Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 927

“A friend of mine.” Zhou Zhier introduced Chen Feng in this way.
Looking at Chen Feng enthusiastically for convenience, he introduced himself: “My surname is Qian, Qian Chen, and Zhi’er are also friends.”
The surname Qian is unique in the entire desert, and he must also think that he is a person from Qianjia.
But this Chen Feng had never seen him when he was in Qianjia, but if he guessed right, Qianchen specializes in managing the family business.
In a large family, a person’s energy is always limited, and if a person does not have the talent for martial arts, he will be arranged to manage the family’s business and act as the family’s spokesperson for the outside world.
Want to come to Qianchen is such a person.
Chen Feng smiled at Qian Chen, “Chen Feng!”
This name made Qianchen a little bit stunned, but he thought about it, and he didn’t connect the Chen Feng in front of him with Chen Feng, who was all-powerful in Yanjing.
I just thought it might have the same name.
Although Chen Feng saw what he was thinking, he didn’t say anything.
“Nice to meet you.”
After greeting Chen Feng, Qian Chen once again focused on Zhou Zhi’er. He smiled and said, “Zhi’er wants to go over and talk to a few of our brothers?”
Zhou Zhier declined to say: “But my friend doesn’t seem to like the excitement.”
Chen Feng looked at Zhou Zhi’er in surprise, but soon he understood what she meant.
“My friend, let’s go and play together. Those friends and I are preparing to go to Bibotan. The scenery there is nice.”
Qianchen naturally invited.
But for Chen Feng, he didn’t feel like going.
And this is Qian Chen said again: “If you really don’t want to, then sister Zhi’er can lend it to us, she seems to be a little interested.”
And Chen Feng looked at Zhou Zhi’er, she really looked at him expectantly.
But what happened just now gave Chen Feng a feeling of being betrayed by Zhou Zhier.
“Let’s do it. There was nothing wrong with it.”
But Chen Feng, who secretly glanced at Zhou Zhier, saw Zhou Zhi’er’s expression like a tricky trick.
All the people in the group had cars. Chen Feng sat in Zhou Zhi’er’s car and asked, “What do you mean?”
“I don’t mean anything, I just want to come out and have fun with a few friends.” Zhou Zhier replied disapprovingly.
Chen Feng also didn’t know why he was a little angry, and in order to calm himself down, he didn’t speak any more along the way.
Bibotan is not only a pool of water, but also a small tourist attraction with supporting buildings built around it.
When they came here, a few people bought tickets and entered it together.
Surrounded by mountains and rivers, in the lush forest, the air seems to be exceptionally fresh.
Chen Feng just followed behind, but Zhou Zhier seemed to be talking and laughing with those people, and she didn’t know that she was deliberately mad at Chen Feng, and she was like this.
When they came to the pond, someone took out the fishing rod they had brought. Several people chose a place and started fishing quietly.
Chen Feng and Zhou Zhier were singled out.
The two were sitting in the corridor by the pond. After thinking for a long time, Chen Feng finally said: “If you can deal with Molang, I will agree to your request.”
Sitting there, Zhou Zhier seemed to have guessed that Chen Feng would agree to it, and said calmly, “Then it’s a deal.”
But suddenly she smiled and said: “Chen Shao, did you feel uncomfortable because you saw me with other men. If Chen Shao wants it, I can just ignore all those guys.”
Chen Feng may indeed think so, but he naturally refused to admit it, but pretended to be angry and said: “This has nothing to do with that matter. You don’t have to say this to irritate me.”
Zhou Zhier knows that she will accept it when she sees it well. She will not repeatedly test on a topic that a man hates. This is definitely not a wise choice.
“Then Shao Chen didn’t feel tempted with me? Or he didn’t think about getting me. Even I couldn’t believe that I would take the initiative to send a man to the door.” Zhou Zhier said as if talking to Chen Feng.
In the distance, Qianchen caught a fish and smiled at Zhou Zhier, and Zhou Zhier also smiled back.
Chen Feng didn’t answer Zhou Zhi’er, and he didn’t need to express his thoughts.
It was not until noon that the few fishing was over, and they got together to prepare for a meal.
Someone handed over two copies to Chen Feng and Zhou Zhi’er. Qian Chen said, “There is so much preparation, you don’t care about it, if it is not enough, there will be there.”
Chen Feng and Zhou Zhier also smiled and expressed their gratitude.
When the meal was halfway through, the few people sitting on the lawn saw someone walking towards them enthusiastically.
The man looked fierce, with tattoos carved on his bare arms, and he knew at first sight that he was not a good person.
And his purpose seems very clear, it is Chen Feng and the others.
As the leader of their group, Qianchen was naturally the first to stand up and walk towards each other.
“You came here to fish?”
The guy asked Qianchen madly.
Qianchen still kept politely saying, “Is there any problem? Before we came here, we asked if we can fish here.”
But the other party moved his hand without agreeing to a word.
He directly pushed Qianchen to the ground.
“What did you ask, did you ask Lao Tzu? Lao Tzu did not agree, then you are nothing.”
Qian Chen, as the spokesperson of the Qian Family in the present world, has never been treated like this before. He looked at the man furiously, and then wanted to stand up and fight back.
But before he got up, he was stepped on a foot again by that guy, making him unable to stand up.
When the people around him saw it, they immediately went up to help.
But the other party is absolutely strong, it’s just that these few characters who are just the rich brothers can be opponents of the other party.
He just pushed his hand casually, and the guy who went up was pushed to the ground like Qianchen.
Even a few people are like this.
Zhou Zhier couldn’t stand it, and said to Chen Feng, “Young Master Chen, please help them quickly.”
But Chen Feng said calmly: “I don’t want to wade in the muddy water, and I haven’t fished.”
Zhou Zhi’er looked anxiously, but she was powerless. Several people over there had been pushed to the ground by the bully, but she saw Chen Feng’s attitude that it had nothing to do with her.
Suddenly Zhou Zhier thought of something and said to Chen Feng, “Is it because Shao Chen is jealous because of what happened before?”
Chen Feng knew that Zhou Zhi’er just wanted him to go up and help, in order to arouse him, but Chen Feng smiled lightly: “I can’t find the reason for myself. Maybe it’s the same as you said. I’m just jealous. NS.”

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