Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 930

After the two talked, Xiaoye finally took out the tea.
But Bai Jingfeng seemed to have lost all his energy by this somewhat crazy plan, and he had no idea about drinking tea.
After drinking two sips of tea in Chen Feng, he couldn’t sit here anymore.
“Shao Chen, let me think about this. We were meant to deal with Molang. As for Qianjia, I really never thought about it.”
Chen Feng also knew that this plan was still too risky for Bai Jingfeng, so he did not force him to answer immediately.
“Lao Bai, I hope you can think about it clearly. Dealing with Molang is your ultimate wish.” Chen Feng persuaded.
Bai Jingfeng nodded, got up and walked towards the car when it came.
Finally, when Bai Jingfeng left, Xiaoye let go and sat next to Chen Feng.
“Shao Chen, why did you come back now?” Xiaoye asked casually.
She sat there fiddling with the straw in her hand, her eyes didn’t look at Chen Feng, as if she didn’t care about Chen Feng at all.
But just the scene that I just saw at the door, now Xiao Ye is already completely seen.
No matter how she pretended, the excitement in her heart could not be concealed.
“Is Xiaoye complaining that I came back late?” Chen Feng chuckled.
Xiaoye shook his head, “I didn’t have it. It’s just different from what Chen Shao said. You said it and you will be back soon.”
Chen Feng asked, “But I am already fast now. Does Xiaoye still want me to be faster? Then I can’t help it.”
When asked by Chen Feng, Xiaoye didn’t know how to answer, but felt that it seemed different from what she thought.
“I’m just a little puzzled. I didn’t want Chen Shao to come back earlier. I can feel comfortable here by myself. I can do whatever I want.”
When Chen Feng watched Xiaoye pretending to be happy and free, he took out a piece of jade pendant from his pocket.
Xiaoye was still there, gesturing to do something happy alone, when she suddenly saw what was in Chen Feng’s hand, she was stunned.
“This is?” She looked at this jade pendant that she was very familiar with, the crystal clear jade rabbit she saw in the jade shop that day.
Chen Feng opened the red string of the jade pendant and prepared to carry it on Xiaoye.
But Xiaoye stepped back: “Young Master Chen, I can’t ask for this item. You promised Xiaoye would not give such an expensive item to Xiaoye. But this piece of jade is really expensive for him.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Xiao Ye, this is not the jade pendant you saw. This is a very similar piece I saw on the roadside when I went to Bai’s house. I thought it was so amazing, so I just happened to meet it. Here it is. I will naturally buy it for you.”

Chen Feng originally thought that Xiaoye would be very easy to deceive, but he did not expect that Xiaoye would remember the details of that jade pendant so clearly. She said: “Young Master Chen, you are lying to me. When I saw this jade pendant, he was under him I looked at the pattern carefully, and it is exactly the same as this one. This is not something bought from the roadside at all.”
Chen Feng was stunned, this girl would have such a smart day.
“You must have remembered it wrong. This is really the one I imagined when I bought it from the side of the road. I thought Xiaoye liked it, so I bought it specially for less than a few hundred yuan.” Chen Feng still wanted to insist. Down.
But Xiaoye’s attitude is very firm: “Shao Chen, I really can’t ask for it.”
As she said, she was about to stand up and flee.
Chen Feng hurriedly pulled her back.
“You really don’t want it?”
Being pulled back, Xiaoye still did not change her mind. She nodded, “I don’t want it.”
Chen Feng was helpless. When he was preparing to give this jade pendant, he just thought that the excuse just now could convince Xiaoye, but he didn’t know what to say if he failed.
But now I can’t do anything, take it back. He said, “If you don’t want it, I will throw it away. I don’t like it anyway.”
Xiaoye hesitated when Chen Feng said so, but she was very entangled.
“Master Chen, don’t force me to be alright, if I receive such a heavy gift from you, I don’t know how to return it to you.”
Chen Feng said, “But for me, it is not as important as Xiaoye’s joy. You also know that Chen Shao has a lot of money. You can buy this kind of things as much as you want. But Xiaoye is happy. It’s very rare.”
“But Shao Chen…” Xiaoye still insisted.
Chen Feng pretended to throw the jade pendant down the mountain, Xiaoye stretched out his hand worriedly to stop Chen Feng.
Chen Feng said: “If Xiaoye feels owed to me, he can make me a unique gift that only Xiaoye can make. In this way, he is more precious than this jade pendant.”
Xiaoye hesitated for a long time, but finally did not dare to insist. He was afraid that Chen Feng would really throw the jade pendant.
“Then I will make a very unique gift for Shao Chen,” she whispered.
Shyness can be heard in the voice.
So Chen Feng satisfactorily put the jade pendant on Xiaoye around his neck.
The jade color on Xiaoye’s white neck seems to be completely unmatched by this beauty. What people still want to see is the skin on the collarbone and chest.
“Does it look good?” Xiaoye asked, seeing Chen Feng looking there.
Chen Feng nodded silently: “It looks good.”
But I don’t know if the lobular is good-looking or the jade pendant is good-looking.
Originally, Chen Feng thought that Bai Jingfeng might give himself an answer within two or three days, but he waited until the fourth day, and he was not there, nor did he take anyone to come and give a message.
But Chen Feng waited for a different guest.
When the man came, Chen Feng was playing chess with Xiaoye. This was Xiaoye brought up from the bottom of the mountain, and the black Mercedes drove into the courtyard in front of them.
Looking up, it was Zhou Xun who got out of the car.
And then came out a white figure from the back seat, Chen Feng naturally couldn’t forget that it was Zhou Zhi’er.
In front of people, she always looks dignified. Seeing Chen Feng and Xiaoye sitting there playing chess, she just smiled at Chen Feng.
“Shao Chen.” Zhou Xun walked to Chen Feng and shouted.
Chen Feng asked curiously: “I don’t know why the Patriarch Zhou came to me? Could it be something?”
What Chen Feng had just thought of was Zhou Fang’s thing, but seeing Zhou Zhier without any hint, he denied this idea.
And Zhou Xun looked a little tangled, but still said, “Shao Chen, I’m really sorry about my brother’s affairs.”
Chen Feng was taken aback, this was indeed Zhou Fang’s matter.
But he looked at Zhou Zhi’er, but she was still smiling, unwilling to tell Chen Feng anything.

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