Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 943

Qian Xueqiu nodded and said, “It’s just a little bit of my nephew’s humble opinion. Everything is determined by the owner. However, my nephew still has something to say that although it is a plan for Mingxiu plank roads to keep secrets, but my nephew thinks it can be prevented but those who just know Some people who gossip, people who really know the truth, they will definitely do something else.”
Chihiro Yi looked at the others in the room, “Do you have any comments?”
The just appreciation has already surfaced their attitudes, but if you talk about people who know the truth of the matter, then naturally they will have to discuss the leak, which makes this group of people lose the idea of ​​discussing it.
“Things are still coming step by step, let’s solve the current problem first.”
“Indeed, wait until this event is over.”
Everyone has the same opinion, and Qianxunyi can only temporarily shelve it, he said.
“Since this is the case, let’s solve the matter of giving Emperor Taihao first, but you must not think that this matter has passed. If you really know something, I hope you can consider it for the benefit of the family.”
“Please rest assured that the Patriarch, since we think that we are a member of the Thousand Clan, we will naturally not take care of the Qian Clan’s interests.” Someone said.
In his heart, Chihiro Yi dismissed what the other party said. He knew what these people did behind their backs. They didn’t do anything that hurt the wealth of the thousands of families, but it was not the time to discuss these things.
“I just thought about it for a while. Since I want to announce the matter, it is better for them to see the information from any trail. Therefore, I decided to open an exhibition to give Huang Taihao and invite the majors The family comes to enjoy,”
The old Zong nodded first, and then everyone else agreed.
This matter is so determined.
Between the sky and the earth, there is a sunset glow, and the birds falling on the horizon are drifting away.
Chen Feng received the invitation of Qianjia, but he also didn’t know what gifted Emperor Taihao was.
He put the invitation letter on the table, with Chu Qingwan in front of him.
“I don’t know what kind of tour it is. If you are not interested, just forget it.” Chen Feng came to Chu Qingwan to invite her to accompany her to the exhibition.
Chu Qingwan looked at Chen Feng. He was very serious, but also found it strange. She asked, “Why are you inviting me?”
Chu Qingwan’s expression was very cautious, as if she was a little scared, as if she was afraid of what Chen Feng would do to her.
Chen Feng hurriedly explained: “The Rose you mentioned when you talked to the manager of your company may also appear at the show.”
But saying this, Chu Qingwan still didn’t understand: “Then, shouldn’t I go?”
Chen Feng said again, “Well! Actually, I think so. If that guy didn’t get you this time, he would definitely come to harass you, so if he sees you with me, I think you can be quieter in the future. At least I won’t be disturbed by him.”
Chu Qingwan’s face immediately turned red, and she whispered, “Well, I thought you were…”
“What did you say?”
“It’s nothing, but is this not so good for you? That Rose heard that he is the first heir of the Rose family.” Chu Qingwan said worriedly.
Chen Feng smiled and waved his hand: “Not to mention that he is just the first in line heir to a foreign family. Even if he is in China, he is just an heir. The real master will have to wait until he inherits. This kind of son, brother, I am not too worried.”
Chen Feng said so, and Chu Qingwan looked at him, and it didn’t seem like she was lying.
But she still thought about it.
Attending such an important occasion with a strange man who has only met a few times, even if she has been able to manage the company, she still feels worried in her heart.
She didn’t have any dislikes for Chen Feng in her heart, and even those two wishes made her feel a little bit good.
But this seems to bear Chen Feng’s love once again.
At this time, Chen Feng said again: “I did this because I was actually selfish. It’s not as noble as you think.”
As he said, Chu Qingwan raised her head curiously and looked at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng knew that Chu Qingwan was still struggling, and smiled: “For such an important gathering, everyone will definitely bring a female partner, and the beauty of the female partner will be secretly compared by those people, and if I just passed by, They will definitely think that I am very shameless. They will even despise me, so I thought of asking you to accompany me.”
Chu Qingwan smiled softly. She also knew that the manners and manners of a female partner on this occasion would give a man extra points, but she did not expect that even a seemingly innocent person like Chen Feng would want this method.
“Then if I refuse to go, am I very sorry to you. Then would you use those two wishes to ask me to pass?” Chu Qingwan asked suddenly curiously.
Chen Feng didn’t expect that she would say this, and thought: “Well, it’s not anymore. These two wishes are so important, I don’t want to waste it so much.”
As soon as he finished speaking, Chu Qingwan was a little happy, but then he didn’t know why, and was a little sad.
“I am teasing you, this thing is also a good thing for me, how could I not go.”
Chen Feng seemed to be relieved, and looking at Chen Feng’s appearance, Chu Qingwan smiled lightly: “But this kind of occasion naturally needs to wear different clothes, but I don’t have one yet. You have to accompany me to buy it. ”
After speaking, Chu Qingwan was a little surprised. If she was asked to tell a man to accompany her to buy clothes, she would never say it. She was always alone, but just now it seemed to be very casual.
For Chen Feng, there is no problem, he agreed.
“This is my honour.”
Early the next morning, Chen Feng borrowed a car and went to the downstairs of Chu Qingwan’s house to wait.
The car is not too expensive. The BMW 8 Series is even rarer now. It was originally limited to the world. Chen Feng was blackmailed from Baixing.
But even so, the car was parked there, and people still stopped to watch it from time to time, and they seemed to be curious about this beautiful red BMW.
Chen Feng just waited downstairs for a short time, and Chu Qingwan wore a simple floral dress and made up a long braid with refreshing small twists.
The eyebrows are not painted, simple but pure. If you only see it on the side of the road, you would never think that she will be the manager of the commerce department of a large company.
Seeing Chen Feng’s car in Chu Qingwan, she curiously asked Chen Feng, who was standing there waiting for him: “Where did you get it from? Why haven’t I seen this BMW car?”
Because there are so many people that Chu Qingwan has contact with, you can also recognize a person’s status and status based on the car model.

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