Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 914

The man named Bai Chenglin nodded and said, “Okay, leave this to me.”
The matter of dealing with Molang is probably finalized in this way, but there are still some details that need to be discussed, who should be selected, if contact, and how can we ensure that the other party will not leak the matter, this must be careful enough, and the game is missed. It may lose all the games.
Several people know this truth very well.
Having been talking like this, time passed unconsciously for a long time.
Chen Feng felt that it was almost the same. If we continue, we can only make up for the follow-up.
During the Dahongpao cup of tea, he changed the water several times, and Chen Feng picked up the cup and drank all the water in the cup again. He stood up and said to the people in the Bai family: “Come here today. Wait until the beginning. , I will contact Yanjing again to see if I can help.”
The members of the Bai family also stood up and thanked: “Then I would like to thank Shao Chen. If you can get help from Shao Chen, this will definitely be a lot higher in the desert.”
Chen Feng just smiled.
Back in the mountains, Chen Feng called Yanjing.
“I want to deal with a wolf in the desert, what do you think?” Chen Feng asked directly.
But there was hesitation on the other end of the phone.
“Shao Chen, it’s best not to do this.”
Based on Chen Feng’s understanding of the other party, even if it was something that was not easy to do, he couldn’t directly refuse it so directly. Chen Feng was also wondering if there was anything he didn’t know.
He asked plainly: “Why?”
“I think that wolf should be the desert wolf in the desert! Although I don’t know why Chen Shao wanted to attack the desert wolf, I think Shao Chen must have not understood them more carefully.”
“It’s them.” Chen Feng replied, “But since I want to deal with them, I will naturally understand them. Listen to what you mean, do they have any secret things?”
There was a chuckle on the phone: “Shao Chen, things may not be as simple as you think.”
“If Molang is just a desert wolf, he might not be so troublesome, but Shao Chen, do you know why he can become the second largest family in the desert in such a short time?”
“Isn’t it because of their acting style? That kind of desperate Saburo’s fierceness, I don’t think any family dares to fight head-on.” Chen Feng thought for a while and said his own speculation.
But the person denied: “There is indeed a part of it, but it is by no means possible for them to grow so quickly. There is even a place such as the desert wolf, which is as barren as the desert, but has never been lacking. But for so many years. Inside, only Molang really came out.”
Chen Feng was even more curious. He asked, “Why is that?”
“Shao Chen, have you ever thought that someone is playing in the desert.”
“Make the game?” Chen Feng thought for a while: “With a Mowolf in the game, what size does it take to achieve such a big picture? Isn’t this too sensational.”
The man smiled and said, “But Chen Shao, I already know the message. There are people behind Molang who are used to deal with the desert thousand families. Although I don’t know who is behind them, they must be Yanjing. A family.”
Chen Feng took a breath, he couldn’t believe it.
Xiaoye stood in the living room, secretly looking at Chen Feng from the corridor, as if something was going on.
Knowing what was still behind Molang, Chen Feng had to be cautious, and hung up the phone with a dignified expression.
But when she saw Xiaoye, she still asked, “What’s wrong?”
Xiaoye said worriedly, “Young Master Chen, we are going to eat.”
Chen Feng nodded and walked in from the corridor.
Xiaoye had brought the food to the table long ago, and Chen Feng just walked to the table and picked up the white rice that Xiaoye had already served.
“Xiaoye, today’s food does not look as delicious as yesterday!”
Xiaoye also looked at the food on the table, and said angrily, “It’s Shao Chen who is too picky, but I took out all of my specialty dishes. How could it be that delicious every day, and I have to try something simple. Home cooking.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Oh, you will blame me again. I am your boss. The first thing you have to reflect on is whether you haven’t done a good job.”
Having lived with Chen Feng for such a long time, Xiaoye knew Chen Feng’s temperament a long time ago. Seeing Chen Feng’s complexion, she became happy again. She bluntly gave Chen Feng a blank glance, but said perfunctorily: “Yes, If Xiaoye knows, Xiaoye will reflect on it, and she will definitely prepare a big meal for Shao Chen next time.”
With that, she also sat aside and ate.
Chen Feng knew that she couldn’t scare her anymore, and he didn’t think it was interesting. He just thought of Molang again.
For a few days, Chen Feng was also thinking about whether to tell the story behind Molang, but after hesitating, Bai Xing came to find Chen Feng again.
Seeing Chen Feng sitting under the tree eating fruit, Bai Xing walked straight over.
He looks very happy, it should be something he planned before.
“If I didn’t know that you were already married, otherwise I thought you were going to be a groom.” Chen Feng said jokingly.
Bai Xing was stunned for a moment before he understood, but the smile on his face remained undiminished: “It’s indeed a happy event, and it’s still a big happy event.”
“What happened? Is it possible that you have already negotiated a family?”
Bai Xing looked at Chen Feng in surprise, and said, “Shao Chen, how did you know that someone told you in advance?”
Chen Feng took another apple from the side, and threw it into Bai Xing’s hand: “This is something that people need to say. You can tell from your appearance. Let’s talk about it. What happened?”
Bai Xing took the apple, took a bite, and said vaguely: “It was done, it was done yesterday.”
He swallowed a mouthful of the apple, and Chen Feng said angrily: “What is it? Who can understand if you say that.”
Bai Xing sat next to Chen Feng and slowly said, “Chen Shao, didn’t we say that we were going to contact the family in the desert that was also bullied by the wolf?”
Chen Feng nodded: “Are you connected?”
Bai Xing smiled and said: “It is more than just contact. When we and Xiao Zhou’s family showed a little bit of interest, they were more anxious than us. They told us directly, as long as we take action against Molang, they will give their full support, and everything is fine. Do it.”
Chen Feng was also an accident. It seemed that what Molang did in the desert was indeed annoying.
He wondered whether to tell Bai Xing about the forces behind the desert wolf.
Bai Xing took another bite of the apple, but looked at Chen Feng curiously and didn’t have any happy expressions about this matter.
“Shao Chen, is there any problem?”

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