Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 916

But Zhou Fang said disdainfully, “Zhi’er is still too young. This Molang is not an ordinary person.”
Zhou Zhi’er chuckled: “What the fourth uncle said, Zhi’er naturally knows. But don’t we still have the Bai family? Zhi’er thinks that the Bai family must also know that if they only contact us, it will definitely not pose any threat to Molang. ”
Zhou Xun thought about Zhou Zhi’er’s words, and then said: “Zhi’er thinks that the Bai family must have some big plan, and it can completely eliminate Molang.”
Zhou Zhier nodded slowly.
The third uncle frowned, “If we say this, then we must be more cautious. What the Bai family wants is to destroy the Mowolf. Their hatred for the Mowolf is also not low, and for this matter, they are May do anything crazy.”
Zhou Fang originally thought Zhou Zhi’er’s words were reasonable. If Molang could be killed, he would naturally be willing. But when he heard the third uncle, he originally had opinions on him, and now he is even more unhappy and said: “If you follow the third uncle Means, then we don’t want to participate, find a place to hide, that’s the best, there won’t be any problems at all.”
“I don’t dare to let the Zhou family give it to a guy like you. At least I am thinking about how the Zhou family will survive, but you are thinking about how the Zhou family will die.” The third uncle also retorted.
When encountering the quarrel between the two seniors, Zhou Zhi’er just sat quietly. She knew that she was only slightly involved in the Zhou family’s household affairs, and it was these people that the Zhou family really controlled.
Zhou Xun shouted, “Enough.”
Zhou Fang, who originally wanted to talk, glanced at San Shu a little bit fiercely, and had to shut his mouth. He was still convinced of the Patriarch.
“I know what several people think, but this time is indeed an opportunity.”
He looked at Sanshu: “Sanshu, I also know that you are also for the good of the Zhou family, but if you want to deal with Molang and don’t pay at all, then how is it possible.”
“Naturally I am not…” Third Uncle wanted to explain, but Zhou Xun interrupted him.
“I don’t mean to blame the third uncle, but we have to be prepared to sacrifice. The Bai family will be crazy, in fact, we will also be crazy, and this is given to us by Molang.”
As he said, there was silence on the court.
“Originally, it was just a little talk, and the people from the Bai family will come over the day after tomorrow. We can also know what they think. Let’s stop here for the time being today.”
After he finished speaking, all four people in the seat also got up.
And Zhou Xun shouted to Zhou Zhi’er: “Zhi’er stay for a while, uncle has something to tell you.”
Zhou Zhier stood there still, her long skirt hitting the floor, and the apricot skirt was dotted with white flowers, which was very elegant and graceful.
After the other three people left, Zhou Xun slowly said, “Zhi’er, you’re not too young this year.”
And when she heard this, Zhou Zhier immediately panicked. She had always tried her best to show herself in Zhou’s family, just to control her own destiny, but she didn’t expect that this kind of thing would still fall on her.
But even though my heart has been turned over and over again, the face still looks plain: “Back to uncle, Zhi’er is twenty-four this year, and just celebrated her birthday last month.”
Zhou Xun sighed, “I didn’t expect that little girl was already this big back then.”
Zhou Zhier smiled hard and said, “Uncle is too busy to remember Zhier’s age.”
Zhou Xun nodded: “It is indeed a bit too busy. In the past few years, Zhou’s family has only been struggling, but thanks to Zhi’er’s ability, Zhou’s family has been able to revitalize such a large enterprise.”
“Zhi’er didn’t dare to take credit. It was the Zhou family who worked together to get through the difficulties.”
Zhou Xun looked at this particularly sensible niece, and wondered why this niece was not a man. If his dead son had half of her talents, he would be satisfied.
But everything is impossible, and he also knows what Zhou Zhier is thinking, but women always have to marry, and after marrying, the Zhou family will not be able to say clearly.
He thought, and said, “This week, the second young master of the Bai family seems to be coming along with her. Zhi’er, should I meet her?”
Zhou Xun didn’t say anything to death either. He knew that Zhou Zhier was unwilling to follow this path to make such an effort. He thought that if Zhou Zhier was unwilling to die, he would not mention it.
But Zhou Zhi’er endured the pain in her heart and smiled and said, “Okay, Zhi’er will behave well then.”
Zhou Xun stared at Zhou Zhi’er in a daze, which seemed to be different from what he thought, and Zhou Zhi’er had already spoken: “If there is nothing else to do with uncle, Zhi’er will leave first.”
When Zhou Zhi’er left the study, the tears from the corners of her eyes finally couldn’t help staying. Her parents died three years ago. Now she is a woman who lives by Zhou’s family. The thing she can’t betray the most is Zhou family.
Therefore, she chose to agree. Although it was not the best choice to unite with the Bai family, it was already the most powerful one that the Zhou family could fight for.
But these are not what she expected.
At this time, Chen Feng brought Xiaoye to the jade shop.
“This jadeite has an excellent texture. It is a good choice whether you wear it yourself, cultivate your body and mind, or give it away, and make good bonds.”
The beautiful shopping guide lady was introducing Chen Feng.
Chen Feng looked at the dragon-shaped jade and thought it was pretty good, so he said directly, “Hold me up.”
The shopping guide lady immediately smiled and said with a smile: “The boss really has a vision. Many people have taken a fancy to this jade, but few dared to start it. They all think the price is high, but they don’t know such a good jade. It must have such a high price.”
Chen Feng smiled. He knew that the other party was praising him for being rich, but he didn’t realize that this was something worthy of praise.
“Shao Chen, look at it, this rabbit, it seems!” Xiaoye leaned on the counter, looking excitedly.
Chen Feng walked over, and a lifelike rabbit was carved on the crystal-clear jade pendant, which was very elegant.
And the shopping guide lady naturally hoped that Chen Feng would buy another set, and hurriedly said, “If the boss also packs this set, I can give you a discount.”
But by saying that, Xiaoye was directly scared. She hurriedly waved her hand and said, “I don’t want it. I just look at it. I dare not take such an expensive thing with me.”
The shopping guide lady was also stunned. Although she could see that Xiao Ye’s dress was ordinary, Chen Feng, who also came here, was a rich boss. She thought that this style of match was popular now, so she looked at Chen. Feng, Chen Feng is naturally the master.

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