Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 945

Buying things is a matter of thinking, and women buying clothes require more energy.
Chen Feng was just by his side, as if he had exhausted too much effort, even Chu Qingwan looked at the deserted woman, before shopping, she slightly revealed the woman’s purchase.
Naturally, he couldn’t let Chu Qingwan pay the money, and after persuading her, he was willing to accept these.
Returning to the car with large bags and small bags, Zhao Donglai’s Mercedes was still there, the window was broken, and he could not be seen moving.
However, Chen Feng just took a look, and didn’t pay much attention to it.
But when he opened the car door, there was a person in the back seat, and Chu Qingwan hid behind Chen Feng in shock.
That person is Zhao Donglai.
“What do you want to do?” Zhao Dong came and went, and even pried the car door. Chen Feng didn’t think he was joking.
Zhao Donglai cocked his mouth, looked at Chen Feng, and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not here to fight.”
He sat there very casually, as if not afraid of Chen Feng at all.
Chen Feng looked at him coldly, and said, “You didn’t come to die, but you pried my car away. I don’t think there is any reasonable explanation for this.”
Zhao Donglai leaned there and stretched out his arms, looking tired.
“I went to find someone to check on you, and I didn’t expect you to be so good. From Cangzhou to Yanjing, if it wasn’t for that person who was indeed my confidant and was very capable, I would think he was lying to me. I was curious. You also seem to be a very ordinary guy, how can you be in front of so many ruthless people without having anything.”
Chen Feng sternly said: “You’d better talk about your purpose, otherwise, I will have to ask you to go out.”
Chen Feng put a hand on the back of Chu Qingwan’s hand. She was no longer nervous and was listening to the conversation between the two in confusion.
Zhao Donglai quickly pretended to be scared, and said, “Hey, you can’t be a little more civilized…, don’t do it…, can I say it’s not enough?”
Chen Feng then let go of Panasonic’s fist.
Zhao Dong said, “I know that you are also in the ranks of thousands of families invited to visit the exhibition given to Huang Taihao. You don’t need to deny it, I can confirm it. So, I found it just to ask you to do me a favor. ”
“Why should I help you?” Chen Feng smiled.
Zhao Donglai finally recovered his cynical attitude, and said seriously, “I can give you things.”
Chen Feng looked at him, unable to tell whether his current expression was real or whether it was just a performance.
“Let me? Why do you think I want that thing?”
Zhao Donglai chuckled, “It seems that you still don’t know the value of this thing.”
“Oh? Don’t you seem to be familiar with that thing? As far as I know, this thing has been stored in the treasure house of thousands of families for more than a hundred years. The news of the incident is even less pitiful.”
“Huh, that’s all Qianjia talking to himself. For a hundred years, if I was in Qianjia then, my Zhao Donglai’s name would be written upside down. Qianjia is just a shameless villain.” He said angrily.
His anger can only show that there must be something to do with Emperor Taihao and Zhao Donglai. Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “What you told me, why should I believe in you instead of the Qianjia? They are still me. Half a friend of. And, even so, you want to win the gift of Emperor Taihao from the thousand families. Whatever you think about it, it’s just a ridiculous thing, let alone leave it to me.”
“Don’t you believe it?” Zhao Donglai questioned.
Chen Feng said, “I don’t believe it.”
Hearing this answer, Zhao Donglai was only a little disappointed, and he still said very seriously: “Whether you believe it or not, the gift to Emperor Taihao is known as the only key to unlocking the Taihao God’s Treasure, and this time the thousands of families will Take it out to prepare to open that secret place with the Sea Lion Tower. You are also trapped in the pinnacle, and maybe there is a way in that secret place.”
Chen Feng did not know these things, but they just heard them: “Although I am indeed trapped in the pinnacle state, I have never thought of doing something that is impossible no matter what. It is no different from that. Seek a dead end.”
It may be that Chen Feng’s tone was too firm, Zhao Donglai was finally disappointed, and then he immediately returned to that madness, saying: “If this is the case, I can’t persuade you anymore, but I won’t give up like that. Wait. If you see it, you will definitely be interested in him.”
When Chen Feng listened to him, he was about to leave, so he wanted to step forward and grab him. This fellow disturbed him repeatedly, and Chen Feng naturally wanted to teach him a lesson.
But Zhao Donglai turned over, opened the door on the other side, and slipped out of the car.
When Chen Feng wanted to catch, he could only catch up, and he gave up.
When He Chu Qingwan returned to her residence, although Zhao Donglai was a little unpleasant on the road, in general, the shopping process was wonderful.
Those clothes were worn on Chu Qingwan’s body, just like a model who just showed clothes.
Qianjia worked very hard to prepare for this exhibition. Although they knew that it was just to divert the attention of outsiders, it was also handled as a formal matter. After all, only a few people knew the truth.
Early in the morning, Qian Xueqiu stood at the venue and walked slowly inward. The layout here is almost the same. The exhibition stand placed in the center is also the highest-level anti-theft device. In addition to viewing from a distance, it is impossible to get close. It hasn’t been sent in yet, it’s still empty there.
And the whole hall is also extremely spacious, enough to accommodate hundreds of people, this time Qianjia went out for publicity, naturally also invited a lot of people.
Looking to the side, it is the people who are preparing to eat. They are busy preparing. Although there are a lot of hundreds of people, the guests are all distinguished guests. Naturally, they can’t lose the face of thousands of families.
At this time, someone came over again, and when he saw Qian Xueqiu, he walked over directly.
“What are you doing here?”
Hearing someone talking to him, Qian Xueqiu turned around and looked at Qianxunqian standing aside.
For the grandmaster of the Qian Family, Qian Xueqiu naturally respected: “Uncle Qian, my nephew just came to see if there is anything wrong.”
“Well, you have the heart.” Qianhiro Ken nodded, and then said, “But what do you think the traitor of the Qian family would be?”
Qianxueqiu didn’t expect Qianxueqiu to ask so directly and a little bit cramped, but now that he has asked, he has to talk about his own opinions. If it is perfunctory, Qianxueqiu’s temper is not good.
He still thought about it, and said, “In fact, my nephew thinks that things can’t just stare at Qianjia, maybe there is something wrong with the sea lion building.”

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