Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 918

But Chen Feng didn’t mean to let go of Xiaoye. Instead, he smirked at Xiaoye: “Then you say you don’t forgive me.”
They are still on the street, surrounded by pedestrians passing by, and people will look at them from time to time.
Where did Xiaoye stand this posture, the gaze he cast was like needles sticking to her body, but Chen Feng was annoyed in her heart, and she was unwilling to say anything to forgive him.
“Either I will just hold you back like this.” Seeing Xiaoye tangled there, Chen Feng hugged her and walked forward a few steps, trying to force her to submit.
“No,” Xiaoye shouted: “You let me down.”
“Then do you forgive me? If I let you down, you will forgive me.”
Xiaoye’s cheeks were already red like apples, and Chen Feng asked again, she could only give up.
“You let me go.” Xiaoye said in a small voice.
“But I’m afraid you will regret it.”
“I forgive you, you let me down quickly, a lot of people are watching.”
Chen Feng glanced around, and indeed many people cast curious glances.
“If they look at it, let them take a good look. It’s not a shame.”
Xiaoye couldn’t bear it, and asked for mercy: “Shao Chen, please be fine, you let me down, I promise I will never get angry with you.”
Chen Feng knew that he couldn’t continue playing, so he would accept it as soon as he saw it.
She lowered Xiaoye’s knees, and then slowly let her stand on the ground.
But it was a woman’s nature to go back and forth. Once Xiao Ye stood on the ground, she turned her head and ignored Chen Feng.
“You promised me not to be angry with me,” Chen Feng said.
“Shao Chen is a bad guy.”
Xiaoye grumbled, with an unhappy expression on her face.
“Okay. I know I was wrong, and I will never make this kind of joke with Xiaoye in the future.”
Xiaoye ignored Chen Feng, but walked towards the bus stop alone.
Chen Feng chased after him, and did not speak, just accompany Xiaoye.
When the two got on the car, Chen Feng remained silent, without saying a word.
Xiaoye sat on the chair, Chen Feng stood beside her, and he ignored the empty position.
Xiaoye looked at Chen Feng with anger, and wanted to ask what Chen Feng was doing, but she knew that if she spoke first, she would be fooled by Chen Feng, so she stopped talking.
After the bus drove for four or five stops, Xiaoye finally couldn’t help but said, “Young Master Chen, how can you do this.”
Chen Feng chuckled, “What’s wrong with me?”
“Humph!” Xiaoye snorted, and was unwilling to speak to Chen Feng.
Sitting at the bottom station, only them were left in the car. After getting off the car, there was still a section of mountain road to climb.
At the foot of the mountain is the village of Xiaoye’s family. She wanted to invite Chen Feng to take a look, but she stood there, but she didn’t know how to speak.
Chen Feng was by the side, still not taking the initiative to speak.
Xiaoye said in a small voice: “Shao Chen!”
“Yeah!” Chen Feng agreed.
“I’m not angry with you anymore.”
“I knew Xiaoye was the best.” Chen Feng smiled.
Xiaoye also laughed, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly: “Shao Chen, my house is in front of you. Would you like to go and see it?”
Chen Feng looked in Xiaoye’s direction, and it turned out to be the entrance of a village.
“Will it be bad to go empty-handed like this?” Chen Feng asked hesitantly.
Xiaoye hurriedly waved his hand and said, “It’s okay. You are the first visitor, so you don’t need to prepare any gifts.”
Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “Okay, I also want to see how Xiaoye’s family is.”
Xiaoye was even more happy when she heard Chen Feng’s promise. She even took the initiative to take Chen Feng’s hand and ran towards the village.
In a very leisurely village, the uncles sitting at the intersection were playing chess together. Seeing Xiaoye come back, several of them smiled and said hello to Xiaoye.
“Xiaoye is back!”
Xiaoye also said hello one by one.
When they saw Chen Feng, they also looked at him.
I walked all the way into the village, came over a dry bridge, and arrived at Xiaoye’s house.
The little girl standing at the door playing with a shuttlecock saw Xiaoye come back and ran over with a smile very happily.
“Sister Frieze.”
When she ran, she hugged Xiaoye directly.
The girl was not tall, but she reached Xiaoye’s chest. Chen Feng guessed that this was Xiaoye’s sister, who had a piece of Yupei that Xiaoye didn’t have.
“Okay, where’s your parents?”
The little girl replied, “My parents have gone to the fields, but they haven’t come back yet.”
As she said, she looked towards Chen Feng, as if she was curious about this extra man.
Chen Feng just smiled at her.
The little girl was unreasonably shy, and she just pulled Xiaoye towards the house.
Chen Feng also followed along, and the little girl was even more strange, but she didn’t dare to ask.
The Xiaoye’s house is a two-story building with a courtyard in the back. There are also some flowers and plants on the ground in front, as well as a few leeks.
Chen Feng was invited into the house by Xiaoye to sit down, but he was not as poor as Chen Feng imagined. The necessary furniture was all available, and the decoration inside was exquisite, but Chen Feng didn’t know how Xiaoye loved money so much.
“If you want to talk to your sister, I’ll be fine by myself.”
Chen Feng watched the little girl keep looking at him, and said to Xiaoye kindly.
Xiaoye also saw that his sister was looking at Chen Feng and said with a smile: “She must think Chen Shaochang is good-looking, so she is shy.”
Chen Feng was stunned, but gave a wry smile.
After waiting for a long time, Xiaoye’s parents also came back. When they saw Chen Feng, Xiaoye’s boss, it was like the head of the family had met the head teacher. They were always worried that Xiaoye did not work well and asked Chen Feng to take good care of him.
Xiaoye was very angry when she listened, but she didn’t dare to argue with her parents, so she could only get sulking there.
Chen Feng praised Xiaoye very hard, what was excellent, no need to worry about others, which made Xiaoye laugh again, and even completely forgot the unpleasantness with Chen Feng before, and looked at Chen Feng gratefully. .
Only after the dinner was over, the two left.
That little sister Xiaoye seemed very reluctant to leave Xiaoye, Xiaoye promised to come back soon, she reluctantly let Xiaoye leave.
“Or I will give you one day off every week from now on. Anyway, you are close. Come back and have a look.” Chen Feng said.
Xiaoye shook his head: “I promised Master Bai to take good care of you, and I will definitely take responsibility. And I don’t have to pity me like Chen Shao. This is my honor to earn money by working hard on my own. ”
Seeing Xiaoye’s stubbornness, Chen Feng didn’t insist anymore.
In a blink of an eye, the happy day of the Zhou family arrived.
Among the few people who went to Xiao Zhou’s house, because Bai Jingfeng was too old, he only sent Bai Xing with Bai Su, as well as Bai Chenglin and Chen Feng.

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