Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 935

Seeing that the girl was about to be taken away by the bastard, a man walked in at the door and reached the bastard.
The bully suddenly said angrily: “I don’t have eyes!”
But in the next moment, he was speechless, and the man slapped the bastard on the face.
The bastard was naturally unconvinced, and was about to fight with each other when he went up, but then the man slapped accurately on the other side of the man’s face.
Before the bastard could react, the man slapped him on the head again and beat him to the ground.
“Get out!” The man sternly said to the bastard.
At this time, Hu Xuchen also saw the man’s face clearly, and said in surprise: “Tuesday brother?”
Hearing this name, Chen Feng naturally imagined that the person was from the Zhou family.
When the gangsters drove away, Hu Xuchen stood up and waved and shouted at the man.
The man saw Hu Xuchen, spoke to the girl beside him, and walked over.
Hu Xuchen began to introduce Chen Feng and Bai Xing, because Chen Feng gave the name Feng Cheng a pseudonym, so he didn’t attract much attention.
After Zhou Xingli sat next to Hu Xuchen, he curiously asked, “Did these two friends come to Lan City to play?”
Chen Feng said, “I have met Young Master Quan, so when I came over, I went to the villa and expressed condolences.”
Zhou Xingli obviously did not expect Chen Summit to know everything, and was a little surprised.
Hu Xuchen explained: “I also met these two there, so I came over for a drink together.”
Then he asked again: “Tuesday brother, why didn’t you go back to the old house? Is there anything else in Lanshi?”
Zhou Xingli just shook his head and said, “It’s nothing.”
It seems that he is reluctant to say.
At this time, Hu Xuchen couldn’t help it anymore, and said to Zhou Xingli: “Second brother, in fact, all the young people really don’t take the initiative to do things about all young people. Someone is framing all young people.”
Zhou Xingli didn’t seem to have thought about this possibility. He was obviously taken aback, and just asked, “What the hell is going on?”
Hu Xuchen had to tell Zhou Xingli what had happened to him again.
But this should have been clearly explained by the Zhou family, but Zhou Xingli seemed completely unaware of it.
“How can this be? How can this be? I must go to Qianjia to seek justice.” With that, he seemed to stand up and go to Qianjia.
Fortunately, Hu Xuchen hurriedly stopped him: “Second brother, this is not okay, you go alone, and then let the Qianjia drive out.”
Zhou Xingli persuaded Hu Xuchen for a while before dispelling such an idea.
Chen Feng also knew why he didn’t know. According to his temperament, there was no room for negotiation at all. Even if he followed his ideas, it is estimated that Zhou’s family would have fallen out with Qian’s family a long time ago.
“Are you discussing this matter?” Zhou Xingli asked several people after he calmed down.
He looked at the two of Chen Feng, and Chen Feng had no choice but to smile.
“Then you have discussed any ideas. Although my brother is doing ridiculous things, he can’t just die unjustly like this.”
Hu Xuchen hurriedly comforted and said, “Second brother, this matter is really not that simple. Although it is certainly not done by all of us, it is natural that someone is framing us, trying to arouse the hatred of the Zhou family and the Qian family.”
Zhou Xingli asked: “Someone is framed, then tell me, since I can’t deal with the thousand families, can anyone in my Zhou family be bullied?”
Hu Xuchen said with embarrassment: “Among the thousands of people who want to deal with, the most likely one is Molang.”
Chen Feng also said: “Tuesday, brother, we still have a long-term plan, this matter can’t be rushed.”
Until he left, Zhou Xingli was unhappy, it seemed that he couldn’t do anything to make him feel uncomfortable, and even drank a lot of wine in a row, so he could only drag Hu Xuchen to send him back.
Chen Feng and the two were walking on the road, and Bai Xing asked, “Young Master Chen, it seems that your publicity like this will not help.”
Chen Feng naturally knew that even if the entire Zhou family believed that this incident was the work of Molang, the Zhou family did not dare to expose the matter. They were also afraid of Molang.
“I never thought of asking the Zhou family to provoke the war between Qianjia and Molang for me. As long as they can have someone who is willing to make trouble, and finally falls on the Zhou family, that can be a little help.”
Bai Xing couldn’t understand, and just asked, “Then Shao Chen, what are we going to do next?”
“Just wait,” Chen Feng said coldly.
Although Chen Feng said he was waiting, he waited until the next morning and let Bai Xing take him to Qianjia.
Qianjia is also dead, but they are not so fanciful. Even in Lanshi, everything is silent, and even the information seems to be blocked.
When I came downstairs in the company of Qianjia, I didn’t make an appointment, but here, even getting in became difficult.
Chen Feng had no choice but to contact Qianxunyi. In the end, the person in charge of Qianjia here personally picked up Chen Feng and the two people. Even when the guard saw Qianxian coming down, his whole body was in cold sweat.
But Chen Feng naturally couldn’t pay attention to such a small person. He couldn’t even be called angry. He just walked up with this somewhat puffy man.
In this thousand buildings, many companies from thousands of companies are here, but when they are on the ground floor, you can see many people coming in and out, but Chen Feng naturally does not need to squeeze the elevator like those employees.
“Master Chen! I’m really sorry, we really don’t know you will come, so we are not ready to welcome you now.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Actually, it’s nothing. I just come over and have a look and ask you some questions by the way.”
The president’s elevator is naturally much more empty, and there is only a high-level executive of a thousand companies beside him. When he came in, he saw the person in charge of the thousand companies and said hello respectfully, but said nothing.
But now I heard that the Qianjia family was so respectful to a young man who didn’t seem to be very old, and inadvertently wanted to see what Chen Feng looked like.
Soon, the elevator came to the top floor. From here, the whole Lan City seemed to have a panoramic view.
Standing in front of the French window, Chen Feng had already put three cups of tea on the coffee table beside him, but Chen Feng only looked at the scenery of the whole Lan City.
The Qian family didn’t speak in Chen Feng, so he didn’t even dare to ask anything.
He seems to only know that Chen Feng is the person Qianxunyi confessed to take good care of, and he can’t be any sloppy.
After waiting for a while, Chen Feng said, “Do you know the news of Qian Chen’s death.”
The person from the Qian family nodded hurriedly and said, “Qianchen is my nephew. After he was killed, I was sent by the family as soon as possible.”

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