Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 942

Thousands of families had no choice but to follow the original plan.
In the thousands of secret rooms, there are thousands of clans.
Starting from the left in turn, is the seated Chihiro Art, the current Patriarch of the Thousand Family.
The next one, the only master of the Qian Family, Qianhiro Ken, is also the younger brother of Qianxun Art.
After that, there were several elders and thousands of other families.
It’s just a circle, and there are more than a dozen people.
“I want to come, everyone knows why everyone gathers in this secret hall, gift Emperor Taihao, and only you can contact. I don’t need to say more, except for the people here, who can disclose this matter.”
Qianxunyi’s tone is indifferent and cold, and the unique aura of the superior is like freezing the air, making people suffocate.
Looking at the faces of everyone, one by one was silent, but Qianxun Qian was arbitrarily fearless and didn’t put this matter in his eyes.
And he was like this, no one in the thousands of families dared to blame anything, everyone knew that if he really revealed the secrets of the thousands of families and betrayed the thousands, then this gathering would be meaningless from the beginning.
The quiet atmosphere made Chihiro Yi speak again: “You don’t want to say something?”
The crowd just looked around.
“You don’t need to ask here. If they really dare to do it, they have already planned not to be discovered. No matter how much you persecute, it will be fake.” At this time, Chihiro Ken interrupted.
Chihiro Yi didn’t continue his words, but just scanned the people in the thousand families.
At this time, one of the oldest clan elders slowly said, “Giant Emperor Taihao, it was originally the most important secret of my thousand family, but if the information is leaked, it can be determined that this matter is the work of the thousand family members, it is too arbitrary. .”
Chihiro Yi frowned slightly, but he was talking about the elders of the clan. He could only lower his posture and said, “Uncle clan, although you are reasonable, but if there are really no members of the thousand family, what is the thousand family? A family whose information is easily leaked? I don’t think the clan uncle would think so.”
Chihiro Ken with a scholarly face just smiled coldly, and he didn’t seem to like this uncle too much.
The uncle turned his head and stopped talking.
“But what the clan uncle said is not unreasonable. If it is really the information that was forcibly stolen by someone, then if we blame each other like this, isn’t it a trick of the other party.”
There was a voice immediately, and there seemed to be some whispers below, and they seemed to agree.
Chihiro Yi knows what these people think, but he keeps things from going to his own body, and his face is a little gloomy because of this.
He said solemnly: “Since everyone can’t tell me, I will investigate this matter again. If I find out something, you know the punishment of the traitor by the house rules, so I don’t need to remind me.”
Can hear the word “house rules”, these people are like eggplants beaten by frost.
Chihiro Yi just wanted such an effect. Looking at everyone, he sneered in his heart, his face still serious: “Then how to deal with the next thing now, I think you always have to say something, otherwise, how can I? It’s not just a laughing stock.”
If you get rid of the punishment, everyone has spirit.
“Given Emperor Taihao with such a valuable thing, as I mean it, I still cancel this plan.” Someone said.
But someone immediately retorted: “Cancellation is no good. If there is no gift to Emperor Taihao, the Sea Lion Tower will never agree. This time coincides with the dark tide of heaven and earth once a hundred years. It is the best time to open that secret place.”
Then someone agreed: “I don’t think it can be canceled. Time is tight. At most, I can change the time for opening the Qianjia Caverns for one or two days to confuse the coveted young people outside, but it can’t be canceled.”
“Cancellation is naturally not possible. Can you refute the rumors and tell the outside world that this message is only false.”
The people of Qianjia said a lot, but Chihiro Yi only heard all kinds of reasons for their refusal to cancel this plan, but there was no way to avoid accidents. Even his brother was just there, like watching a movie.
While there was some confusion, Chihiro Yi noticed a member of the Qian family.
The man was very young, and Chihiro Yi recognized it for a long time before finally remembering which room he came from.
If you count it up, it seems that he shouldn’t be gathered here. An offshoot of a thousand families should only be a marginal person.
But I don’t know why, but he met Qianxunyi’s father, that is, old man Qian. The two had a bit of meaning to have a relationship with one another, and this time the concubine got involved because of old man Qian.
“He will have some effect on you.” This is what Mr. Qian said to him himself.
Chihiro Yi thought for a while, and remembered the other party’s name, Qian Xueqiu.
He opened his mouth and said, “Xueqiu!”
Hearing the Patriarch’s exit, everyone stopped discussing, but all of them were puzzled, not knowing who this Xueqiu was mentioned by Qianxunyi.
And the young man with red lips and white teeth was also taken aback. He didn’t expect Qianxun Art to call him by his name.
“The patriarch!” he replied.
The tone is fairly relaxed, and there is no detention and tension of some young people because of being here.
The impression is pretty good, Qianxunyi thought so, and asked, “Say, what are we going to do?”
Everyone in the thousands of families looked at this strange little guy curiously, but no one seemed to know his origins, and even Qianhiro Ken looked over curiously.
Qian Xueqiu scanned all the curious eyes that looked at him, and said with a serious face: “Since the incident has already happened, you should all know the truth about the fact that it’s hard to get over it.”
He paused, wanting to see the reaction of the thousand family members, but no one spoke.
He had no choice but to continue: “The little nephew thinks that since this is the case, it is better to advertise it, so that they understand that Qianjia has treasures to be shown, and even invite major families to come and appreciate it to make things bigger.”
Before he finished speaking, someone looked at him stunnedly. When he stopped, an elder from a thousand families said disdainfully: “Make things big, you think it is not easy to lose the gift emperor Taihao, right?”
Qian Xueqiu smiled lightly: “I didn’t say that we were going to tell them that what we were showing was to give Emperor Taihao. There is more than one treasure in the Qianjia secret storehouse.”
Chihiro Yi didn’t understand it clearly, but Chihiro Ken on the side seemed to have guessed what he meant.
“With fake and true, it’s a good trick to keep the Mingxiu plank road secret.” He praised.
Hearing his explanation, Chihiro Yi immediately understood.
He admired the general look at Qian Xueqiu, and said, “Okay, I think it’s okay.”
At this time, some members of the Qian Family who had reacted looked at Qian Xueqiu with admiration, but the one who had just spoken didn’t quite understand, but watching everyone’s reaction, experience told him not to speak.

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