Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 929

Naturally, Chen Feng was just a suggestion, and the specific operation still depends on Zhou Zhier.
Chen Feng said again: “The way you are thinking of dealing with Molang, I have to go back and think about it. In fact, Molang may not be as simple as we thought.”
Zhou Zhi’er didn’t put much thought on Molang at this time, just nodded in response.
“I have disappeared for two days. Maybe the people in the Bai family are worried too. I will leave tomorrow. When I return to the Bai family, I may not see you for a long time.” Chen Feng said softly.
Zhou Zhier looked at Chen Feng with some surprise: “You want to leave, but I haven’t left Zhou’s house yet. You promised to help me.”
Chen Feng said, “Don’t worry, if you really negate all the previous plans, I won’t worry about the Zhou family, and let the Zhou family let you go, there will be no difficulty.”
But Zhou Zhier still didn’t believe it: “You won’t just stop coming back like this.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “You are such a great beauty here. If I don’t come back, I won’t suffer too much.”
Zhou Zhier gave Chen Feng a white look: “Fuck you.”
And that night Zhou Zhier let Chen Feng sleep in his room.
“Do you think that I am a frivolous woman, so I let you in?” Zhou Zhier said with a red face in Chen Feng’s arms.
Chen Feng is naturally good to hear: “If you approach me just to show that you are a frivolous woman, then I will degrade myself together. I would rather believe that this is my charm, and your vision is also good. of.”
Zhou Zhi’er suddenly twisted Chen Feng’s chest, and Chen Feng yelled out of pain.
Zhou Zhier laughed and cursed: “Shameless.”
Chen Feng also laughed.
But Chen Feng knew that this was Zhou Zhier’s fear, fearing that Chen Fengcheng would not agree and would regret it, so she gave herself to Chen Feng, but hoped that Chen Feng would remember these and be able to come back and take her away.
Chen Feng gently stroked Zhou Zhi’er’s hair, only to find that she had already fallen asleep. Chen Feng smiled, knowing that Zhou Zhi’er must have been exhausted just now.
On the second day, Chen Feng returned to the villa in the mountains.
When he came back, Xiaoye was sitting at the door in a daze.
She also looked forward to hearing a car coming, and seeing Chen Feng getting off the car, she jumped up happily.
But Chen Feng was not the only one. She wanted to shout Chen Feng’s name, but she was also held back.
Chen Feng noticed the sudden change in Xiaoye’s expression and smiled at her.
And Bai Jingfeng came with Chen Feng.
After Chen Feng informed him about the Bai family, he immediately asked to meet Chen Feng, Chen Feng did not refuse, and what he didn’t expect was that Bai Jingfeng went to pick him up directly.
After returning from Zhou’s house, he returned to the villa in the mountain where Chen Feng was located.
Chen Feng said to Xiaoye: “Go and make a cup of tea.”
Although Xiaoye couldn’t be as indulgent as she was when she was only with Chen Feng, she was still very happy when she saw Chen Feng’s return, and she went back to the house to make tea with joy.
He helped Bai Jingfeng walk to the stool under the tree, and Chen Feng sat opposite him.
“Shao Chen, what you said before is true?”
Ever since I heard that Chen Shao was locked up by Zhou Fangzhi, Bai Jingfeng had not believed it, but it was more reluctant to believe it.
If this happens in the Bai family, then their so-called plan to unite the hostile family with the Desert Wolf in the entire desert will be a big question.
Chen Feng said solemnly: “I really didn’t expect that Mowolf had penetrated so extensively throughout the desert. Even the Zhou family, a family with deep hatred, is not clean anymore, so how much is hidden in other places? , It is indeed unpredictable.”
Bai Jingfeng also had a dignified face, and this blow was too big for him.
But even so, Chen Feng still had to say: “Old Bai, I didn’t want to say it, but if the Bai family really wants revenge, then whether the Bai family itself is clean is particularly important.”
Chen Feng suspected that the Bai family would also have Molang’s eyeliner, or that they also existed in the Bai family’s decision-making level.
“It’s absolutely impossible, my Bai family…”
Bai Jingfeng was a little excited, and naturally he would never believe it. When he said half of what he could deny, he lost his voice, and it seemed that he really had something suspicious.
He looked at Chen Feng very lonely: “Young Master Chen, don’t we have a chance to deal with Molang again?”
Chen Feng was also silent, he knew more than Bai Jingfeng, but he also felt deep despair.
However, after thinking about it, she told Bai Jingfeng Zhou Zhier’s thoughts.
“If it is impossible to unite those families to deal with the desert wolf, then we can only change our thinking.”
Bai Jingfeng slowly raised his head. Hearing what Chen Feng said, he knew that Chen Feng might have other ways. This also pulled him out of despair again.
“Chen Shao, please speak. As long as there is hope, we will continue to say that, and we must be driven by Shao Chen, and we will not hesitate.”
Chen Feng also knew Bai Jingfeng’s determination, so he continued: “It’s only in Qianjia to break the enemy.”
Bai Jingfeng muttered to himself: “Thousand families, but thousands…”
Chen Feng said: “I know the attitude of Qianjia. They will never interfere in other affairs in the desert. As long as no one provokes them, they will always be so detached. But some things are man-made, and dealing with Molang, now it seems, It must be a thousand families.”
Bai Jingfeng thought for a moment, but still didn’t know how to do it.
“Promote the relationship between Qianjia and Molang.” Seeing Bai Jingfeng’s confused face, Chen Feng said.
Bai Jingfeng looked at Chen Feng with a surprised expression.
“If it is discovered by Qianjia…”
Chen Feng can understand why Bai Jingfeng has such worries, but everything is risky.
“As long as they don’t find out, it’s okay. Since they want to do it in the past, they have to hold this attitude. There can be no chance of failure, only success.” Chen Feng said.
But Bai Jingfeng still couldn’t settle down, and even wanted to say something more.
But Chen Feng interrupted him directly: “This is the only way you can do it. If you still want to deal with Molang.”
Bai Jingfeng didn’t speak when he heard it, and he knew that Chen Feng was right.
Seeing that Bai Jingfeng is basically preset now, Chen Feng also laughed: “You are always worried, but if it is really successful, have you never thought about how they will deal with Molang with the strength of a thousand families? It must be ruining the world.”
It seems that Bai Jingfeng is thinking of this possibility following Chen Feng’s thinking, and if Qianjia makes a move, it seems that all the difficulties will be solved.

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