surprise. He didn’t expect Bai Jingfeng to say such a thing.
“How can this be? I really can’t afford it.” Sure enough, just as Chen Feng thought at the beginning, things are definitely not too small, and the bigger things are, the more troublesome it is to deal with.
But Bai Jingfeng insisted: “With Chen Shao’s ability, it is definitely possible.”

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