Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 938

Chen Feng thought for a while, and also told her his own name. Fortunately, Chu Qingwan didn’t know much, so he didn’t doubt Chen Feng’s name.
In the afternoon, Chu Qingwan’s mother finally came to the hospital. Although Chu Qingwan only introduced Chen Feng as a friend, her mother didn’t think it was that simple when she looked at Chen Feng.
Finally, Chen Feng left the hospital in the eyes of Chu Qingwan’s mother looking at her son-in-law.
“Tell me honestly, is that boy interested in you?” Chu Qingwan and her mother were the only ones in the ward, and her mother asked in a low voice.
Chu Qingwan said angrily: “Mom, I didn’t tell you, he is really just an ordinary friend. We haven’t seen each other very much, how could he be interesting to me.”
Mother Chu retorted, “If it’s boring to you, I will stay here for the night. If people like you, you deliberately ignored it.”
Chu Qingwan was too lazy to care about her mother anymore, and Chu’s mother was helpless. Every time she talked about marriage, Chu Qingwan always avoided it.
At this time, Chen Feng was eating food outside the hospital. He hasn’t eaten since last night. His hungry chest is stuck to his back.
“Brother Feng, why are you here?”
Chen Feng raised his head curiously when he heard the voice, and it turned out to be Hu Xuchen.
“Well, there are some things, why are you sick too?” Chen Feng replied.
Hu Xuchen said, “No, I just came to visit a friend. Last time he was lucky to survive, but he was not like me, he was injured.”
Chen Feng nodded, “Have you eaten, do you want to have some together?”
Hu Xuchen did not see outside, so he really sat down, but instead of eating, he said in a low voice: “Brother Feng, I thought about the last time for a long time. I have a friend who has dealt with Molang. I think I can talk to him and see if I can know something. As long as we find out the truth about Qianchen’s murder, no one can hide the matter.”
Chen Feng was also surprised. She didn’t expect that Hu Xuchen would dare to trouble Molang, but if so, he nodded.
“That’s OK, this must be done anyway.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s promise, Hu Xuchen was very happy, because someone helped him, he also felt a little courageous.
“Brother Feng, are you free today?” He asked again.
“Why, are you so anxious?”
“Well, I originally contacted him and prepared to go there alone, but I didn’t expect to see Brother Feng here. That’s why I asked Brother Feng you.”
Chen Feng finally agreed. After dinner, the two went to Hu Xuchen’s friend’s house together.
And the guy Hu Xuchen mentioned that he had dealt with Molang, but he lived in a place that was not as remote as he had imagined. He was even very rich and luxurious. He looked like a rich man.
But when the two of Chen Feng knocked on his door, no one answered.
Chen Feng tried to twist the handle and found that the door was actually open.
You look at me and I look at you. In the end, Chen Feng opened the door and walked in.
The room is large and the decoration is very luxurious, but it seems that no one is seen.
Hu Xuchen yelled into the room, “Brother Dachun.”
But no one in the room paid any attention.
Chen Feng smelled a faint smell of blood, so he looked at Hu Xuchen to calm him down.
He walked carefully toward the room where the blood came from.
The door of that room was also lightly covered, but standing outside the door still couldn’t see what was inside.
Chen Feng walked ahead and slowly opened the door. There was no one inside, but there was a pool of blood on the ground. The blood had not yet solidified and became fluid.
“People are not there.” Chen Feng turned to Hu Xuchen and shook his head.
Hu Xuchen was also worried. Although the blood on the ground was not lethal, someone must have been injured.
“It hasn’t been long since it happened, and it won’t take more than half an hour.” Chen Feng said again.
He had just finished speaking, and the phone in the living room began to ring.
The two looked at each other and walked towards the living room together.
After Hu Xuchen looked at Chen Feng again and again, he finally answered the phone.
“I thought you weren’t ready to answer the phone?” A man’s voice came from the other end of the phone.
Hu Xuchen immediately asked, “Who are you?”
“You don’t have to worry here. You are the relatives of this fat man. He is in our hands now. If you want to keep him alive, collect enough cash for one million, otherwise I will kill him immediately. Remember not to call the police. , You only have six hours, I will call you again when that time comes.”
With that, it seemed that the phone call was about to end.
Chen Feng shouted: “It doesn’t take six hours, one hour is enough.”
I heard Chen Feng’s words over there, and laughter came.
“Sure enough, it’s a rich person, well, now the price has increased, two million, three hours later, we will contact again.”
With that said, this time it really ended the call.
Hu Xuchen didn’t quite understand what Chen Feng meant: “Brother Feng, this…”
Chen Feng didn’t explain anything to him, but just said: “I will solve the money matter. Since this guy is useful, then it is not expensive to spend two million to buy his life.”
Hu Xuchen had no choice but to nod his head. Although two million may indeed be the price of a sports car, he casually took out two million. He felt that he still underestimated Chen Feng.
After waiting for three hours, there was finally a call, and Bai Xing also sent the money, cash, half an hour ago.
“How are you preparing?” asked the other end of the phone.
Hu Xuchen replied: “It’s all ready. You haven’t done anything with Dachun, right? Where are you going to change people now.”
“He is very good, you can listen if you don’t believe me.”
Then there was a humming voice from the microphone, and I didn’t know who it was, I could only treat it as Dachun.
“Yeah, I’m very trustworthy. You bring the money to the abandoned factory in the south of the city. Only one person can come, or I will kill him. By the way, you didn’t call the police.”
When Hu Xuchen hung up, he looked at Chen Feng, and it seemed that Chen Feng could make up his mind.
Chen Feng said, “I took the money with me. A few people can’t deal with me.”
Bai Xing knows Chen Feng’s strength, but Hu Xuchen is worried: “Brother Feng, this matter doesn’t care about you at all. I’ll go with the money.”
“Just listen to me, I still want to bring my money back safely.” Chen Feng laughed playfully.
In the end, Chen Feng passed by alone.
When I came to the south of the city, it was originally a chemical industrial park, but because of environmental protection issues, it was closed down, so it was abandoned.

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