Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 950

Neither of them answered, and the feminine woman chuckled even more.
Chihiro Ken didn’t dare to go too far because he opened the door, and for a while, the two of them didn’t come forward, and didn’t know what they were waiting for.
“Aren’t you coming up?” Qianhiro Ken asked.
It was the feminine woman still speaking: “Thousand Lords, you still don’t have to worry about us. After the door is opened, we will naturally leave and go up and fight with you. If it wasn’t for our brains, we wouldn’t dare to think like this. ”
Qianhiro Ken was curious, wondering if what the woman said was true or false.
“You wait until the door opens and leave. Are you just coming here to kill my four thousand children?”
“If the Thousand Lords are willing to think like this, that’s okay, just as if we were a little bit dirty with those high feet, that’s why we were murderous.” The woman smiled.
Qianhiro Ken naturally would not believe this: “But when the door is opened, do you think you still have a chance to escape? If you let you run away like this, wouldn’t I be very shameless.”
If these words were spoken from the general population, the two Molangs might sneer, but they were spoken by a master, and they naturally knew the weight.
But if they hadn’t thought of this early, how dare they provoke the grandmaster’s beard.
“Our sisters have always liked excitement. If we can escape from the hands of a thousand masters today, there will be more bragging capital outside in the future. If we can’t escape, we can only say that it is the life of our sisters, and no one can blame others.”
Speaking of this, Qianhiroqian has nothing to say. He reports a name of Tiangang or Earthsha from time to time, and then the children of Qianjia will be unscrewed in the corresponding keyhole, and he has to repeat each step. Confirm, but it can’t exceed the time.
Although it looks light, the pressure in the heart is huge. Not to mention the impact of the failure on the entire Qianjia, and what is missed is the opening of the entire Taihao Secret Collection. This expectation is also shared by the Sea Lion House and the Qianjia, almost There is nothing to lose.
Qianxunqian secretly counted how much he had left, and he kept staring at the other two. When that moment was over, he would do it. At his speed, the two of them would never be able to run away.
But looking at it, there was some inexplicable surprise in my heart.
The two of them didn’t have any fear from start to finish, and they didn’t even show a trace of hesitation. Is it true that they are not afraid, or as they said, they enjoy this kind of stimulation even more.
But although I can’t understand, Qianhiro Ken is a direct person, just do it.
Time seemed to pass slowly, and neither side spoke anymore, just waiting for the door to open again.
This was the last position. Before the voice fell, Chihiro Ken’s figure was already close, and the anger he had accumulated for so long burst out immediately, like an overwhelming force.
Thousands of people lost to the wrath of the grandmaster.
Although the realm has already reached its peak, it is naturally impossible to compare with the master.
As soon as Chihiroken’s body arrived, the two people over there began to retreat. They were also fast, but the distance from Chihiroken was still pulling in.
Thousands of children standing in front of the gate let out a long sigh of relief, and finally everything is over.
Looking at the door in front of him, it was opening little by little, the sound of machine amplification, the sound of metal running-in, and the sound of stones rubbing against the iron door, all of a sudden, it was like a karaoke hall with chaotic movements.
But even though it was mixed, that kind of aura still made people surrender, as if Taishan collapsed before, it would never be possible to keep his face unchanged.
Of the four people in the cave, three of them had no time to wait and see.
With a punch, the silk thread that the feminine woman set up in the hole was just before Chihiroken’s fist. When Chihiroken sensed something was there, he immediately retracted his fist.
With just a light touch, he felt the tenacity of the silk thread. It was by no means an ordinary thread. If Qianhiro Qian had just moved on his own way and continued, although the silk thread could be broken, he would inevitably be injured himself.
It’s almost like using his own strength to get to the front line to get rid of his attack.
And the slight stagnation just did not stop Qianhiro Qian, he chased him up again, this time with defense, condensing the qi a little, it can also be against this kind of silk thread blocking.
It was almost cut off, and even obstacles could not be achieved.
Seeing Chihiroken was about to get close, the woman who covered her face turned around and cut with a dagger, but she didn’t expect Chihiroken to react so quickly. After avoiding it, he reached out and grabbed the woman’s wrist.
Seeing the opportunity, the feminine woman hurried to remedy the situation, and an embroidery needle rushed towards Chihiro Ken’s face, and Chihiro Ken had to give up temporarily, turning her back and avoiding it.
But at this moment, the Qianjia kid who was standing in front of the door just now smiled slightly.
He slowly walked towards the door that had opened a gap.
Originally Chihiro Ken would not notice what was happening behind him, but when the Chihiro kid moved, the light in his hand also changed, and Chihiro Ken subconsciously glanced.
“Qianyan, what are you doing?” After seeing it, he shouted sharply.
But the son of the Qian Family named Qian Yan didn’t seem to hear Qian Hun Ken’s words at all, so he walked in directly.
Chihiro Qian immediately thought that something was wrong, and couldn’t care about chasing the two women in front of him, turning around to catch Qian Yan.
Looking at the situation, the two women wouldn’t let Chihiroken leave, and they also turned around to stop them.
But it is a pity that if it is to escape, there may be hope. There is almost no chance for such a head-on head-on. Just a hard punch will knock the masked woman back a few steps away.
The other’s hidden weapon didn’t even wipe Chihiro Ken’s side, let alone block it.
And Qian Yan had already walked in.
The things inside are piled up in a mess, mostly treasures like gold and jade. The light hits it, and the reflected light is really beautiful.
And there was an empty door inside, Qian Yan walked towards the inside, it was just an empty room, one of which was sitting on the platform, and the platform was empty, and then there were seven other doors, each with a gossip mark on the door frame.
Qian Yan turned around to look at the door he walked in, and the door was “Xun”.
He thought for a while, then walked to where the dry character was.
At this time, there was also movement outside, and it seemed that Qianhiroken had come.
But Qian Yan didn’t seem to be in a hurry, just staring at the door blankly.
Qianxun Qian stepped on his feet, carrying dust, and extremely heavy, as if even the treasure house was shaken by the whole.
And one step further, Chihiro Ken had already walked under the Sunda Gate.
He looked at Qian Yan and asked coldly, “Are you a traitor to the Qian family?”
Qian Yan chuckled and shook his head: “I am not.”
Qianhiroken was taken aback for a moment. At this time, he would deny: “If you want to die, Lao Tzu will fulfill you, you guy who eats inside and out.”

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