Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 917

But what she didn’t expect was that Chen Feng actually refused.
“I don’t need this. Since she doesn’t dare to ask for it, I can’t force her to take it.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the shopping guide lady was a little bit disappointed, but she still smiled and said: “If you two like it, I can keep it for both of you. When the two of you want to buy it, the discount is still available. .”
Chen Feng just nodded and took Xiaoye to leave here.
But this is a tall woman walking in with high heels.
As soon as she came in, she shouted to the clerk: “Where is the jade pendant I saw last time.”
The clerk also hurriedly went up and said, “It’s Miss Wang! I’m really sorry, your piece has already been sold.”
The woman was very annoyed when she heard it, “Didn’t I ask you to stay for me? Why did you sell the things. Didn’t I say I would come back and buy it?”
The shopping guide lady was a little embarrassed: “You did let me stay, but it’s been a week, and we can’t keep selling him!”
The woman’s voice immediately rose: “Then what you mean is that I’m slow to come, but I’ve said that I can get the money in one week, one week, and you have to sell it in advance. I opened a shop like this.”
The clerk was a little embarrassed.
Chen Feng probably saw that it must be because they thought that the other party could not spend so much money, so they sold it directly when they were able to sell it.
Of course, these have nothing to do with Chen Feng.
But Zheng and Xiaoye walked to the door, and there was a woman’s voice behind them.
“You two stop me.”
Both Chen Feng and Xiaoye looked back together.
Sure enough, it was them that the woman stopped.
“What’s the matter?” Chen Feng asked curiously.
The woman looked at Chen Feng and Xiaoye, and asked, “Did you buy that jade pendant?”
“What jade pendant?” Chen Feng asked, although he had already guessed in his heart.
“It’s the dragon-shaped jade pendant.”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes and looked at the clerk. They dared not look, and all of them avoided.
Naturally, they sold Chen Feng.
“What are you looking at? I asked if you bought that jade pendant.”
Chen Feng looked at her again and said, “It’s me.”
“Sell it to me, I will cost you a thousand yuan more.” The woman said strongly.
Chen Feng chuckled and said, “Do you think I am a person who lacks that thousand dollars?”
The woman said indifferently, “Five thousand yuan, this can’t be too much. I don’t want to move the people behind me. If you don’t want to, I can only find someone else to talk to you.”
Chen Feng looked at her like an idiot: “In this case, you should find someone with a brain to talk, I really don’t want to take care of you.”
Naturally, I heard that Chen Feng was scolding her for no brains, and even Xiaoye was secretly pulling him, as if he didn’t want Chen Feng to provoke anything.
But Chen Feng didn’t care at all.
“You scolded me, are you impatient?”
Chen Feng ignored her and took Xiaoye to go back.
But the woman immediately ran to Chen Feng and the others and stopped them.
“You are not allowed to leave.”
Chen Feng felt very impatient: “Get out of the way!”
“I won’t let it go.” The woman yelled unreasonably.
Chen Feng stretched out his hand and pushed her aside, but it may have been a little bit stronger. The woman staggered and almost fell to the ground.
Then she steadied herself and shouted: “Come on, hit the woman.”
This sentence is extremely attractive to pedestrians. I looked around in an instant. Chen Feng also knew that he had encountered a very troublesome thing. If he was really dragged here, it would be just endless explanations for him, even Can’t make this group of people understand yet.
And this kind of boring thing is the most difficult thing for Chen Feng to do.
Chen Feng whispered to Xiaoye next to him: “We are going to run, you grab my hand.”
Before Xiaoye could react, Chen Feng grabbed her hand and ran away quickly in the eyes of those people questioning.
After running hundreds of meters in a row, Xiaoye was too tired.
“Shao Chen, I really can’t run.” She supported her hands on her knees, panting for air.
Naturally, no one followed, and the woman couldn’t run, so Chen Feng stopped directly.
“Why are you so weak!” Chen Feng stood by and smiled.
“Shao Chen, I’m a woman. I can’t run. Isn’t it normal?” Xiaoye exhaled, her small face flushed, and a pair of big eyes stared at her, which was very funny.
“What’s wrong with the woman, are you an ordinary woman?” Chen Feng said.
Xiaoye looked at Chen Feng curiously: “Am I? I always think I’m ordinary.”
Chen Feng suddenly looked serious and said, “How could you be an ordinary woman? You are the most among the women I have ever seen…”
Chen Feng paused and looked at Xiaoye. Xiaoye couldn’t wait to know what she was in Chen Feng’s eyes. She looked forward to and shyly asked: “Chen Shao…you hate it.”
“Xiaoye, you misunderstood me. In fact, you are the most talkative woman I have ever seen.”
When Xiaoye heard it, she immediately looked at Chen Feng in anger.
Although Xiaoye is a very big girl, she wouldn’t be really angry when she made a joke, but even so, the joke still hurt Xiaoye.
She was angry, so she was a little wronged again, looked at Chen Feng unanimously, without saying a word.
Chen Feng also realized that his joke had gone too far. He immediately stopped his smiling face and apologized seriously: “Xiaoye, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have made this joke with you.”
But Xiaoye’s tears were already rolling in his eyes, and they were about to fall at any time.
“Just forgive Chen Shao, Chen Shao knows that he was wrong.” Chen Feng also used Xiaoye’s usual address to call him, but Xiaoye still didn’t speak.
At this moment, the woman in high heels actually ran out.
“Don’t run.” She was already out of breath, and her shouts became weak and forceful.
But still let Chen Feng and Xiaoye hear it.
Chen Feng drew towards Xiaoye’s hand, but perhaps Xiaoye didn’t react for a while, and was thus held by Chen Feng.
But she couldn’t run either, and shouted, “I can’t run anymore.”
Chen Feng glanced at her, hugged her up, hugged her in his arms, and then ran wildly.
Chen Feng’s speed was very fast, within a few minutes, he was three or four miles away.
The woman behind him was absolutely thrown away, and Chen Feng still held Xiaoye and stood there.
“Let me down.” Xiaoye said, pushing Chen Feng’s chest.

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