Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 954

Chen Feng’s physical strength lost very quickly, and gradually he couldn’t support it.
He could only escape from here while he was still conscious. Without worrying about Zhao Donglai, he turned around and ran, but it was natural that the woman could not easily let Chen Feng escape.
“Want to run, no way.”
Chen Feng had already passed through the Sunda Gate with a stride.
But a steel needle behind him immediately blocked the direction of his escape, and the itching on his limbs had somewhat hindered his movement, and his speed slowed down.
However, he escaped by chance, the needle just wiped his clothes.
At the same time, Zhao Donglai seemed to have succeeded.
“Stop him.”
Zhao Donglai was holding the wooden box, and he chased him in the same direction as Chen Feng fled.
Hearing the voice of the woman covering her face, the natural distinction that was originally going to chase Chen Feng did not hesitate to give up Chen Feng. Even if she continued to chase, Chen Feng would not be able to escape, so she turned around and stopped. Zhao Donglai.
Chen Feng just tried to flee for his life, without knowing what happened, and without the pursuit, he was also a lot easier.
Compared with Chen Feng, Zhao Donglai looked miserable.
He was stopped in front of and behind him. He was just thinking about how to get out, but he barely gave him any preparation time. The two women attacked him together, and he was still holding things in his hands. There was no chance of winning at all, unless he took things. Throw away.
Zhao Dongzi would not do this, this thing is more important than his life.
There was no way, he twisted his body vigorously, avoiding the tacit fists of the other two.
He complained so much that he even noticed that Chen Feng had disappeared.
This kind of support only lasted for a few rounds. His evasion was only slower. A steel needle was stuck in his wrist, his hand hurt, and he looked helplessly at the wooden box that could not be hugged and flew out.
The woman hiding her face was even quicker. When she saw something, she jumped up and grabbed it into her hands.
Zhao Donglai wanted to take it back, but was immediately blocked by another person.
“Lord Wolf, let’s take the first step when we get things.”
As if saying hello, she fled the treasure house without waiting for the thousand-faced snake wolf to react.
The other person forced Zhao Donglai back, and wanted to do the same to him.
“Stop playing, hurry up,” the woman covering her face said.
When she heard the shouting, she looked at Zhao Dong again. She was a little disappointed and said, “Unfortunately, I didn’t take any of them back. Otherwise, I plan to teach you a good lesson.”
After smiling charmingly at Zhao Donglai, he immediately followed.
Zhao Donglai covered his injured arm and groaned in pain. He found that the steel needle was poisonous, and his arm was immediately paralyzed. But looking at the two women, they both ran out of the cave.
He shuddered in his heart and grabbed the end of the steel needle with his other hand. He also knew it would be painful, but he still shot a fierce light from his eyes.
The steel needle fell on the ground, making a sound, and the blood that it brought out was mixed into the soil, and it instantly became dirty.
He also felt that the wound was too small, the blood flow was slow, and the toxins in it could penetrate the heart faster, so he scratched the wound even more with his hands.
The pain made him awake a little bit, glanced at the two masters who were still fighting, and then followed outside the empty mouth.
Chen Feng left the cave, his body could no longer support, but he still found a haystack to cover up his figure.
Not long after they came here, the two women also came out of the cave. They didn’t even care about the surrounding area. They looked for a direction and left in a hurry. Therefore, they did not see Chen Feng who was hiding in the dark.
And then, Chen Feng saw Zhao Donglai, his body trembling, as if he could not walk smoothly, but his expression was very anxious.
But after they came out, they disappeared, and they didn’t know where to chase for a while.
But unexpectedly, he looked around and saw Chen Feng who was hiding there. He walked over. At this time, Chen Feng had already lost his energy and was limp on the ground. Zhao Donglai kicked it with his foot, and Chen Feng reluctantly gave some reaction.
“Did you die?”
“There is still a breath.”
Knowing that Chen Feng was okay, Zhao Donglai sat down beside him.
“These two wives are really amazing. It’s estimated that most of this hand has been abolished. After you go back, you have to cultivate carefully, otherwise you will definitely suffer a dark injury.”
“What about things?” Chen Feng asked, seeing that there was no wooden box beside him.
Zhao Donglai replied irritably: “Don’t mention it, they naturally took things away. It’s just that I don’t know who they are for a while?”
Chen Feng knew, he replied: “It’s Molang.”
Zhao Donglai looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, “Desert wolves? The group of wolves in the desert that are the least dared to provoke?”
“It’s them!” Chen Feng affirmed.
“Did they dare to move Qianjia? This is not possible, and with the ability of a thousand-faced snake wolf, he shouldn’t be able to help Molang. That person acts aloof and looks down on Molang’s vicious approach.”
Chen Feng doesn’t know what the situation is with that person, but he knows the woman just now: “That woman has a wolf head with Molang’s head tattooed on her shoulders. It is indeed from Molang. Listening to the tone between them, they should indeed be cooperative. relation.”
Zhao Donglai was even more puzzled: “If this is the case, those who want to deal with the Qian Family, I think it is not just the Mowolf family. Although the Thousand-faced Snake Wolf also carries a wolf, it is a lone wolf. He was invited to deal with Qianhiroqian, This is already unimaginable, and it is even more impossible to cooperate with Mowolf.”
Chen Feng thought for a while, and said, “Who would it be? Since Emperor Taihao was taken away by Mowolf, their goal should also be Taihao’s secret hiding, but will the Sea Lion Tower choose to open it with them?”
Zhao Donglai also pondered for a moment and said, “Would you want to deal with Qianjia’s Sea Lion House? Well, it seems that this might be very big. If Molang doesn’t have a good relationship with Sea Lion House, even if they grab the Emperor Taihao, they can’t do anything about it. ”
But Chen Feng shook his head and said, “The Sea Lion Tower only cares about gifting Emperor Taihao. As for whose hands they are in, they don’t care. They will always be there when the Taihao Secret Store is opened anyway. So the Sea Lion Tower deals with Qianjia. I don’t think it is necessary.”
Zhao Donglai hesitated, but couldn’t think of other possibilities.
At this moment, another person floated out from the entrance of the cave, not someone else, but a thousand-faced snake wolf.
His alertness was high, and he saw the two Chen Feng hiding there at a glance.
Zhao Dong came to look at him, the thousand-faced snake wolf grinned, and said, “Just I seem to hear you talking about me?”
Both Chen Feng were shocked at the same time, they were talking quietly enough, but in front of the grandmaster, they still didn’t cover up.
Zhao Donglai swallowed, and said carefully, “I’m just curious why Seniors got mixed up with Molang.”
When he heard Molang, the Thousand-faced Snake Wolf was really arrogant, and immediately frowned, as if poking his sore spot, he gave Zhao Donglai a fierce look.

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