Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 949

It is almost impossible to rely on manpower to open such a huge gate.
Naturally, there are some institutions here, otherwise Qianhiro Ken will not just take so few people.
The children of those faces shined at him together so that he could clearly see in front of him. He walked to the door and took out a small key from his chest, and under the huge metal door, there was a small dark Grid, Qianhiro Ken inserted something into the keyhole of the secret grid.
Rotate gently, and the hidden grid will be opened.
But inside are more complicated perforations, densely distributed according to what rules, about one hundred and eight.
Chihiro Qian started to unscrew the keyhole in a certain order. He was very serious, because if he made a wrong one, he could only open it again after a month.
But fortunately, a grandmaster, his hand is very stable, his memory is also good, and there has been no problem until now.
He knew in his heart that there were fewer and fewer keyholes that needed to be opened, and after a while, it would be all right.
“What sound?” A child of Qianjia whispered to the people on the side.
And he just wanted to deny it, but he heard it at the same time, and the faint footsteps came from the other end of the tunnel, and it seemed that someone was coming.
At this time, the voice became clearer, and the other three people also heard one after another.
But Chihiro Ken was at a critical juncture, his mind was concentrated in the keyhole, so he didn’t know what was happening around him.
“The four people will hold each other first, and the sixth brother will illuminate the tribe.” One of the children of Qianjia immediately reacted.
And just after he finished speaking, the footsteps became hurried, and the person seemed to be close at hand.
Except for the one who illuminates Qianxun Ken in the past, the other four have set their postures. They are all outstanding among the thousands of juniors. If they are ordinary characters, they can deal with them on their own. It is impossible to be without resistance, not to mention that they are just delaying time and waiting until Qianxun’s work is completed, unless the other party is also a master, otherwise it is difficult to have a chance to escape.
The voice was close to their ears, and several people finally saw each other’s figure. The unexpected person was a woman.
She was slender and slender, her face covered by black gauze, she was not real, but she looked like a very beautiful woman.
If Chen Feng was here, he would definitely recognize the other person, this guy was a Molang’s person, and it was the person who fought with him in the factory that day.
The four members of the Qian Family didn’t dare to distract themselves, and stared at the Mowolf woman with all their attention.
If the other party had never expected to capture these thousands of disciples by her appearance, she just glanced at it casually, and immediately started to do it.
Qianjia is good at using swords. He had already held the hilt of the sword just now. When he saw the opponent’s figure suddenly rushed, the four long swords were pulled out at the same time with a chuckle.
The woman in Molang also had a weapon in her hand, a scarlet dagger, which looked a lot more hideous.
Ding Ling made a violent noise, and the dagger and the long sword were confronting each other. In the darkness, sparks could even be seen.
But the sound did not even last for the tea time. When the sound stopped, everything ended with it.
As for who wins and who loses, the one who illuminates Qianhiroken can see clearly after some light.
There was only one person standing in the field, with a small body, no matter how he looked at it, he was not one of his family brothers, so it could only be that the other party was still alive.
He has never seen such a horrible situation. The four family brothers are all talented masters in martial arts. They are young, but they are all characters in the stage of dynamism. Even when ordinary people meet them, they can only surrender. For the sake of this, now that the four of them are working together, they can’t even take the time for the other party to drag a cup of tea.
Although I was very unwilling to believe it, looking at the ground again, it was clear that there were four corpses, and it was impossible to be other people, just those brothers.
He suddenly became angry and really wanted to rush over to avenge his brothers.
“Stay steady.” A sudden stop sounded in his ears.
He woke up abruptly. If he rushed over impulsively just now, not only could he not survive, but the major events in the family would also be destroyed, then he had made a big mistake.
After being awakened, he stabilized himself slightly.
But on the other side, the woman has come,
Without hindrance, her figure is very fast, just in the blink of an eye, she has already arrived in front of the two people of Qianjia.
The fierce dagger was aimed at Chihiroken’s body like a venomous snake. If he doesn’t move, he will definitely die. But if he fights back, the lock in his hand will be broken as a result. It can only be opened a month later. This is the same. He couldn’t bear it.
The poisonous snake was already in front of her, and the woman’s expression was cold and she couldn’t see any relaxed gesture. She seemed to have a foreboding that Qianhiro Ken would do it.
And as expected, Qianhiro Qian shouted, “Little thief, Grandpa has been waiting for you for a long time.”
It was just a shout, and the sound was like shaking people’s hearts, and fear suddenly rose in the heart.
A thunderous fist slammed on the path of the opponent. If it collides, I don’t know if the woman’s petite and weak body will disperse at once.
The woman’s eyes were silent like a beast, and she didn’t seem to see any emotional changes in her body.
And then, the body that would never change direction in the air suddenly retreated back, completely violating certain rules.
Chihiro Ken was also surprised, but then he saw that there was someone behind the woman, and hiding in the air was the reason why they dared to do so.
“Earth evil.” Qianxun Qian suddenly yelled, and the son of Qian’s family who had just illuminated Qianxun Qian inserted the key into one of the keyholes, and with a soft click, he opened the door and was approaching again. step.
It turned out that in order to prevent this situation, several thousands of children were already familiar with the location of these one hundred and eight holes. At the critical moment, Qianxun Qian only needed to report the position, but the test was that they were careful enough.
Taking the key out of the keyhole, a layer of sweat oozes out of the face of the Qianjia boy.
Looking at the two Molangs again, the other one also gradually emerged from the darkness. She was also a woman with a soft and charming appearance, not as good as the other with a black gauze covering her face.
“Thousand Lords, did you expect us to come a long time ago?” The feminine woman chuckled lightly.
Qianhiro Ken was unwilling to laugh with them, but he was also curious about the identity of the other party, and asked, “Who are you? You dare to covet my thousand treasures.”

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