Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 953

But what can be hidden in the venue, the rooms around have been seen by them, and none of them.
“What should I do now?” Zhao Donglai asked the woman who covered her face.
“Only he knows.” She pointed to Qianhiro Ken who was not far away.
But how is this possible, wanting to get the whereabouts of the baby from Chihiroken’s mouth, this is not for Chihiroken to send things out by himself.
He is not a fool.
“Do you still expect him to speak out?”
“Although he can’t count on him to speak out, but always think of a way.”
The masked woman suddenly walked into one of the rooms, and after coming over for a while, she took out a disc-like object wrapped in cloth, which seemed to be about the size of the gifted emperor Taihao that Chen Feng had seen.
Then I heard her shouting: “Found it!”
The feminine woman immediately understood what she meant, and she also shouted loudly: “It’s actually true, go, and leave soon.”
This voice immediately caught Chihiro Ken’s attention, his face changed immediately, but he recovered quickly, and he didn’t even pay attention to the two of them.
It seemed that he couldn’t deceive him at all.
But the woman hiding her face smiled lightly: “Something is here somewhere.”
Hearing what she said, Chen Feng was also taken aback, but he soon understood, but Zhao Donglai was a little confused.
Chen Feng said: “The woman just tried Chihiroken with something, just to judge where Chihiroken would look subconsciously after knowing that something was missing. But he actually didn’t even want to come over to snatch it, that only means that , He can clearly see that things are still there. And under the line of sight here, it is the easiest to see in this empty room.”
After hearing this, Zhao Donglai came to understand.
“Unexpectedly, this woman is quite smart.”
Now that he has an idea, in this room, only the seat in the middle is the most conspicuous.
Everyone looked at there.
But Chihiroken was also there. Although he was fighting with the thousand-faced snake-wolf, he always maintained a certain distance from there, which seemed to be to prevent someone from actually finding it.
Facing the two masters, even if they were affected, it could be very serious, so even though they knew that things were definitely in that platform, none of them dared to go up.
At this moment, the masked woman shouted at the thousand-faced snake wolf: “Lord Wolf, things are in that sitting platform.”
Thousand-faced Snake Wolf heard the shout, but seemed helpless.
Qianhiro Ken has always seemed to suppress him, so that he has no chance of being distracted.
“We are going to do it, Lord Wolf, please pay attention to suppress him.” The woman hiding her face shouted again.
Regardless of whether the other party agreed or not, she walked towards it.
But Zhao Donglai’s face became solemn, and Chen Feng guessed what he was thinking. If things were taken away, it would be very difficult for him to get them from the opponent.
Even the other party has a grandmaster there, and he wants to leave with something, even Chihiro Ken can’t stop him.
But in the same way, if she was not allowed to get things, Zhao Donglai would not be able to get them.
He can only bet.
The woman covering her face walked to the front of the stage and looked at Qianhiro Ken carefully, and Qianhiro Ken had also noticed it early, but the suppression of the Qianxun Snake Wolf made it impossible for him to be distracted to stop it.
The woman covering her face raised her hand and slashed at the stone platform with a palm. Then, the stone platform began to shatter and fell to the ground one by one.
And hidden under the collapsed platform is a wooden box, exquisite mahogany with patterns carved on it, which is magnificent.
According to the size, Qi Huang Taihao is very likely to be inside.
But before the woman hiding her face could do it, Zhao Donglai had already rushed over. His speed was so fast that he rushed to the woman’s side in the blink of an eye, and although the woman focused on the stone platform, when Zhao Donglai rushed over , She also reacted for the first time.
She stretched out the hand, and was quickly slashed by her.
Zhao Donglai had no choice but to change his hand and avoid him, so that he did not end up with a disability with a severed hand.
“Do you want to do it?” The feminine woman said to Chen Feng on the side.
Chen Feng looked at her and said, “You want to kill me, don’t you do it with me first?”
The woman smiled and said, “It seems to be the case, then I’m not welcome.”
With that said, one of her steel needles shot over with silk thread.
Chen Feng hurriedly avoided, but then the woman was another one.
Then three or four sticks kept throwing over, as if she had hidden how much she didn’t know.
But when about ten or so were thrown out, Chen Feng realized that there were silk threads behind those silver needles, and the silk threads gradually seemed to be entwining him.
He quickly reacted, and then walked aside.
“You still don’t waste your efforts, this kind of tricks can’t stop me.” Chen Feng said solemnly.
The feminine woman chuckled, “Really? But people like this? The best thing is that you can tie me up with a rope.”
Chen Feng looked at her coldly, although she was indeed beautiful.
“When I catch you, if you want to continue, I will accompany you to the end.”
“Well, but people like to take the initiative, or if you let me catch you, how about you tying me up at that time. And, don’t you feel itchy?”
As she said, Chen Fengzheng was a little weird, but I don’t know why he really felt itchy, and it was like this in more than one place, all over his body.
He sternly asked, “What did you do?”
“What can people do, they didn’t even touch you, how could they do? Could it be that you see that the parents are beautiful, and your heart is itchy.” She smiled happily and looked relaxed, as if Chen Feng was already a spider web. On the prey.
“Nonsense.” Chen Feng was still calm, and immediately understood that it was the silk thread. She actually hid the poisonous powder on the silk thread. When she flew into the air, the slight vibration caused the powder to escape and float away, which also made Chen. Feng breathed in easily.
“Give me the antidote.” Resisting the discomfort, Chen Feng rushed over with a vigorous step.
But the other party actually avoided it very lightly, even during Chen Feng’s constant offensive, they just kept dodge and did not fight with Chen Feng at all.
The itching on his body was getting heavier and it was about to affect Chen Feng’s movements.
“Is it uncomfortable?” The woman now dodges more easily, so she said to Chen Feng with a chuckle.
“Wait a moment, I will make you more uncomfortable.” Chen Feng said viciously.
The woman sneered and said, “Unexpectedly, you are still thinking about your sister’s body. If you can really hold it, your sister will reward you then. Little guy, you have to cheer, sister looks good on you .”

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