Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 926

But there is a feeling of being suppressed.
He looked over and found that Zhou Zhi’er’s hand was resting on his body all the time.
And is falling asleep.
Chen Feng wanted to wake her up, but Zhou Zhier woke up on her own right after she moved.
She opened her dim eyes, looked up to see Chen Feng, and supported her body, as if she was not surprised at the current situation.
“Why are you…….”
Zhou Zhier chuckled softly, “What’s the reason for this? Is Shao Chen still a pure and innocent man?”
Actually being laughed at, Chen Feng had to smile wryly.
The two of them had nothing, their clothes were all neatly dressed, they just fell asleep together.
Zhou Zhier sat up lazily, rubbing her stiff neck, so it seemed that she was a little less showy, and a little more real.
“Did you know? There is no reason for a man to refuse when a woman takes the initiative to deliver it to the door.” Chen Feng stroked Zhou Zhi’er’s long hair scattered around his waist and said softly.
With a touch of shyness as a little daughter, Zhou Zhi’er smiled: “And when a woman takes the initiative to deliver it to the door, then the man had better be careful. A woman is very stubborn. If she can’t get her hand, she will never let it go. ”
Chen Feng was stunned, and squeezed out a smile with difficulty.
Zhou Zhier entered the room and changed into a simple and elegant lavender dress, seeming to be back to her original appearance again.
“I don’t like the way you are now,” Chen Feng said.
Zhou Zhier looked at her clothes and thought Chen Feng felt that the clothes did not match well, and said, “I can change to a color you like.”
“It’s not your clothes, but your look.” Chen Feng shook his head gently.
Seeing Chen Feng’s expression, Zhou Zhier chuckled and laughed, “Did Shao Chen look after me?”
Chen Feng was taken aback, and Zhou Zhi’er continued: “A man wants to change a woman, wants to free a woman from suffering, that means he is in love with this woman.”
Chen Feng naturally didn’t think he would like Zhou Zhi’er, but he opened his mouth to refute, but he didn’t know what to say. He just curled his lips and said nothing.
After coming out of Zhou’s house, the two went to a secluded coffee shop in Lanshi, drinking morning tea.
Zhou Zhier was there gently shaking the spoon in the cup, but Chen Feng seriously asked, “What are you thinking about now?”
Zhou Zhi’er raised her head and looked at Chen Feng, then lowered her head again to look at the drink in her cup.
“I just want to get out of the shackles. I have never changed my mind.” She said softly.
“What do you want me to do?” Chen Feng asked again.
Zhou Zhier chuckled softly, “Is Shao Chen so direct because I saved you yesterday?”
Chen Feng asked back: “Should it not be? You saved me, and I will give you back what you want.”
Zhou Zhier finally stopped her movements and looked at Chen Feng seriously: “It should be. If it was yesterday, I might just want a shelter from Shao Chen, but now I think I can ask for more.”
Chen Feng frowned. This woman is too smart, and dealing with smart women would be very troublesome.
He asked: “If I am a heartless person, no matter how much you say, I turn my face and deny it, and you seem to have nothing to do.”
But Zhou Zhier confidently said, “But I know that Chen Shao is definitely not that kind of person.”
Chen Feng looked at her silently, as if he was preparing to disappoint Zhou Zhi’er, but after a while, the smile in the other’s eyes made Chen Feng unable to hold it anymore. He said, “You won. But you are the best. Don’t get into it so hard, I’ll turn my face if I’m not sure.”
With a triumphant smile, Zhou Zhier said, “Actually, I don’t want much.”
She raised the right hand that put down the spoon, and slowly stretched out along the table to Chen Feng’s left hand that was placed on the table.
The delicate touch made Chen Feng unconsciously touched, but he was not too timid to take his hand back.
“What do you mean?” he asked.
The slender finger slid along Chen Feng’s index finger on the back of Chen Feng’s hand towards the back of his hand, soft and soft, with an itchy sensation.
“I promised Chen Shao before, but they are all true. If Chen Feng gives me a chance, I can make the entire desert belong to Chen Shao. At that time, I just hoped Chen Shao could save me.”
The voice was also soft, more like a flattery, and the movement in her hand did not stop.
Chen Feng asked curiously: “Now that you want more, do you still want the entire desert to be destroyed?”
But Zhou Zhi’er actually nodded, she smiled, as if she didn’t regard this incredible idea as impossible at all.
“Are you crazy?” Chen Feng asked in surprise.
At this time, the fingers placed on the back of the identity’s hand had become two, and she chuckled lightly: “Maybe, but if there are no crazy dreams, I don’t know what it means to be in the world.”
There was a trace of loneliness hidden in the expression, but suddenly Zhou Zhier asked.
“Shao Chen, do you feel comfortable?”
Chen Feng was stunned, but found that Zhou Zhi’er had put her entire hand on the back of his hand.
“If you think that you can let me agree, it seems that you look down on a man too much.” Chen Feng said indifferently.
But just after speaking, Chen Feng felt an equally slippery limb on his thigh.
You don’t need to look at it, you know that Zhou Zhier’s feet are there.
In the morning, Chen Feng noticed that Zhou Zhi’er’s figure was very good, and the bare feet were white and eye-catching. At this moment, they were close to him, but Chen Feng didn’t pay attention.
“You know men well.”
“But I am also not an ordinary man. Although I like beautiful things, I prefer harmless things.”
Zhou Zhier suddenly put her hands and feet back, and put on that kind of reserved and chaste expression.
“That’s the case, I quit. Chen Shao doesn’t need to say anything in return, that’s meaningless.”
Chen Feng looked at Nephew Zhou suspiciously, but he didn’t know who she really was, or she was just trying to catch her.
But someone walked over.
It was a well-dressed man, with no wrinkles visible on his body.
He walked to Chen Feng’s side and said to Zhou Zhi’er in surprise: “Zhi’er, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”
Zhou Zhier also looked up at him, also like an accident, and smiled gracefully: “Big Brother Chen, why are you?”
“My friend and I came over to talk about something, are you?”
As he spoke, he also looked at Chen Feng, but he naturally didn’t recognize Chen Feng.

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