Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 957

Then, the old man said again: “Qian’er, when Qian’s family got this thing, but the loss was not small, we didn’t expect us to get it so easily.”
Qian’er was the name of the feminine woman. She smiled and said, “It’s all planned by the master. If there is no master to see at a glance…, what’s the matter with the master.”
Seeing the sudden change in the old man’s face, Qian’er asked hurriedly.
The old man was surprised, his face full of disbelief: “How can this be, how can this be fake, absolutely impossible.”
He picked up this plate-sized thing and placed it in his hand to examine it carefully, but no matter how much he looked at it, he couldn’t get back the indifferent just now.
This thing is indeed fake, and he sat back in his seat dejectedly.
Qian’er and the two looked at the old man in horror. They brought the thing back, but now they found it was fake. It is hard to guarantee that they would not doubt that they did this thing.
But it seems that the old man does not have this idea: “Thousands really do not lose sight of being the largest family in the desert.”
The woman covering her face was puzzled, and asked, “Master Xuelang, what is going on?”
The old man shook his head and slowly said: “They know our plan, so they will use the plan to make us think that what we have taken is real, and then wait for us to leave before taking out the real gifted emperor Taihao.”
Both women were surprised: “How is this possible? I saw Chihiro Ken cares so much about this thing with my own eyes.”
The old man chuckled: “Have you never heard of Tibetan wood in the forest. If I am not mistaken, in the Sunda Gate that you entered at the beginning, the real gift to the emperor Taihao is hidden in the pile of gold.”
The two women recalled that after entering the treasure house, they did not think that things were in the pile of gold without thinking. Maybe they only thought at the time that such precious things as the emperor Taihao must be treated specially, such as hiding in the middle. In the stone platform in the room.
But now it doesn’t help to be upset, Qian’er asked, “Master, what should we do now, Qianjia is so cunning, can we still get this thing?”
The old man put the two crushed copper balls in his hands on the table, and then said: “This time we naturally lost, but even so, we can’t make them feel better.”
“Master Xuelang, what do you want to do?” the woman hiding her face asked.
“Return to the other body by the way of the other, and we will also come to find the tactics.”
“Master, what do you mean? Are we going to fake one and deceive them?”
The old man shook his head and said, “No need.”
Then, he stared at the “Giant Emperor Taihao” in front of him, thinking about this, his expression solemn.
“They want us to believe this is true, so we believe it. If so, they can only be fake.”
Qian’er looked at the old man seemingly, but she didn’t ask any questions in her mind, but she felt that Qianjia would definitely not be well.
As for why she believed so, it was only because of countless demonstrations.
As the old man said, he stood up very neatly and said, “You can dispose of this thing at will.”
Then he also walked out of the lake pavilion and walked towards the shore.
Only the two of them were left, Qian’er laughed at herself: “The thing is fake, but fortunately, I didn’t get punished, otherwise it would be really thankless.”
The woman covering her face just glanced at her, then picked up the “Giant Emperor Taihao” placed in front of her and looked at it carefully.
“What’s the use of this thing? It’s just a fake.” Qian’er said irritably after not being answered, asking herself to be boring.
“Don’t you understand what Master Xuelang said?” the other party asked rhetorically.
Qian’er was a little embarrassed, she did not understand, but in front of the other person, she was the most reluctant to admit that she was inferior to her, so she bit the bullet and said, “How can I not understand if it is so simple, it’s you, yes. It’s not that I misunderstood. If I look so carefully here, can I see anything.”
The other party didn’t care about what Qian’er said, she just said to herself: “Since we have not dealt with Qianjia right now, then we can directly proclaim that things are in our hands. Except Qianjia himself, no one knows the truth and publicizes the matter. , It’s not real or real at that time. Master Xuelang’s move is really simple, but it’s also effective.”
Qian’er was stunned, but her face was not revealed. She didn’t want the other party to see her thoughts, but she also admired the clever strategy in her heart.
In just one day, the entire desert was shaken.
Molang acted on Qianjia and took away the treasure of Qianjia. What he saw at the exhibition that day was just a fake.
This message, like a bolt from the blue, frightened countless people.
They didn’t care about being deceived, but whether the desert was going to change to the sky, the desert wolves were fierce, and hundreds of families died in their hands.
If even Qianjia couldn’t control Mowolf, does it mean that Mowolf has to cover the sky with one hand.
They were naturally worried that more people came to Qianjia to inquire about information.
Bai Xing was one of them, but Qianjia refused all visitors because of something at home.
Naturally, Bai Xing was not reconciled. He found Chen Feng. Chen Feng was in Qianjia now, so he could always know something.
On a road with people coming and going, a white Land Rover stopped by the side of the road, and a young man walked down from above. He looked anxious, got out of the car, and rushed into the restaurant aside.
However, parking was forbidden here. When someone saw it, they called him.
“Sir, parking is not allowed here, you will affect the passage of other people.”
But the young man didn’t even look back, just rushed into the restaurant, and after a while, someone came over and posted a fine on his car, but that’s something to say.
After he rushed into the restaurant, it was very lively inside. The small storefront was full of seven or eight tables, and he only found the person he wanted to find at a glance.
He walked over, and Chen Feng was taking a big mouthful. He noticed that someone was coming. He didn’t even lift his head. He just said, “Sit down.”
The young man sat down as he said, but he was very nervous when he saw it, and he didn’t dare to sit still.
“What do you want to ask about Qianjia?” Chen Feng asked.
The young man nodded hurriedly: “Yes.”
Chen Feng asked again: “Did Bai Xing introduce you?”
The young man nodded again.
Chen Feng put down his chopsticks, picked up a paper towel from the side and wiped it, then put the things in the wastebasket on the side, and slowly said, “The message is very simple. It is true. Molang grabbed things from a thousand families. And it’s what I saw with my own eyes.”
After confirming the message, the other party didn’t know whether to relax or how, his expression looked complicated, with fear but also helplessness.
“Let me ask, what do you want to do?”

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