Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 947

Although he doesn’t know the person lying on the ground, no matter what the situation is, he will always be a little bit wrong about hitting someone.
After the examination, at least people were still alive, and a few people were found to carry Rose to the hospital before Qian Xueqiu stood up and came to Chen Feng.
He was still polite, and his tone was not rude, and said, “Sir, can you explain, in front of Qianjia, if you did something like this, Qianjia didn’t pay attention to Qianjia.”
Chen Feng was slightly surprised that the other party didn’t recognize him, but he didn’t take it to heart. He just snorted coldly, “This guy said he looked down on China, saying that even here, no one can stop him from killing what he wants to kill. People. I couldn’t see it, so I hit him in the face with a punch. I didn’t expect him to beat him so hard. Before I tried hard, he fell.”
Qian Xueqiu said, “But he is a guest of Qianjia after all.”
Chen Feng glanced at him and said, “Then what do you want to do, I have already beaten people, is it possible that you still want to arrest me and go see the officer?”
Qian Qiuxue has also been looking at Chen Feng. Although he was in charge of the Qian Family at this time, there are some distinguished guests here, and some people he would never dare to offend.
But after watching for a long time, except for the beautiful woman who first glanced at Chen Feng’s identity, he would add a lot of points to Chen Feng’s identity. In other respects, Chen Feng couldn’t see any aristocratic temperament at all, but he still didn’t dare to provoke him easily, right. For him, caution can never be wrong.
He said softly: “It is naturally unnecessary, but since the other party is our guest, when he wakes up, at least we have to give him a statement, or compensation, or an apology. These are our obligations.”
He said so, and at the same time, he was guarding against Chen Summit’s anger again, he needed to control the situation not to deteriorate.
Chen Feng wanted to refute something, and Qianxunyi walked over.
People who don’t know around are naturally curious about what Chen Fengcheng is, and making trouble in Qianjia’s site. Qianjia will not let this matter go, but now he is too weak to face Chen Feng, and he dare not even do anything to Chen Feng.
And the Patriarch of Qianjia came, and some of them grinned.
At the beginning, I saw Chen Feng with such a beautiful woman. How could it be possible to say that he was not jealous. It was just that everyone was a face-saving person and it was impossible to show anything.
But now that Chen Feng is about to suffer, one by one will naturally only gloat. When Chen Feng has committed a crime, he may have the opportunity to kiss that woman.
The thoughts in the heart are so dark, it is estimated that those few smiling guys may be like this.
But when Qianxunyi saw Chen Feng, he was still a little puzzled. He stepped forward and shouted at Chen Feng.
“Shao Chen, what are you?” Chihiro Yi said, everyone was surprised.
The few who were smiling just now were even more stunned, and they couldn’t believe it. Maybe in their eyes, Chen Feng was just the son of a small family, but even the Patriarch of the No. 1 Deserters respected Chen Feng so much. They knew that they were. Wrong absurd.
But then I thought about it, but I really couldn’t think of any young man surnamed Chen that could be treated like this by Chihiro Art, and then they all looked curiously, wanting to know the identity of Chen Feng.
Chen Feng just chuckled softly at the smiling face of Qian Xun Yi, and said, “I haven’t seen him for a long time, why is the face of Qian Pai Master not so good.”
Chihiro Yi smiled bitterly: “I’m a little irritable when I have encountered something. But let’s not talk about it. It’s just that Chen Shao why you are going to beat people. Is it because that guy provoke you.”
Chen Feng had to say what he had said to Qian Xueqiu to Qianxunyi again, but the two reacted differently.
Chihiro Art reprimanded Qian Xueqiu on the side: “What is there to explain to the foreign devil in this kind of thing? Money, and sold the country.”
What he said was awe-inspiring, and even Chen Feng, the beater, felt that he was doing the right thing.
The audience continued to be surprised. As for Qian Xueqiu, she was thankful that he hadn’t treated Chen Feng just now. His attitude was already very low.
“Shao Chen, I’m sorry, I really handled the matter just now. I apologize to you.”
Chen Feng looked at him in surprise, seeing his temperament, he didn’t look like a flattering villain, but the speed of his face change was really too fast.
Chen Feng didn’t say anything to him, but just said to Qianxun Yi: “You don’t hold me accountable, I thank you, but if I see that guy again, I will hit him once.”
Chihiro Yi smiled: “As Chen Shao, naturally I don’t need to care about this. My Qian Family will not interfere. Everything follows Chen Shao’s idea.”
Chen Feng nodded to Qianxunyi, did not speak, turned around and went to Chu Qingwan’s side.
Chihiro Art also yelled to everyone around him: “Okay, everyone is gone. There is still half an hour. When that happens, everyone will be able to see the treasure.”
He said so, and everyone dispersed one after another.
Chu Qingwan, who was still worried about Chen Feng just now, was even more worried about Chen Feng when she saw Qianxunyi coming.
Fortunately, it turned out to be so, she was relieved and groaned at Chen Feng.
“You want to scare me to death, how can you do it without a sound.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “For this kind of goods, what is good to say to him.”
“But you are so reckless…”
“Are you worried about me?”
“You’re still kidding me, you don’t know what those people were thinking of you just now. If you are like this, I will ignore you.” Chu Qingwan feigned.
Chen Feng hurriedly put away his joking expression, and said, “Okay, I’m fine. Qianjia owes me favors. That person just started to be like that. Later, he didn’t wait until the owner of the house came and immediately changed his attitude. They wouldn’t treat me like that. , Even for me.”
After a few words of comfort, Chu Qingwan became a little cheerful, and the two chatted casually with some trivial gossip, and Chihiro Yi walked to the exhibition stand that was covered by red cloth in the field.
“Are you going to start?” Chu Qingwan asked.
Chen Feng nodded: “Although I haven’t seen what it is, but from the attitude of the thousand family and the rumors from the outside, this is an incredible thing that has bestowed Huang Taihao.”
Chu Qingwan was even more curious, looking seriously in the direction of Qianxunyi, afraid that she would miss the opportunity to see it accidentally.
Chihiro Yi stood in the middle, looked at a group of people around, and said slowly:
“Everyone, presumably you have also heard from the outside about our Thousand Clan’s treasure bestowed on Huang Taihao, but it was originally my Thousand Clan’s own business, but I didn’t expect to be persecuted and lost the message…”
However, Chen Feng was just looking at the expressions of other people in Qianjia, and perhaps some people still have regrets on their faces.

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