Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 939

Looking at this, it seems that it is also some years.
As soon as Chen Feng stopped at the door, someone stood not far away and looked over. He was wearing a black hood, and he couldn’t see the human face.
Holding a baseball bat in his hand, he beckoned to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng closed the car door and walked slowly towards there.
Looking upstairs, there are a few people who are standing by the broken window and looking at this place. Just counting, there are already five people here. As for the more inside, there are still a few people, not yet. clear.
When he came to the man, he said, “Come up with me.”
He turned and walked up, and Chen Feng followed.
When he came to the third floor, the guy knocked on the door frame with a baseball bat, making a clanging noise.
“You go in.”
Chen Feng glanced at him and went in directly.
And inside is a large room, on a large platform, eight people stand apart.
“Come here? Didn’t you call the police?” one of the guys asked.
But Chen Feng did not answer him, just continued to walk inside.
The guy lying on the ground seems to be the Dachun in Hu Xuchen’s mouth. Chen Feng has seen his photos. He is similar in size, but he hasn’t seen his face yet, but it should be the same.
And now that he saw the hostage, Chen Feng didn’t have to pretend.
He put down the wallet in his hand, squeezed the palm of his hand, and moved his wrist.
The robbers who saw Chen Feng act like this asked strangely, “Hey, what are you kid doing?”
Naturally, there is no answer to this question.
The moment Chen Feng rushed towards them, those guys finally realized what was wrong.
“Oh shit!”
“Go to his uncle.”
They cursed one by one, and then rushed over.
But the eight people didn’t even use Chen Feng’s five minutes, so they all lay there.
Every one of them was bruised and swollen, but fortunately, they saved half of their lives.
Chen Feng also stood still again. He looked at the fat man on the ground. He seemed to be in panic too, perhaps because of the panic he felt about the battle just now.
“Don’t worry, I’m here to save you.”
But just after speaking, something flew towards Dachun.
Chen Feng just realized that he wanted to stop, but he was still a step slower.
Chen Feng looked over again, Dachun’s forehead was stuck with darts all the time, but Dachun’s eyes were open, and he didn’t even react to how he died.
Chen Feng didn’t have time to pay attention to Dachun, and rushed in the direction where the darts came.
When he rushed out the door, the guy who had just sent Chen Feng up was already lying on the ground, and he seemed to be dead.
Chen Feng continued to rush down, and Chen Feng had already seen the black figure in front.
But when he rushed downstairs, he found that the other party was standing in the clearing and waiting for him.
“Who are you?” Chen Feng asked.
But it was not a voice that answered him, but another dart.
The speed is very fast, almost close to the speed of a sand eagle.
Chen Feng still avoided easily, and the dart continued to hit the wall behind Chen Feng. Although he did not see it, Chen Feng knew that the dart must have been submerged in the wall.
Just in the gap of avoidance, the opponent had already rushed over, and a slender arm stabbed towards Chen Feng like a sharp knife.
Chen Feng ducked his head and swiftly moved his hands. He hit the opponent’s chest with a fist. There was a slight bulge, making Chen Feng even more sure that the woman in front of him was a woman.
But even so, he was merciless.
The opponent turned back with both hands to block Chen Feng’s punch, but because of Chen Feng’s strength, he forced her back a few steps.
Seeing that the opponent’s toes lightly tapped there, he chased him up again, not giving Chen Feng any chance of stagnation and correction.
Her whole body seemed to be a sharp knife, and the speed was very fast, as if she was about to split Chen Feng vertically.
Chen Feng knew that avoiding it was not easy, so he could only resist, and sank to the end, his whole body tense.
The knife slashed over, and Chen Feng pressed his hands against it, and the invisible force shook the air, and there was a small burst of air.
The clothes on the two of them were torn apart every inch. Chen Feng was just a single piece of clothing. After the explosion, he had already fucked his upper body.
And the other party was not better there. Although she did not expose too much, she still exposed a large piece of white skin, especially the black wolf head on her shoulder.
Both of them took a few steps back and adjusted their breath.
Chen Feng asked in a deep voice, “Are you from Molang?”
The guy finally said, “The one who took your life.”
With that, she rushed up again.
Chen Feng had to continue fighting with her. This guy’s breath adjusted quickly, and seemed to be stronger than Chen Feng. When Chen Feng’s breath was unstable, she seemed to be more stable.
It seems that there are only some small disadvantages, but the small ones can be accumulated. If this continues, Chen Feng will undoubtedly lose.
The guy also saw it, and kept pestering Chen Feng, not planning to go head-to-head and give Chen Feng a chance.
Chen Feng was also looking for opportunities, but it was always like being held by the nose. He had to constantly disperse his strength, unable to converge at one point, and then burst out.
Only half an hour later, Chen Feng’s body was already covered with beads of sweat.
But looking at the other party, it is much easier to do.
As long as there are no accidents, Chen Feng is already defeated, and Chen Feng is considering whether to use his hole cards, the sound of cars coming from a distance.
It was a black Porsche, and Chen Feng recognized it as a Baixing car.
The woman also noticed that she rushed up at that moment, as if she was about to make a quick fight, and then Chen Feng was kicked and slammed into the wall behind her.
The woman also followed, Chen Feng was a little helpless, he really didn’t want to suffer the pain of reversing the exercises.
But just before he made up his mind, someone stopped in front of him and stopped the woman.
Squinting his eyes, what he saw was not Bai Xing, but Zhou Xingli.
Zhou Xingli only saw Zhou Xingli force the woman back with one move, full of momentum, and the path he repaired the chain was fierce.
The woman was forced to retreat, but she backed more than ten meters at a time. When Chen Feng was puzzled, after the woman landed, she turned around and was about to flee.
Zhou Xingli just wanted to catch up, but when he saw that the speed gap between himself and the opponent was too big, it would be impossible to catch up, and he simply stopped.
He turned around to look at Chen Feng, and lifted Chen Feng out of the hollow wall.
In the end, Chen Feng didn’t bear the exhaustion of his body, and looked at Zhou Xingli and fainted with confidence.
As for the time he woke up again, it was already the next morning.
Looking at his side, Chen Feng realized that he was in the hospital and there was no one else beside him.

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