Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 915

Chen Feng shook his head gently: “It’s okay.”
He didn’t say it because he suddenly felt that if it became a spark, it would be a long bank of thousands of miles, and it might crash from below, and Chen Feng also believed that the unknown power behind it was the result of the general trend. After that, no one can say clearly what the result will be.
Bai Xing didn’t really care, and threw the finished fruit pits far away. He continued: “Xiao Zhou’s family wants to invite us over, and his family just recently had a happy event, so we went to congratulate and won’t be What do people doubt about.”
Chen Feng said, “Are you here to tell me, do you want me to go there too?”
Bai Xing nodded: “My father specially asked me to come over and tell Shao Chen. He said that this matter was initiated by Shao Chen, so if the other party knows Shao Chen, they will definitely be more confident. Of course, my father also said that if Shao Chen doesn’t want to be exposed, so forget it, we can just go there by ourselves.”
Chen Feng thought for a moment, and said, “Since you want me to pass, you probably think it would be better for me to go.”
“Father did think so, but everything depends on Chen Shao’s meaning.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “You have come to invite me personally. I want to give you this face anyway. Go, although I don’t think my face can be as big as that.”
Bai Xing also laughed: “Young Master Chen, it’s not that I brag for you. It’s just that the things you did in Yanjing in those few years, the desert is not that the family doesn’t know. If they see you, they will surely increase their confidence. .”
Chen Feng just smiled.
The happy event of Xiao Zhou’s family Chen Feng heard that his family had added a new grandson, and since it was a visit, this gift must be indispensable.
“Xiao Ye, what do we want to give away?”
Sitting there, watching Xiaoye clean up, Chen Feng asked unintentionally, he just wanted to ask more opinions.
Xiaoye heard Chen Feng ask her, put down the broom in his hand, and thought about it seriously, but it seemed that it was not an easy problem for her.
She scratched her head and said, “Send a piece of jade. When my sister was born, someone gave it to jade. I wanted it very much, but my mother said it was for my sister. broken.”
Xiaoye seemed to really want it, and when she said it, she was a little bit resentful.
Chen Feng said casually: “Why don’t you wait for your birthday, I will give you a piece.”
But Xiaoye waved his hand and said, “No, I can’t accept gifts from others at will.”
“Don’t you really want it? Why not?” Chen Feng asked curiously.
Xiaoye said seriously: “Shao Chen gave me a gift, so I must give a gift to Shao Chen, but I am so poor, and the gift I gave is definitely not as good as Shao Chen gave me.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “I don’t want you to give me things, so don’t worry.”
But Xiaoye was even more unhappy. She shook her head and said, “That won’t work. The gifts between friends are mutual, so that the two will feel better in their hearts, otherwise they won’t last for long. My mother told me.”
Xiaoye looked at Chen Feng very seriously, and Chen Feng knew that if the girl became stubborn, she couldn’t even pull a cow back.
“Then, the things I sent you are not very expensive, and then when you send them back to me, they should be at the same price. Then you don’t have to worry about it. What do you think.”
Xiaoyeguo really thought about it, and it took a while to slowly say, “This seems to be okay.”
Chen Feng smiled at how this guy was so innocent. He could buy a good jade, and then told Xiaoye that he bought it on the side of the road, but she couldn’t see it anyway.
“Then it’s settled. Later, you will accompany me down the mountain to buy jade. I want to give Xiao Zhou’s family a very meaningful gift.”
At this time, Xiao Zhou’s house.
In a large study room, the man sitting alone behind his desk is Zhou Xun, the current Patriarch of the Zhou family. He looks only forty years old. He has a square and resolute face, thick and long eyebrows, and a pair of slender eyes. He is not angry. Since the prestige.
In front of him, there were two people sitting on the left and right sides, and they were also the most powerful members of the Zhou family.
Zhou Xun said, “You tell me how confident we are against Molang this time.”
One of the men who was very similar to Zhou Xun Meiyu said: “Since it was the Bai family who took the initiative to speak, I think I can give it a try. If it fails, we can at least let Molang lose a layer of skin.”
But someone immediately retorted: “Zhou Fang, what you said is wrong.”
Zhou Fang coldly looked at the older man opposite him, and asked unceremoniously: “What’s wrong, Molang has always been our enemy, if I could bite him, I would wake up with a smile in my dreams. ”
The man’s tone was very majestic, and he said harshly, “If you think this way, you will harm the Zhou family sooner or later.”
And the man next to Zhou Fang, who was slightly smaller than Zhou Fang, said, “Uncle San, I think Brother Fourth is right. Have you forgotten what happened three years ago?”
The third uncle snorted coldly, “Naturally, I haven’t forgotten, but this matter is different from then.”
“Why is it different? As long as we still remember this hatred, if we can make Molang vomit blood, things can be done. Originally, my Zhou family should be gone.” Zhou Fang exclaimed.
The third uncle probably felt that Zhou Fang was a little unreasonable and ignored him. Instead, he said to Zhou Xun: “Patriarch, although he wants to unite with the Bai family to deal with Molang, I think it is a careful plan. We finally managed to get over this year, and we must not let everything be done in vain.”
Zhou Xun glanced at Zhou Fang, and said to his third uncle faintly: “San uncle, I know what you mean.”
Zhou Fang said anxiously, “Patriarch, this is an opportunity. If we rely solely on ourselves, when can we avenge ourselves? Has Patriarch forgotten the tribe who died three years ago?”
The third uncle shouted: “Zhou Fang, pay attention to your identity, how do you talk to the Patriarch.”
Zhou Fang looked at the third uncle dissatisfied, his eyes seemed to be angry.
At this time, Zhou Xun looked at the woman at the very end who had not spoken, and said, “Zhi’er, what do you think?”
However, this woman named Zhi’er is the youngest in it, almost in her twenties, with bright teeth and bright eyes, graceful and moving, she is a very beautiful woman just looking at her appearance, but she can do it here. , I think it is impossible to come just because of appearance.
She slowly said: “Grandpa San’s words are reasonable. Even if it is revenge, we must be prepared. And Zhi’er thought that since we have done it, we can’t just take a bite. It’s better to take him. Kill, this is what we really want to do.”

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