Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 913

But even if Bai Jingfeng said so, for Chen Feng, what he couldn’t do was still impossible.
He wanted to reject Bai Jingfeng directly, but looking at the expressions of Bai Jingfeng and his son, Chen Feng could only say tactfully: “I still have to think about this matter. If you two don’t mind, you can make me think for a few days. I’ll answer you again.”
Naturally, the Bai family and his son could hear it. This was just a shirk. Bai Xinghuai wanted to persuade him, but Bai Jingfeng stopped him.
Bai Jingfeng slowly said: “Then trouble Chen Shao. If Chen Shao makes a decision, please be sure to notify the little old man.”
Chen Feng nodded without saying anything.
Bai Jingfeng didn’t continue drinking the tea that was set aside, but said to Bai Xing, “Xing’er, help me go, don’t disturb Shao Chen’s rest.”
Bai Xingyiyan helped Bai Jingfeng up, and how the two came, and how they left.
Watching their car leave, Chen Feng felt a little heavy on his shoulders.
Xiaoye walked out of the house at this time, and she asked curiously, “That old man is Master Bai. It looks really old, just like the old lady in our village. It feels easy to disappear. .”
Xiaoye always speaks like this, but Chen Feng ignores her at this time.
He asked, “Xiaoye, you said that if your relative is killed, and no one can help you, but you can only rely on yourself, what will you do?”
Xiaoye was asked this question very strangely, but because Chen Feng asked it, she still thought about it seriously, and then said, “If this is the case, I will go to that person and try my best.”
Chen Feng asked, “Why?”
Xiaoye thought for a while, and said, “I just think that if no one is going to clean up such a bad person, he will definitely kill other people. I will not be the only one who will die by then.”
Chen Feng smiled. This is indeed the truth, but why those big families don’t have a little girl to see clearly.
“I’ve been scolding you for being stupid, but now you don’t seem to be stupid at all, you are still very smart.” Chen Feng smiled.
When Chen Feng praised her, Xiaoye was overjoyed: “I said I was not stupid, and Shao Chen was asked to say I was stupid. Now you finally find out that I am actually smart.”
Chen Feng smiled: “Forget it, it’s just that I made a mistake just now, you are still that stupid girl.”
Xiaoye immediately pouted angrily and said, “Shao Chen, how can you be like this? How can you take back your compliments, aren’t you shameless?”
In the mountains, Chen Feng thought for three days, he was really upset with Molang, but it was really troublesome to do it, so he was also entangled.
When the three days were over, he felt that he still had to give the Bai family an explanation, whether he agreed or refused, he would always say something.
Asking the man to send himself to the Bai family’s house, there was already someone waiting at that time.
There are not many people. In addition to Bai Jingfeng and his son, there are also more middle-aged men who seem to be trusted by the Bai family.
“Shao Chen, you can tell us that we can go up the mountain in person.” As soon as we met, Bai Jingfeng said politely.
Chen Feng waved his hand and said: “Don’t be so troublesome. You are so old. If something really happens, I can’t afford it.”
Bai Jingfeng smiled and said, “That’s really thanks to Shao Chen for weighing me so old.”
They welcomed Chen Feng in, and the decoration inside was also in line with the style of a family. Every piece of antique calligraphy and painting seemed to be of invaluable value.
But today, these things couldn’t attract Chen Feng’s eyes at all. He was here to tell the Bai family his decision.
When a few people sat down, someone brought tea.
Chen Feng didn’t touch the tea cup, but looked at Bai Jingfeng.
The people of the Bai family are also looking forward to it.
Chen Feng said: “I thought about it for a long time. I only rely on you and me to deal with Molang. This is definitely not enough. What is necessary is to find more people who are willing to deal with Molang. As long as the power rises, Molang will naturally There is nothing to be afraid of.”
When Bai Jingfeng heard Chen Feng’s words, he naturally understood what Chen Feng meant, and there was no need to ask in detail whether Chen Feng agreed.
He said: “But there is no family in this desert that doesn’t ask about wolves. It is really very difficult to contact them to deal with the desert wolves.”
Chen Feng nodded and said: “I know this naturally, but there are some things that need to be done even if they are difficult, otherwise the things you said about revenge are just empty talk.”
Bai Jingfeng thought, the Bai family, whom Chen Feng didn’t know, said at this time: “I think Shao Chen’s words are correct. It’s not that there is no resentment, some of them have received insults from Molang.”
Chen Feng agreed: “I think the same way, and those who are also injured, I think they are always easy to be attracted by us, and as long as they have a certain scale, they are easy to be under the pressure of Molang. It forms a big snowball.”
Bai Jingfeng said at this time: “Sure enough, Young Master Chen has a way, but I am still a little worried.”
Chen Feng asked curiously: “What is the problem? We are just discussing now. We can raise any questions now. If we wait until the implementation, we will be too late to raise these questions. Even so in a hurry. It’s not easy to figure out a way.”
Bai Jingfeng said: “Now we can’t hold a group, so we need a lobbyist. Although my Bai family is willing to be a lobbyist, if it is discovered by Molang, this will not only be a disaster for my Bai family, but also for Chen. This less plan will also be devastating.”
Chen Feng lowered his head, thinking about the problem Bai Jingfeng had said, which was something he really didn’t think of.
At this time, the unknown Bai family said, “If you want to keep Molang unaware, there are only two ways.”
Chen Feng looked up at him, and the other two also looked over.
The man also knew that everyone was looking forward to him, and he said, “In fact, it’s just a simple matter of doing two things, which may be useful. The first is that we can think of ways to create something that attracts Mowolf so that they won’t notice. This kind of thing.
And the second is to allow us to be more secretive when communicating with those families, it is best to have some direct excuses, the kind of excuses that will not be doubted. ”
Hearing what he said, Chen Feng admired: “Although it is very simple, it sounds like a very effective approach. I think it can.”
After he finished speaking, he looked at Bai Jingfeng and his son again.
Bai Jingfeng said, “I think it’s okay, so Bai Chenglin will rely on you to do this.”

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