Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 922

“The iron gate here is also a specially designed mechanism. If you were not close to the Zhou family, you would never know how to open it.” Zhou Fang introduced.
Chen Feng nodded, but said nothing.
Continue to follow Zhou Fang to walk inside.
In the secret room, a light was installed, Zhou Fang touched it aside and turned on the light.
This place is like a fully equipped refuge. There are even TVs, food and water piled in a corner to relieve boredom, enough for more than a dozen people to use for a month.
“Chen Shao, you sit here first, I’ll fetch things.” Zhou Fang said to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng nodded and sat down on the sofa in the hall. There were everything here, and there were a few novels on the shelf on the side. They even considered it very thoughtful.
Chen Feng picked up one and turned over two pages at random, but he didn’t know why Zhou Fang hadn’t come out yet.
“Zhou Fang!” Chen Feng shouted inside.
But no one responded at all. Chen Feng felt strange and worried about Zhou Fang, so he turned to the room he had just entered.
But Zhou Fang’s shadow can still be seen in the room.
Chen Feng immediately woke up, and he ran towards the entrance that he had just entered, but the iron gate was closing quickly.
Before he escaped, the sounds of the locks rang out one by one.
The door was completely closed, and Chen Feng stared in a daze. Up to now, he still didn’t understand why Zhou Fang wanted to do this.
But no matter how much he thinks, there is no way to get him out of here.
This stainless steel iron door does not have a place that resembles a keyhole or switch. It is like an iron plate inlaid on the wall. It is very flat. It seems that it is impossible to find a way out from here.
And just now Zhou Fang didn’t leave here. Chen Feng was sitting there. If Zhou Fang left here secretly, he would never have seen it at all.
Chen Feng walked to the room where Zhou Fang had just disappeared.
After a glance, it is just a very ordinary bedroom without windows, and a few bunk beds are also to save space.
He kept knocking along the wall, trying to find the location of the secret door, but again, there was no clue.
Chen Feng was a little angry and turned all the beds in the room out, not even letting go of every inch of the ground, but the secret door was still not found.
After working so busy for several hours, Chen Feng also felt tired.
He sat back on the sofa just now, trying to take out a bottle of water from the corner to drink, but when he tore open the box, it was only empty inside.
There is no trace of water.
Some people who didn’t believe it turned over all the boxes, and Chen Feng had to admit this fact.
These are fake, even water and food are fake.
I was a little desperate. If no one found him, the limit for a person to live would be only a few days. At this time, the light on the top was suddenly extinguished.
There was darkness all around, no sound could be heard, and he was alone as if he had fallen into an abyss.
Chen Feng steadily got on the sofa, but he was no longer anxious.
All can only look at the providence.
Outside at this time, Zhou Fang returned to the banquet. Everything had just begun. He walked into the crowd of Zhou’s family, as if nothing happened just now, and immediately piled up smiling faces to entertain the guests.
Someone wanted to find Chen Feng, but they went around a group and didn’t find it.
I asked the Bai family, but no one knew it. It seemed that Zhou Zhier and Bai Su were the last to see Chen Feng.
But the two of them only saw Chen Feng leave, but only said to go to the bathroom. As for where they went back, no one saw it again.
In the end, Bai Xing had to give up. Naturally, he couldn’t think of Chen Summit being locked up.
But these words caught Zhou Zhi’er’s attention.
She pretended to be very casual and asked Bai Xing: “Big Brother Bai, when did you discover that Shao Chen was missing?”
Bai Xing thought for a while and said, “It should be not long after Chen Shao separated from you. I wanted to find him for a drink. But I haven’t found anyone.”
Bai Xing seemed to persuade himself: “It may be that Shao Chen doesn’t like the excitement, so I should leave early.”
But Zhou Zhier didn’t think so. She believed that Chen Feng must understand the expression she made to Chen Feng.
But if Chen Feng did not refuse, he would not leave in a hurry.
But Zhou Zhier didn’t tell Bai Xing what she thought. She just said, “It turns out that Shao Chen is a person who doesn’t like bustle. I looked at him and thought he was.”
Bai Xing also smiled.
After leaving the two brothers of the Bai family, Zhou Zhier was worried about Chen Feng’s safety.
Chen Feng was the hope she had just found, but there seemed to be some problems with this hope now, and this was not something to be happy about for anyone.
As she walked toward the backyard, she contemplated why Chen Feng had disappeared.
It happened in Zhou’s family, so Chen Feng is very likely to be in Zhou’s family, and she also has such a premonition, but she has thought about a lot of things in this place, and it is more than enough to hide one person.
The first thing she thought of was naturally that Chen Feng was harmed by others, but after knowing that Chen Feng’s martial arts was actually very high, this might not be true.
If you want to undermine Chen Feng, as long as there is a fighting sound, it is impossible to be completely undetected.
So what Zhou Zhier thought of was that Chen Feng was locked in a place where he could not escape, and he was tricked into by the Zhou family.
The Zhou family who were able to do this were at least Chen Feng had seen, and even this Zhou family had to have a certain amount of weight, otherwise it would never be possible for Chen Feng to follow along voluntarily.
After Zhou Zhier ruled out herself, there were only four people, the four who gathered that day.
Patriarch Zhou Xun, third grandfather, fourth uncle Zhou Fang, and cousin Zhou Lin.
But when Chen Feng disappeared, both the owner and the cousin had been entertaining guests in the lobby and did not leave.
Grandpa San didn’t like this kind of excitement and didn’t show up from beginning to end. Fourth Uncle, she thought about it. Although she also appeared in the meeting place later, there was a blank period, and suspicion could not be ruled out.
She thought so, but she was already in the backyard.
The Zhou family was able to hide a person without being discovered outside, only this refuge.
But even though Zhou Zhi’er knew about this place, she had never entered it once, and she was not qualified to enter it yet.
When she came to the study room and saw the books on the shelves, she took a breath and began to look for it slowly.
There are organs here. At least she has seen someone disappear in it. It takes a long time before they appear, but she doesn’t know what the organs are.
While Chen Feng was looking for an exit in the secret room, Zhou Zhier was also looking for a way into it here.

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