Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 936

Chen Feng nodded and said, “Then you know how he died.” He then added, “I want to listen to the truth.”
The person from the Qian family was about to tell Chen Feng the messages from outside, but when he heard Chen Feng’s words, he suddenly lost his mind.
“Chen Shao, I really don’t want to be the master of this matter.” He said embarrassedly.
“You are not good at making the decision, so there must always be someone who can make the decision. Otherwise, if you talk about a person, I will ask him. I think in terms of my kindness to Qianjia, this kind of trivial matter will never be hidden from me.”
The man frowned, and he didn’t know how important Chen Feng was to Qianjia, but it didn’t seem easy to hear the meaning, and it was also the Patriarch of Qianjia who told him to treat him well, so he said with a sullen heart: “Chen Few, this matter really has nothing to do with the Zhou family. It’s just that we have to give an explanation, so…”
“So you know? Who is the murderer? Do you know the same.”
But after Chen Feng finished speaking, the guy hurriedly shook his head: “I really don’t know this.”
Chen Feng asked with a smile: “Don’t you guess, it’s not like this is dead, you don’t have any reaction at all.”
That guy even seemed to be sweating in his eyebrows. This kind of thing is naturally not good to talk to outsiders. If it is spread out, it will be an incredible event.
“This…, Chen Shao really can’t tell me about this. If you really want to know, you can ask the Patriarch, but I dare not say anything.”
Chen Feng chuckled, and he didn’t really force him to admit: “Okay, don’t say it, don’t say it. It’s not a big deal, I won’t force you.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words like this, the man seemed to let out a long sigh of relief.
It’s just that Chen Feng has already turned around and walked outside the door.
“Shao Chen, where are you going?” the man stood up and asked.
“Let’s go. I just asked a few questions. Now that I have finished asking, I naturally leave.”
The Qianjia person still wanted to say something, but Chen Feng had already opened the door and walked towards the elevator.
The elevator went down to the twelfth floor and stopped unexpectedly. It seemed that someone was going downstairs, so Chen Feng stood inside.
Then the elevator opened, and a professional lady in a women’s suit walked inward slowly. When she saw Chen Feng, she was also slightly taken aback, as if she had never seen Chen Feng.
Chen Feng just smiled at her slightly, and the woman smiled back, her face with some abstinence turned out to be like a blooming flower.
However, Chen Feng didn’t speak up until downstairs, and both of them kept silent.
When I went downstairs, watching the women walk out of the building, people looked at her from time to time on the road.
Chen Feng walked to the security guard who had stopped him before.
The security guard was a little flustered, even thinking that Chen Feng would retaliate against him.
But Chen Feng walked over and asked, “Who is this woman who has just been in the past?”
The security guard breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled flatteringly at Chen Feng: “That’s the manager of the company’s commerce department, Chu Qingwan. It’s an incredibly glamorous beauty in the company.”
As for the latter sentence, Chen Feng didn’t care much.
When he left Qianjia Mansion, Bai Xing was waiting for him.
As soon as I got into the car, Bai Xing asked, “Shao Chen, how is it, did Qianjia say anything?”
Chen Feng replied slowly: “They guessed that Molang did it, but they didn’t seem to be willing to believe it. I think some of them are afraid of an official confrontation with Molang, but I feel that if the thousands of families continue Can’t wake up, wait until Molang completes the layout, they will die miserably.”
Bai Xing was also a little embarrassed.
“Let’s go, just wait to see Molang’s next move. Since they want to arouse the hatred between Zhou Family and Qian Family, then naturally it is impossible to just stop at this step. If Qian Family kills one more, maybe Zhou Family will be true. I can’t take care of anything.”
In a western restaurant, Chu Qingwan is eating with customers.
She is the manager of the Department of Commerce, and the guests she receives in person are not simple characters.
The first heir from the Rose family on the other side of the ocean, Peter, Rose.
“Mr. Rose, you specifically asked me to have dinner with you. Now that I’m sitting here, I think we can also talk about the contract.” Chu Qingwan gently put down the knife and fork in his hand, slowly Said slowly.
But Peter frowned slightly: “Miss Chu, are you just such a ruining atmosphere? Do you have to talk about those irritating things at such a beautiful moment.”
Chu Qing said indifferently: “I am just fulfilling my responsibilities, and now that I have finished my work, I naturally need to talk about my rights.”
Peter then put down the knife and fork and said, “If Ms. Chu has such an attitude, we may not be able to negotiate things in a friendly manner. I always feel that Ms. Chu, you don’t understand what I mean, since I even understand each other. I can’t do it, so what is there to talk about in this contract.”
Chu Qingwan had a cold face, and she naturally heard that this guy wanted to go back, but she also knew that this contract was very important to her.
“Then Mr. Peter, if you really have the intention of cooperating, please tell me if you have any needs. If it can be done, I will naturally agree. If it is not possible, we will also be able to get together and get together, so there is no need to waste time here.”
Chu Qingwan’s temperament is very straight, and she doesn’t like that kind of twists and turns.
Peter seemed to have finally figured out Chu Qingwan’s character, and said, “If things are clearly stated, it will be meaningless. Doesn’t Ms. Chu still understand what I mean?”
Chu Qingwan shook her head and said, “I don’t understand. I hope Mr. Peter can make it clear.”
Peter sighed, shook his head and said, “I didn’t expect that I would fall in love with a woman like you. However, I also found it interesting, so I told you directly, I just fell in love with you, and I want you to do it. My woman.”
Chu Qingwan’s face was stagnant, naturally she did not expect Peter to say such a thing. All the previous jokes made her very angry, but she also held it back because of her education.
“Mr. Rose Peter, please take back what you said. I can assume that nothing happened and continue to discuss the contract with you.” She said coldly.
Peter looked at Chu Qingwan and laughed suddenly. He really didn’t expect this woman to reject him so much, even thinking about the contract. He simply went on to the contract and said: “I will not take it back, this is mine. Idea, and if you are willing to go to the hotel with me, I can sign the contract immediately…”
But before he finished speaking, Chu Qingwan suddenly stood up, poured a glass of cold water on Peter, and then turned and left.
Peter wiped off the water from his face angrily, and shouted at Chu Qingwan’s back: “If you leave, you have to imagine the importance of this contract to your company.”

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