Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 923

With a soft click, Zhou Zhi’er took two steps back, and he should have found it.
Sure enough, slowly, the bookcase retreated to the side, revealing the dark entrance.
Zhou Zhi’er walked carefully to the entrance, leaned on the bookcase, looked inside, and whispered, “Young Master Chen!”
There was a small echo in the secret path, but there was no response from Chen Feng.
Zhou Zhi’er took a look, showing a decisive expression on her face, and slowly walked down.
In the dark, she walked very carefully and listened carefully to the voice. She was worried that there would be someone below.
Although he guessed that the person who brought Chen Feng down was Zhou Fang, other possibilities could not be ruled out.
It took a short walk for more than ten minutes to finally reach the steel gate.
But this door, she has no choice.
She started shouting Chen Feng’s name inside again, but it seemed that there was a good sound insulation effect, and Zhou Zhier didn’t dare to shout too loudly, so there was no reaction inside.
Zhou Zhier stood in front of the door and wanted to find a mechanism similar to the above, but she fiddled around and didn’t know how to open it.
I was upset inside, but I didn’t know whether Chen Feng was inside or not, and I was also afraid that someone would come in suddenly outside.
She leaned against the door, trying to calm herself down.
After a while, she looked at the heavy iron door again, thought about it, and then ran back to the study just now, and found a metal lamp holder from there.
She didn’t dare to hit it directly, she just held the lamp holder and tapped gently at the iron gate again and again, seeming to have a different rhythm.
And Chen Feng inside was already in darkness at this time, and any sound would become extraordinarily sensitive.
Sitting there in a false sleep, the sound of metal tapping suddenly made him think he had auditory hallucinations, but after listening carefully, he knew that he had indeed heard the sound.
And the sound came from the door.
Chen Feng followed the voice and the memory in his mind, and walked towards the iron gate, the voice still kept ringing.
When he touched the iron gate, there seemed to be a slight tremor. He leaned on the iron gate and pressed his ear to it.
Sure enough, there was a sound coming, every sound was very rhythmic.
“Anyone?” he shouted loudly.
But Zhou Zhi’er, who was also outside, couldn’t hear it either, and the percussive sound continued.
Chen Feng thought for a while, then looked around and touched the stool’s feet, which were also metal.
He removed the stool legs effortlessly, and then returned to the iron door.
A random knock on the iron gate.
And Zhou Zhi’er outside seemed to sense something, the rhythm of percussion was disrupted.
She stopped her movements in surprise, and just like Chen Feng, she put her ear on the iron door, and then heard the sound from inside.
There are people inside, Zhou Zhier thought so.
But how do you contact him and then rescue him?
She thought for a while, and began to knock on the iron gate with a rhythm.
After Chen Feng was excited, he also knew that even if someone discovered him, it was still very difficult to rescue him.
He heard the percussion from the outside continue, so he stopped his movements and began to sound seriously.
The rhythm sound was strange, not like a fixed melody, even after deliberately pausing, Chen Feng immediately understood after hearing such similar rhythms on both sides, this was a Morse code.
Fortunately, he had studied this kind of password, so he matched the signal he just heard with the letter, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the other party was calling his name.
Chen Feng also translated what he wanted to say, and then began to pass it on.
Zhou Zhier stopped when she heard the other party’s response.
She was also worried about whether Chen Feng would not understand, or he did not understand Morse code.
What she could hear was the pinyin of the word “I am”, and she knew that Chen Feng did understand it.
She also laughed, at least with the conditions for communication.
“Are you okay?” she asked.
“I’m fine. Who are you?”
“Zhou Zhier.”
This answer surprised Chen Feng. The Zhou family locked him here, but it was the Zhou family who came to look for him. It would be weird to think about it.
“You don’t know how to open this door?” Chen Feng asked. He thought that since Zhou Zhier could only contact him this way, it was naturally because she could not get in.
And sure enough, Zhou Zhier said, “This is the first time I have come in.”
Chen Feng was a little disappointed, but Zhou Zhi’er came to let him at least see hope. He said, “Zhou Fang, the key is on him.”
Zhou Zhier was not surprised when she heard Chen Feng’s words, it was the same as she thought.
“I will find a way to get the key from there,” she said.
Chen Feng just thanked him in his heart, and now his hope is only Zhou Zhier.
But thinking that he couldn’t stay here for a long time, he still reminded: “There is no water in it.”
Zhou Zhier understood Chen Feng’s meaning and responded: “I will as soon as possible.”
After saying this, Zhou Zhier knocked again: “I’m leaving, you stick to it.”
But there was no sound from inside, and Zhou Zhier took a look and left here.
Chen Feng sat down leaning against the iron gate somewhat dejectedly, and he didn’t know if Zhou Zhier could rescue him.
Back outside, Zhou Zhier closed the mechanism in the study again, pretending to be someone who had nothing to do, and walked out slowly here.
If Zhou Fang went directly to the banquet venue, then the key is probably in his body.
Zhou Zhier went straight over. Just after leaving the scene, the guests came out one after another, and she also caught Zhou Fang, who was with a few people in the front.
She sorted out the posture that she had just hurried over, and when she looked less anxious, she walked over slowly.
And seeing Zhou Zhi’er coming, Zhou Fang was also very curious: “Zhi’er, we are not with the second young master of the Bai family?”
Zhou Zhier smiled and said, “I came here to find my uncle on purpose.”
Zhou Fang’s face now looks very red because he had drunk in the court, but he is still in good spirits, and he should not be too drunk.
Hearing Zhou Zhi’er’s words, Zhou Fang became even more surprised: “Are you here to find Fourth Uncle? What are you going to do? You have never liked talking to Fourth Uncle!”
Zhou Zhi’er lowered her voice and said next to Zhou Fang, “Uncle Si, you have to save Zhi’er!”
As he said, those eyes that were always smiling were whimpering to tears.
Zhou Fang was shocked, thinking Zhou Zhi’er was something terrible, and hurriedly asked: “Zhi’er doesn’t cry. Tell my uncle what happened.”
“Four uncle, Zhi’er really doesn’t know what to do, so she came to ask fourth uncle for help.”

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