Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 920

And since Zhou Xun had already left, there was no need for the Bai family to stay inside.
Each left, Chen Feng also looked for a garden, sat there, looking at the scenery boredly.
After a while, he saw a white figure.
And that figure actually walked towards him.
“Miss Zhou, why didn’t you be with the Second Young Master Bai, but came here alone.”
There was no one around, but they should have gathered in the direction of the hall, and Zhou Zhi’er walked towards this place, but he didn’t seem to have any other reason besides coming to find Chen Feng.
Zhou Zhier carried the skirt, stepped onto the steps, walked to the bench next to Chen Feng and sat down.
“If I tell Shao Chen, I’m here for you, I don’t know Shaoxiang Chen doesn’t believe it.” Zhou Zhier said coldly, and she didn’t seem to be the same as the one she had seen before.
Chen Feng asked a little puzzled: “You came to me, why is this? And you should be more interested in those two young masters.”
Zhou Zhier said: “If you are not interested, others can’t simply tell. Only you know.”
Chen Feng was surprised: “What do you mean is that you pretended to be in front of others?”
Zhou Zhier did not admit, but did not deny: “Some things need to be done so that everyone will be satisfied. As for me, I only need to satisfy them.”
Her expression was a little lonely, and she was helpless in her words.
Chen Feng asked curiously: “You came here, do you want to tell me these things?”
“Shao Chen, I don’t know much about you, but I just heard what the uncle and others think of you. I probably guessed what kind of person you are.” Zhou Zhier said slowly.
“Huh?” Chen Feng’s leg on the chair was put down by him, and he looked at Zhou Zhi’er seriously: “Then what kind of person do you think I am?”
Zhou Zhi’er also sat up slightly, holding her chest straight: “Shao Chen is the one who can help me, and even the only one who can help me.”
Chen Feng was bewildered by this answer.
“I know that Shao Chen must think I am crazy. You are even thinking that we only met for the first time, but I talked to you like this. It seems that you can totally reject me.”
And Chen Feng really thought so.
Although Zhou Zhier looked pretty, Chen Feng knew that not all beautiful women would like him, and it was impossible for him to help all these women.
Looking at Zhou Zhi’er’s sudden cold face, Chen Feng said indifferently, “I think I want to reject you.”
Zhou Zhier was stunned, looked at Chen Feng with a puzzled expression, and asked, “Why? Chen Shao, you haven’t even heard of my terms. Maybe this will be a very good deal.”
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “No matter what, to help you, at least I will offend the Zhou family, and if I guess it is correct, I might also offend the Bai family, and these two families are what I need to treat Shen Molang The candidates, I can’t get rid of them here.”
After Zhou Zhier listened carefully to Chen Feng’s words, she hesitated and said: “Chen Shao did get it right, but only half of it.”
This time it was Chen Feng’s turn to be curious: “Oh? I would like to hear the details. What is the half of what I didn’t guess?”
“Chen Shao guessed it should also be a matter of my marriage with the Bai family, a possible matter between me and the second young master of the Bai family.”
Chen Feng nodded: “Your uncle almost wrote something on his face.”
Zhou Zhier still said plainly: “But Chen Shao feels that if you help me, the Bai family and Zhou family will hate you, but I want to say that Chen Shao just thinks the opposite. If Chen Shao is willing, these two My family will treat Shao Chen even more loyally.”
Chen Feng thought for a while, but didn’t think there was any problem with his idea: “I don’t quite understand what you mean. Both of you are intentional. No matter what I do, I’m doing damage, unless you don’t refuse to do so. , But this won’t help you.”
Zhou Zhier showed her always gentle smile and said, “Shao Chen, what do you think of me?”
Chen Feng looked at her, Zhou Zhi’er was calm and elegant, like a white flower in full bloom after the rain, even if she was not obsessed with temptation, she would never have any disgust.
“Miss Zhou is very beautiful.”
Zhou Zhier chuckled softly, “Does it mean that Shao Chen doesn’t have more words when it comes to beauty?”
Chen Feng said: “No matter how many words, it’s just an overstatement of beauty. As long as the meaning is reached, that’s enough.”
Zhou Zhier said, “Is Shao Chen coaxing his confidante?”
Chen Feng shrugged and said with a smile: “That’s naturally different. But you still didn’t tell me what you mean. Could it be that you want…”
Zhou Zhi’er interrupted: “Shao Chen, what you say is meaningless. But if Shao Chen is willing, I will be Shao Chen’s most loyal partner in the desert.”
Chen Feng calmed down. If he followed Zhou Zhier’s instructions, he would naturally not allow Zhou and the Bai family to give birth to any gaps, but he had no reason to do it.
“Do you think you deserve it? Even if you are beautiful, do you think there will be a lack of beautiful women by my side?”
Chen Feng asked coldly.
Zhou Zhier stared at Chen Feng with a pair of apricot eyes, but she seemed to pass on her beliefs to Chen Feng. She firmly said: “It is worth it. I believe that I am not just a vase, but where Chen Shao needs it, I can do it too. most.”
Chen Feng wanted to deny it directly, but he always felt familiar with this kind of struggling eyes.
Maybe this is what he looked like when he was struggling in front of Xia Mengyao.
“Does I believe you based on your words?” Chen Feng, who wanted to say so, swallowed the words.
“How do you prove yourself. It’s best if you have to prove both aspects.” Chen Feng decided to give her a chance, he said.
And when she heard these words, Zhou Zhier knew that she was half succeeded. As for the things that were proved in both aspects, she blushed a little, but she knew that she would not care. She wanted more than just dormant in Zhou’s house. Such a place.
“I know if Shao Chen deals with the Mowolf, he wants to contact the whole family who was bullied by the Mowolf in the desert and twist them into a rope so that I can easily deal with the Mowolf.”
Since this matter has been told to the Zhou family, it is not surprising that Zhou Zhier can guess.
“I really think so, but now with the example of your Zhou family, I have even more confidence.” Chen Feng said.
But Zhou Zhier shook her head and retorted, “But Shao Chen was very wrong. You must never do this when dealing with Molang.”
Chen Feng was surprised and asked, “Why is this?”

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