Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 937

But Chu Qingwan still didn’t look back, so he continued to shout: “You will also lose your job for this, as long as I put pressure on them.”
These words finally made Chu Qingwan’s anger stop, and Peter was excited thinking that Chu Qingwan would change his mind because of this.
But she continued to walk towards the door in the next moment.
Out of anger, she started walking, even without any idea, and directly knocked down the two Chen Feng who had just entered at the intersection.
But without saying a word of sorry, Chu Qingwan ran outside.
At the moment of the collision, Chen Feng seemed to see Chu Qingwan’s face, but there were some uncertainties, but it seemed that she was wronged.
Standing in the hall, Chen Feng said to Bai Xing, “Bring me a meal. I’ll go over and take a look.”
Bai Xing was stunned. Did Chen Feng know the woman, but then shook his head. The matter had nothing to do with him, he was just preparing to bring something to Chen Feng.
When Chen Feng chased it out, the man in the blue-violet close-fitting dress was very easy to recognize, and Chen Feng saw it at a glance.
But at this time she had already crossed the road and was walking on the opposite side.
Chen Feng wanted to chase him, but it happened to be at the red light, so he could only wait and watch Chu Qingwan walk forward slowly.
There is a lot of people on this road, so even the time for the traffic lights is long enough, waiting for more than a minute before Chen Feng can chase it.
But Chu Qingwan, who was walking while running, was already running a little bit out of sight.
Chen Feng followed the road just now for a long time before finally seeing people again.
She seemed to have entered the alley and seemed very anxious.
Chen Feng couldn’t see clearly either, but vaguely felt that something was not right, so he hurried to chase after him.
After a while, he caught up with the man.
And Chu Qingwan was lying on the ground, rubbing her knees there, looking like she fell down.
Chen Feng hurriedly walked over and asked, “Are you okay?”
Chu Qingwan was startled, she naturally didn’t expect someone to ask her suddenly, and when she turned around and saw Chen Feng’s face, she was even more surprised.
“It’s you?”
Chen Feng smiled and said: “Just now I saw you suddenly run out at the entrance of the restaurant. I knocked down and I didn’t even say I’m sorry, so I chased him.”
Chu Qingwan suddenly thought of something, and shouted at Chen Feng: “Hurry up and help me chase that guy. He snatched my bag away.”
As soon as she finished speaking, Chen Feng was about to catch up, but was caught by Chu Qingwan again.
“Forget it, there are no other valuable things in it except the mobile phone.”
Chen Feng looked at her and said, “You have been so slow, I want to chase it now, I don’t even know where people have gone.”
With that, he knelt down, ready to help Chu Qingwan.
Chu Qingwan hesitated, after all, she was just a stranger with Chen Feng, but after thinking about it, she still put on the arm that Chen Feng stretched over, and stood up vigorously.
“You didn’t chase here just because you were sorry, did you?” After standing up, Chu Qingwan asked suspiciously.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Do you think I am such a prudent person?”
Chu Qingwan really looked at Chen Feng seriously, and then seriously replied: “It’s not like it.”
Chen Feng looked at the thin lips and willow eyebrows, and the peach blossom eyes, a little amused.
He smiled and said, “I saw you run out very aggrieved. I was afraid that something might happen to you, so I chased me. You still doubt me. You really kindly regard me as a donkey.”
Chu Qingwan didn’t know what to say, so she changed the subject and said, “Can you hire me a car, I don’t have any money now. Just let it take me back.”
Chen Feng replied: “It is not difficult to find you a car, but you are like this. How do you get back? After getting out of the car, it may be difficult for you to even stand up, or I’ll take you off.”
Chu Qingwan naturally hesitated: “But I don’t know you either.”
Chen Feng also felt a bit reckless, even if he was kind, the other party still needs to guard against strangers remembering her home.
Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “I’ll take you to the clinic first. You can bandage your legs first, or just stay there overnight. This is always okay.”
Chu Qingwan also thought about it seriously, and then agreed.
Just like this, there was a small clinic just not far away, and Chen Feng went in with Chu Qingwan.
I checked her and it seemed to have hurt her bones, which was more troublesome. It seemed that she was going to a big hospital.
Chen Feng asked, “Why don’t you call your family, use my mobile phone, and let them come to accompany you. This is also more convenient.”
But Chu Qingwan hesitated. After a while, she said, “Actually, I don’t know anyone in this city.”
Chen Feng also sighed and smiled again: “Then I, a stranger, is willing to help you, but I’m afraid you will think about it, or you can take a gamble and believe that I am a good person.”
Chu Qingwan also laughed: “There is a good person who would say that.”
While speaking, he looked at Chen Feng’s face and asked, “You are also in that elevator, but I have never seen you before. Are you the one who came to Qiansha?”
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I am not an employee of Qianjia, but there are things I want to ask the person above.”
Chu Qingwan nodded: “Oh.”
After that, Chu Qingwan had no other way, so she had to ask Chen Feng to take him to a larger hospital. After a long period of tossing, she finally managed to get Chu Qingwan cured. However, it was particularly inconvenient to walk with plaster. Stayed in the hospital.
Chu Qingwan wanted Chen Feng to leave, but Chen Feng thought about it and stayed there.
It was not until the second day that Chen Feng was woken up by Bai Xing’s phone call before he woke up from the chair.
“Shao Chen, where are you?”
“What’s the matter?” Chen Feng didn’t answer him, just asked.
“No, you have no message this evening, I am worried about you!”
Chen Feng smiled and said: “Then I really want to thank you, but I’m fine, you can wait first, when I finish here, I will go back myself.”
After Chen Feng said this, he ended the call.
And when he walked into Chu Qingwan’s ward, she had also woke up.
And after seeing Chen Feng, she said, “My mother will come over today. You don’t need to be with me anymore. Thank you so much yesterday.”
Chen Feng still smiled, “Who makes me a good person?”
Chu Qingwan also chuckled lightly. She thought she was indifferent, but she also laughed often, which made Chen Feng feel very strange.
“I see, you are a good person, so good gentleman, the little girl would thank you very much. After I get better, I will definitely thank the good gentleman very much.”
As she said, she remembered that she didn’t know Chen Feng’s name, and she also asked, “My name is Chu Qingwan, Qingwan who is graceful and graceful, and I don’t know what Mr. Goodman’s name is?”

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