Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 933

“You can get out.” Young Master Quan said to Sister Lan.
Sister Lan glanced into the private room with a complicated face, but she was helpless.
She had no choice but to say: “Master Quan, the boss of a wealthy family wants to come to know you too. If something happens here, it will not end well.”
Upon hearing this, Young Master Quan would have a good face: “Are you teaching Lao Tzu to me? What will Lao Tzu do? When is it your turn to speak, let Lao Tzu stay away.”
Sister Lan looked at the old cat’s eyes, and knew that she would definitely not have any good fruits if she stayed here.
Glancing at them with a complicated expression, he had no choice but to leave.
Qianchen, who was in the room now, didn’t know all of this. He held Qinglan in his arms, sniffed the faint fragrance of the woman’s body, drank the wine Qinglan handed over, his eyes blurred.
Qian Qiu is nothing more than that.
At this time, the door of the private room was opened, but the three men in the field did not pay attention, but the woman turned her head to look, and some of the people who recognized Master Quan looked surprised.
“Qian Shao!” Young Master Quan shouted, but it didn’t seem to be heard.
“Qian Shao!” he shouted again.
Qian Chen raised his head and looked over.
I was in a daze, although I saw a few people standing there, but I didn’t know the leader.
He got up a little drunk, and shouted to Master Quan, “Who are you?”
But as soon as he finished speaking, a dagger that appeared from nowhere was inserted into Qian Chen’s heart.
Qian Chen didn’t even react, but he felt a pain in his heart, and then looked down, his eyes widened in disbelief, only to see that he was indeed stuck with a knife.
Seeing this scene, the women screamed one by one, trying to escape in a panic, but the door was blocked and they could only shrank against the wall.
The two Qianqiu brothers had just made fun of with a woman, but they also immediately noticed Qianchen’s situation, but they turned over and got close to Qianchen’s side. He had collapsed on the ground, and he was already dead.
The two Qianqiu brothers glared at the group of people outside the door, except for these guys who appeared suddenly, it was really difficult to find other murderers.
However, it was not just the two of Qianjia who were equally surprised. Young Master Quan was also surprised. He just came over to say hello, but before he said anything, Qianchen was suddenly killed by someone, and he was still in front of him. Killed.
He had no reaction in horror, just dumbfounded.
Qianqiu and the two were angry at this time, and without saying anything, they had already rushed over, although they didn’t know whether the murderer was one of these people, they would not let go.
“Master Quan, hurry up.” Old Hu pulled Master Quan toward the door from the side.
The old cat looked at something wrong, and had already rushed to the forefront, ready to block the two of them for the whole young master.
But although the old cat is sturdy, how could he be an opponent in the face of these two martial arts practitioners.
The two each gave a trick, and the old cat broke one arm and one leg.
He cried out in pain, and the inside of the private room became even more messy. The women were hugged, for fear that this posture would affect him.
Seeing that even the old cat was not an opponent of the other party, the other few of Master Quan immediately had no idea of ​​making a move, and followed Quan Shao behind and fled frantically.
The staff member who was ordered by Sister Lan to go up and stop immediately if something happened early in the morning was also stopped.
But what effect can they play? They were just pushed away by Qianqiu at random and hit the wall, unconscious.
Young Master Quan rushed all the way, and the two murderous figures behind him gave him no time to think.
He didn’t do anything, and Qianchen’s death had nothing to do with him, but he was chased by someone subconsciously, and he began to flee desperately.
On the second day, Chen Feng sat under the tree, and Bai Xing said something to him.
“Dead, those two thousand families killed at least five people in the wealthy family, and Master Quan killed him with a single punch, and he couldn’t even fight back.”
Hearing what Bai Xing said, Chen Feng didn’t expect that Qian Chen, who had a relationship with him, was actually killed.
“For a woman, just do it directly. Is this too unreasonable?” Chen Feng asked.
Bai Xing said: “Shao Chen may not know that Zhou Quan. That guy is moody and violent. If it were him, it would really be possible.”
Chen Feng didn’t understand, so he nodded, but in his thoughts, he didn’t agree with him.
The man who taught Qianchen that day was someone instructed behind his back. Isn’t this the same thing?
“Then what’s the situation now?”
“The Da Zhou family died of a direct line, which is much more important than the Qianchen family, so the Da Zhou family is preparing to discuss with the Qian family how to compensate.” Bai Xing replied.
Chen Feng wondered: “Is it just compensation for killing people? Is the Dazhou family afraid of the thousand families?”
“Is there anyone in this desert who is not afraid of Qianjia. But even if they say that, it’s just a disturbance at best. Before they can completely tear their skin, Qianjia may symbolically compensate for something.”
“Then this thing ends like this?”
“What else?” Bai Xing looked like it should be.
Chen Feng thought for a while, but also felt it was possible, so he didn’t pay much attention to it, just changed the topic.
“You came to me because you want to go to Lanshi? Do you think this matter can provoke the opposition between Molang and Qianjia?”
Bai Xing smiled happily: “I have this idea, but I don’t have an accurate plan on how to do it. That’s why I came to Shao Chen and wondered if you could think of anything.”
Chen Feng thought about Bai Xing’s thought a little bit deeper. It is not easy for Qianjia to take action, but he can mobilize others to take action against Qianjia. This effect is actually the same.
“For a while, I can’t think of anything, but I can go to Lanshi to see, maybe I can find a way.” Chen Feng said.
Lan City is the place where all families in the entire desert must gather. If you can’t occupy a place in Lan City, you will lose the qualification to be seen by other families.
The Bai family, the Xiao Zhou family, the Da Zhou family, or a thousand families, Chen Feng’s familiar family all have companies clustered together in Lanshi, and Zhou Zhier is the person who is directly responsible for the execution of the Zhou family’s enterprises.
But this time, Chen Feng didn’t think about going to see Zhou Zhi’er. What he promised her last time, it is estimated that she would not want to see herself again.
Although the black Porsche is a bit old-fashioned, it is still not overlooked in the whole Lan City.
Chen Feng sat in the back seat and asked, “Let’s visit Dazhou’s house first. The young master is dead, so it’s okay to come and visit him.”

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