Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 928

Chen Feng saw through Zhou Zhi’er’s thoughts and didn’t even take the bait at all. This made Zhou Zhi’er very depressed, but Qian Chen who was stepped on there seemed to be in pain.
Zhou Zhier’s heart sullenly said: “Shao Chen, since you don’t want to go up, I have to go up and help them by myself. If Shao Chen sees a beaten and injured Zhou Zhi’er, Chen Shao will not feel distressed at that time.”
Chen Feng didn’t believe that she really went up, so instead he stood there and looked at her, as if he was talking, you went up and showed me.
And Zhou Zhier could see Chen Feng’s thoughts at a glance. She also wanted to agitate Chen Feng again, but Chen Feng seemed to be unable to get in.
Zhou Zhier stomped helplessly and really wanted to pass.
Chen Feng saw Zhou Zhi’er immediately.
“You really want to go up by yourself! Are you not afraid of being hurt?”
Zhou Zhier blinked and smiled: “But I can’t help it. Young Master Chen is unwilling to go up. I have to let myself go up and save them.
Chen Shao knew that he couldn’t escape the calculation of this demon girl today.
“Well, you win, I will go up and help them.”
With that, he walked over.
Lying on the ground, the opponent stepped on his chest. No matter how Qianchen struggled, the opponent didn’t move. He chuckled and said, “I’ll see if you can give me more cruelty, next time you come over and know what to do.”
Qianchen angrily said, “You better let me go, otherwise, you will die miserably.”
But when he heard this, the other party became even more angry, and the strength under his feet seemed to increase, making Qianchen even more painful. He tightly hugged that guy’s feet, but it looked like a solid stone.
“Let him go.” Chen Feng walked to the person and said lightly.
The guy looked up, but Chen Feng couldn’t see how strong he was. He even felt weaker than the few guys on the ground, but he said something more rampant here.
He seemed to be amused by Chen Feng, and laughed loudly: “I thought these guys were already crazy enough, but I didn’t expect to come to a guy with a more problematic brain. Do you want me to clear it up for you? Head!”
But Chen Feng also laughed, which made the guy happier.
“You are not scared, are you still laughing here.” He put down Qian Chen on his feet and walked towards Chen Feng.
And Chen Feng just stood there, waiting for his arrival.
The guy grinned and squeezed his fist, and made a special gesture in front of Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng still did not respond, he was finally angry.
“You fucking want to die, but don’t blame Lao Tzu.”
As he said, he hit Chen Feng’s face with a punch.
It might have been in his impression, and Chen Feng is probably also a guy lying on the ground.
But a fist hit there, but he couldn’t take a step forward.
He looked at Chen Feng in surprise, his fist was being held by Chen Feng, and it became difficult for him to even get his fist back.
He looked at Chen Feng in panic, “Who are you?”
Chen Feng did not answer and asked, “Who asked you to deal with him?”
Chen Feng pointed to Qian Chen. He didn’t believe that someone would really just do fishing, and would start a fight if they didn’t agree with him.
The guy had already hurt his distorted face, but he still had some changes, as if he was told by Chen Feng.
But he denied: “I don’t know what you are talking about, and I don’t know who he is.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “The mouth is still very hard, but I will see if it is your mouth or your hands.”
When he applied force to the fist in his hand, the whole thing seemed to be pinched and deformed, and even the bones seemed to be snapping.
“Can you talk now?” Chen Feng asked.
“I don’t know, someone gave me thousands of dollars and asked me to come over and trouble this guy.” He replied pleadingly.
“You didn’t lie to me?” Chen Feng increased the strength in his hand by a few points, and the guy called out in pain.
He didn’t even seem to be able to say clearly: “I…I definitely dare not…”
“Then do you know who that guy is?”
“I… I don’t know.”
His expression looked unlikely to be lying, and Chen Feng let go of his hand.
“go away!”
The guy shook his painful hand, didn’t dare to say anything, didn’t even look at Chen Feng, and immediately turned around and ran away, fearing that Chen Summit would regret it.
Several people on the ground stood up one after another and looked at Chen Feng, still very grateful.
Chen Feng also pulled Qianchen up and said, “You heard what you said just now.”
Qianchen nodded: “I can probably guess who it is, thank you Brother Chen.”
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “You don’t have to thank me. If you want to, thank Zhou Zhier.”
Qian Chen was puzzled, but she also looked at Zhou Zhi’er, and she smiled at him slightly.
When this kind of thing happened, few people had any idea of ​​staying.
“Because of this incident, I can no longer accompany the two of you. If the two of you can go to the Morrowind Club to find me if you have time, I will entertain them again.”
He said this and took a few people back, and Chen Feng and Zhou Zhi’er had no need to stay here, so they returned to Zhou’s house.
Zhou Fang’s disappearance eventually attracted the attention of Zhou’s family.
But there is no clue to what happened, no one even knows where Zhou Fang was at the end, or when he disappeared.
Zhou Xun sent someone to call Zhou Zhi’er away, and Chen Feng stayed here bored.
He looked at a novel in Zhou Zhi’er’s room to polish his time, and after a while, Zhou Zhi’er returned.
“What, what did they say?” Chen Feng asked directly when Zhou Zhier came in.
And Zhou Zhi’er’s face unexpectedly showed some exhaustion: “They seem to be suspicious of me.”
Chen Feng put down the book in his hand and looked at Zhou Zhi’er in doubt, “Why? Did they see something?”
Zhou Zhi’er walked to the cradle chair in the room and sat down before replying: “Someone saw that I was the last to meet with my fourth uncle. And after that, my fourth uncle disappeared. It is difficult for me to doubt it. ”
Chen Feng didn’t know the specific situation, but as long as Zhou Fang’s body was not found, and Zhou Zhi’er, a weak woman, could not deal with Zhou Fang, it was enough that they could not be sure that Zhou Zhi’er was the murderer.
“Or give them some clues and let them discover Zhou Fang in that secret room, so that they have objects of suspicion, and your suspicion will be less.”
Zhou Zhier thought for a while and nodded: “It seems that this can only be done. I think of a way to put the things of the fourth uncle in that study room. This way, the uncle will at least be suspicious, and in order to protect the secret room, he may Will choose to investigate secretly.”

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