Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 946

Qianxun Qian pondered what he meant, and said in a deep voice, “You think there is a problem with the Sea Lion Tower? The Sea Lion Tower has existed for thousands of years, but I have never heard of it. What happened to him is an outsider. , It is extremely difficult to enter the Sea Lion House, not to mention the kind of mental hypnosis.”
Qian Xueqiu naturally knew the horror of the Sea Lion Tower, but there were some things that had to be said.
“The Sea Lion House is naturally difficult to penetrate, but Bo Qian has thought about it. If the Sea Lion House wants to see someone take action against Qianjia, then it is possible for them to leak out the information themselves.”
When these words came out, it was as if lightning struck Qianhiro Ken. He was a little startled. After a while, he slowly said: “Years ago, the Lu family in Jiangdong didn’t know what kind of enemy he had offended, and he was bloodbathed almost overnight. It’s full. That Lu Family Grandmaster didn’t even have time to make a move, and even the enemy didn’t even know it.”
Qian Xueqiu also heard about it. It’s just that it’s impossible for him to get access to confidential family information, but it’s not difficult to find some information. Thinking about this now, it’s not hard not to beware of the possibility, Lu Family’s matter. Only a big thing like the Sea Lion Tower can do it so decisively.
“Uncle Qian, this is just a little speculation by my nephew.”
Chihiro Ken knew what he meant: “Don’t worry, even if it’s just speculation, I won’t say that this is what you said. Those short-sighted people in Qianjia will only fight invincible in the world. What did you make?”
Qian Xueqiu hurriedly thanked: “Thank you, Qian Bo, my nephew just doesn’t want to be treated as a grandstander.”
Qianxun Qian looked at Qian Xueqiu’s careful appearance and snorted: “Now I know that you are so careful when you live, don’t you feel tired? Those guys are really annoying.”
When he said this, he didn’t worry about being heard by anyone at all. Even if someone knew it, they couldn’t do what he did.
However, Qianhiroken could only curse a few words. It is not something he can do to deal with them. Qianjia is still in such a situation with the support of this group of people.
Qian Xueqiu had no choice but to laugh with him and no longer explain, and Qianxun Qian also had other things, and left Qian Xueqiu directly.
One hour before the start of the banquet, people finally entered the venue one after another. The exhibition stand in the venue was covered with a large red cloth, and the edge was dragged to the ground, as if it was dyed red.
Not long after, Chen Feng also walked in with Chu Qingwan.
Chen Feng’s dress is just a suit, which looks solemn and fits well, without seeing anything special.
On the side, Chu Qingwan was completely different. A bright purple evening dress wrapped tightly around her mature body, her slender waist and thin buttocks, and her white naked back were even more eye-catching, making people reluctant to leave their sight for a moment.
The black and beautiful hair was coiled up, returning to the high standard of the dragon, Luan and Feng and ming, but it was only to set off this face.
Bright eyes and bright lips, Qiong nose and thin eyebrows, delicate and delicate, her appearance is already the focus of everyone’s attention, although due to etiquette, no one has been staring, it is not the cast of eyes, Chen Feng can still feel .
He whispered: “I have earned enough face, and I have to thank you for this.”
Chu Qingwan was a little uncomfortable: “You are fine, but I have been stared at by these people, and I feel uncomfortable all over.”
Chen Feng said: “This kind of pomp is rare. Even those big stars who want to show up in front of so many big people have no chance, but you have already attracted them. If you want to debut, I’m sure, for sure. It’s going to get hot soon.”
Chu Qingwan was still a little embarrassed. Although she knew that Chen Feng was complimenting, she herself was not that kind of temperament, but she would rather be quieter.
Chen Feng glanced at her and said, “If you don’t like it, I will take you aside and eat some food there. After I have seen something, I will take you out of here.”
Chu Qingwan nodded in response.
After taking a sip of champagne there, the Rose came to the meeting as expected by Chen Feng.
He hadn’t seen Chu Qingwan at first, just chatting with a few familiar people, but inadvertently, even in the corner, the beauty of Chu Qingwan was still moving. He caught a glimpse of him and was surprised at first, but After seeing Chen Feng who was also on the side, it seemed that he wanted to understand something.
He sneered and walked over, Chen Feng and Chu Qingwan also noticed him.
“I really didn’t expect that you could come here.” He sneered, then looked at Chen Feng and said: “This is the guy who brought you in. It doesn’t look like much. If you follow me, I can It must be much better for you.”
He was very confident, which caused Chen Feng to laugh. Chu Qingwan said coldly from the side: “Who I chose is my freedom. At least it’s not someone who is forcing me or threatening me. At least I like it. Individuals are far comparable to some guys who are inferior to humans.”
This was nothing at first, but Chen Feng felt strange. His evaluation was just one person, so it was so useless.
“You…” Rose immediately made a gloomy face: “Last time I didn’t know why you let you escape by chance, do you think I can’t deal with you anymore. I tell you, I want to kill you but it’s simple It’s very.”
Chen Feng interrupted at this time: “Mr. Ross, please understand where you are. This is China, not the United States.”
Ross looked at Chen Feng sideways, and said unhappily: “What are you, here is where you are talking, what happened to China? I want to kill this woman, but I want to see if it can stop it. ”
Chen Feng couldn’t bear it anymore, he just punched him up.
A punch was not heavy, he controlled his strength, but it was enough for Rose to suffer.
Ross was overturned to the ground. If you look closely, you can see that something flew out of his mouth. It was a posterior molar.
Chu Qingwan was taken aback and looked at Chen Feng inconceivably. She never thought that Chen Fengshan would take the shot, and she was still so hard.
When he heard the noise, people immediately surrounded him, and after a while, people from Qianjia came over.
Qian Xueqiu was responsible for some order issues, so he was also the first to come over.
Few people in Qian’s family didn’t know Chen Feng, but Qian Xueqiu was one of them. He walked over and glanced at Chen Feng, but Chen Feng looked at Rose disdainfully.
Naturally, the wounded is the most important thing. Qian Xueqiu hurried to check on Rose’s condition. At this time, he was in a coma. The punch made the corner of his mouth bleed and his cheeks were extremely red and swollen.

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