Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 931

Chen Feng had to bite the bullet and asked, “I don’t know what Patriarch Zhou wants to say?”
Zhou Xun moved his lips and said, “I never thought that my younger brother would betray the family. What he did to Chen Shao, I also heard Zhi’er say. Isn’t this the Zhou family? Living in Chen Shao, Chen Shao wants to speak, and the Zhou family will do their best to make up for it.”
Chen Feng looked at Zhou Zhi’er again, her smile was more like a joke.
Chen Feng probably understood it. Although he didn’t know how Zhou Xun knew, Zhou Xun did accept the fact that his younger brother was Molang Eyeliner, and he had done something to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng didn’t think too much, and said directly: “This has nothing to do with the Zhou family, it’s just Molang. You don’t have to blame yourself. Originally, I was too relaxed on my guard, that’s why I started talking.”

But Zhou Xun was still a little uneasy. He said, “Chen Shao, but Zhou Fang is my own brother. He did something that I was sorry for Chen Shao, so how could I not do anything.”
Zhou Xun’s attitude was very sincere, as if he wanted to give compensation, otherwise he felt uneasy.
At this time, Chen Feng also felt the look in Zhou Zhi’er’s eyes. She was looking at herself with scorching eyes. Although she didn’t speak, Chen Feng immediately understood the meaning of those eyes.
But Chen Feng didn’t think he saw it. He said, “If I really suffer from you, then how should I calculate the matter of killing Zhou Fang? After all, he is also your brother. Will my life be paid to you?”
“This…” Zhou Fang didn’t know how to refute: “But Shao Chen…”
Chen Feng didn’t wait for him to finish, so he rushed: “Just forget it, you still think about how to organize Zhou’s affairs. Don’t think about how to deal with Molang for the time being. Now Zhou Fang is dead, and Molang must be too. I will cast my sights on Zhou’s family again. Anything you show will cause Molang’s revenge.”
Chen Feng said very firmly, and Zhou Xun had no choice but to give up.
But Zhou Zhi’er looked at Chen Feng bitterly, seeming to blame Chen Feng for not mentioning her.
Chen Feng had to smile bitterly. Although he knew that even if he said it, Zhou Xun would not say anything, but some things would still be clear in his heart. After all, he was his own brother. What to do with outsiders.
But it was also because he was photographed by Chen Feng’s strength that he would not do anything reckless.
Until the two of Zhou’s family left, Zhou Zhier didn’t say a word to Chen Feng.
As for the latter, it may be because Zhou Zhier was angry with Chen Feng, and she was even more reluctant to say anything to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng watched Zhou Zhi’er’s back, even though the back was deserted, Chen Feng knew that Zhou Zhi’er was angry.
But he will not go against his decision for other reasons.
“Shao Chen, it’s so strange that the woman looks at you!” Xiaoye took the initiative to retreat when someone came, but now when the person left, she walked out again.
Chen Feng was also upset, and Xiaoye had to come over to add something, which made Chen Feng even more angry and said, “Okay, are you overhearing? If you hear my secret, I will kill people.”
Xiaoye smiled, “Shao Chen never avoids me every time, and I can’t cover my ears, so if Shao Chen killed me, he should have done it long ago.”
Chen Feng gave a wry smile, he hadn’t really thought that Xiaoye would betray him.
But even Xiaoye could see that Zhou Zhier’s eyes were weird, and the fact that Zhou Zhier was angry is absolutely undeniable.
However, Bai Jingfeng came back and didn’t even wait until the next day. The afternoon when Zhou Xun and the two left, he went up the mountain alone.
Chen Feng also asked directly: “Old Bai, how are you thinking.”
Bai Jingfeng sat down slowly, and he sighed: “Shao Chen, I think I’m too old, and I have even forgotten the days of struggling for ideas.”
Listening to what he meant, Chen Feng thought he was going to refuse, but Bai Jingfeng didn’t expect Bai Jingfeng to change his words: “Fortunately, I have two good sons, and they can dare to fight, so naturally I don’t have any. What can be worried about, victory or defeat is only their own business.”
Chen Feng didn’t think it would be such a possibility, but as long as Bai Jingfeng was willing to agree, this matter would have been much easier.
“Then, I think how we are going to start, we need to plan carefully.” Chen Feng smiled.
At the same time, Lan City, a tall building like a landmark in Lan City, is also the headquarters of a thousand companies in Lan City, so people in Lan City always like to call him Qiansha.
And inside the building, in front of Qian Chen were sitting Qian Qiu and Qian Ning whom Chen Feng had seen in Qian’s house.
“Brother, what happened? You called us from the old house in such a hurry.”
Qian Chen’s complexion was a bit solemn, and his brows seemed to be frowning together.
“There seems to be someone who wants to be against our Qianjia.”
As soon as Qian Qiu heard it, he immediately became angry: “It’s the bastard with no eyes, who dares to move even our Qianjia. Brother, tell me, I will take Qianning to let them know how powerful my Qianjia is.”
He said so, but Qianchen waved his hand and said, “Do you know why I only notified the two of you, but didn’t report the family?”
Qian Qiu was taken aback, and he didn’t seem to have thought about this possibility. He curiously asked, “Yeah! Brother, why didn’t you report it to the family. If you let the family take action, the other party will definitely have nothing to eat.”
Qianchen said: “This is because there is no evidence for the matter. Everything is well just my speculation, so I can’t use the name of the family, and even if you help me, you can only do it sneakily.”
When Qian Chen said so, Qian Qiu hesitated, but Qian Ning had always been very close to Qian Chen, so he said it very directly.
“Brother, no problem, isn’t it just hiding your identity?”
Qianchen also noticed Qianqiu’s expression, so he said, “If you don’t want it, it doesn’t matter. Although this kind of thing is just my guess, but to be honest, there are my personal grievances in it, so you can’t blame you.”
Qian Qiu couldn’t refuse anymore. This was already Qianchen’s private request.
“Brother, tell me who it is. If we do well, no one will be able to see it.”
Qianchen also smiled and said, “Don’t worry about this for now. You just came to Lanshi. I will take you to rest first. After stretching, I will look for that person with you.”
And when they heard that Qianchen was going to entertain them, Qianqiu and the two were very happy. Coming outside would naturally not be like being at home, without restraint, and in the city, they all understood.

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