Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 941

For Chen Feng, it was only a phone call, but for Chu Qingwan, it seemed to have saved her life.
Chen Feng looked at her as if she was still very disappointed, and immediately said, “Don’t worry, I said something non-existent on the phone. I just want them to do nothing to you. You can rest assured that they will never do anything to you. Those who dare to fire you will never let you go with Rose again.”
But it seems that Chu Qingwan was not worried about this, she whispered, and Chen Feng said again: “If you want to worry about it, I will go there in person.”
Chu Qingwan hurriedly refused: “No, it’s all right now.”
Chen Feng also asked curiously: “Then why are you still depressed?”
Chu Qingwan moved her lips and said softly, “But I don’t know how to repay you. You helped me twice, and one is heavier than one. I really don’t know how to…”
Chen Feng didn’t expect it to be this kind of thing. He said with disapproval: “It’s just a matter of effort, I don’t even care about it.”
But when Chen Feng said so, he didn’t let Chu Qingwan’s sorrows dissipate.
Chen Feng asked helplessly: “Then what do you want to do, you can’t let me fall again, and then you come and save me.”
Chu Qingwan seemed to be thinking too.
Chen Feng thought for a while, and said, “Otherwise, I helped you twice. I can promise my two wishes, as long as you can do it and don’t make you feel compelled. What do you think? Sample.”
Chu Qing thoughtfully said, “But you can’t say anything particularly simple for me to do. It must have a little practical meaning.”
Chen Feng just thought that if she agreed, he would just say anything, just let her not care anyway, but this way, he didn’t know how to do it.
But he nodded and agreed: “Yes, but I haven’t thought about it yet, so I owe it for the time being.”
It was agreed with Chu Qingwan that she only smiled slightly. Every time she saw Chu Qingwan who was silent as ice and smiling like a flower, she felt that the world was really magical, so that the two scenes of ice and fire would appear on the same person’s face.
After saying something more, Chen Feng is really going to leave. After such a long time, it is estimated that Bai Xing and the others have been looking for him everywhere.
Sure enough, seeing Bai Xing at the door of the ward, he greeted him with anxious expression.
“Shao Chen, where did you go? We found that you disappeared suddenly, and others didn’t know when we asked, thinking you were taken away by that woman again.”
Chen Feng hurriedly apologized: “I met an acquaintance and talked a few words. I’m really sorry.”
Chen Feng looked at him again and asked, “Are you the only one? How about the others?”
Bai Xing replied, “Hu Xuchen went to the lobby to see you. I’ll call them.”
Ten minutes later, in Chen Feng’s side ward, all three of them had arrived. Chen Feng said, “The man named Dachun died and was killed by the desert wolf woman.”
It seems that several people have guessed it. After Chen Feng was in a coma, they also investigated it, so it is not difficult to come to this conclusion, but the identity of the woman made them unexpected.
“Is that woman from Molang?” Bai Xing asked.
Chen Feng nodded: “The woman’s shoulder is tattooed with a black wolf head, which should indicate that she is a man of indifferent wolf.”
Several people are digesting this information, but all that can be thought of is that Dachun must know something, otherwise he will not be killed by the people of Molang.
“I think we can go through Dachun’s house again. There may be any clues. If it is about killing Qianchen, that would be the best.”
Although the possibility of knowing this idea is not high, no one opposes it.
“The strength of that woman seems to be very powerful. I just hit her with a punch and I was touched to the seventh or eighth floor, and this is still the situation after the battle between her and the Feng brother.”
Chen Feng also nodded. After the opponent fought him for so long, he also knew that woman, at least in the pinnacle state.
“I’m afraid she is also one of the best among Mowolf. The moves tend to be soft, but the stamina is full. Fighting with her must not be a protracted battle. It is best to break out directly.” Chen Feng thought for a while, worrying: “I just don’t know her. What is the purpose. However, I think that since Molang has already taken action, the day to deal with Qianjia will be fast. At that time, it would be easy to prove the innocence of the young master.”
When Chen Feng said so, Hu Xuchen and the two only managed to squeeze out a smile.
And in Molang’s stronghold in Lanshi, the woman who was fighting with Chen Feng was soaking in the milk bath, quietly enjoying the quiet time.
But a few footsteps made her frown slightly.
At this time, a woman in a black dress walked in slowly. Her face was charming, not smiling but charming, as if she naturally seduce people to touch her.
And she walked to the bath, looked at the woman in the bath, and smiled lightly: “You will really enjoy it.”
The woman in the bath coldly opened her eyes and said to her, “If you can’t tell me a reason for satisfaction, you should know the consequences of disturbing my bathing.”
The flattering woman smiled and said, “I know, it is natural that important things will come, otherwise, who wants to deal with you, a weird guy.”
“Say it if you have something.”
The woman chuckled and said, “There is a very precious thing in Qianjia who is going to be transported out of their treasure house recently. The wolf owner asked me to pay attention, and finally there is a chance to grab the thing.”
The woman in the bath asked suspiciously, “Do it, don’t you need to hide it anymore?”
The woman replied: “The wolf master said that if it is for that thing, there is no need to hide it, just do it directly. If the thousand families know it, then go to war directly.”
The woman in the bath showed a smile, but she still smiled coldly.
“This message shouldn’t make you comment on me anymore.”
But as soon as she finished speaking, she was splashed with milk by the other party, and she frowned in disgust.
“When you are finished, hurry up and leave.”
As for that precious thing, it was also intensively prepared by thousands of families at this time.
Originally such an important matter should never be heard by any outsiders, but only after they had to make a decision, the whole desert seemed to have received a message.
Chihiro Yi was even more furious. He had been reprimanded countless times, but how the information leaked out was impossible to find out.
This matter has also become a thorn in Qianjia’s heart, but since the original information has been leaked, the best way is to cancel the original opportunity, but the party who received this treasure has always insisted that Qianjia must take it out.

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