Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 959

Indeed, as Chen Feng said, Qianjia’s situation is not optimistic.
Qian Xueqiu was helpless, so she lowered her head and thought about it carefully before slowly saying to Chen Feng, “I’m sorry, Shao Chen.”
Chen Feng smiled.
He didn’t say anything, and took the pastry out of the box. The pastry was flowery white, with several shapes, small and delicate, and looked quite appetizing.
Chen Feng took out a slice, then handed it to Qian Xueqiu, and asked him to eat some too.
Qian Xueqiu didn’t want to eat, but just after talking with Chen Feng, already knowing Chen Feng’s character, he took out a slice according to Chen Feng’s intention.
When you put something in your mouth, there is a fragrance of osmanthus, sweet in the mouth, it is indeed a good specialty.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “I really want to deal with Molang.”
When Qian Xueqiu heard Chen Feng’s words, she finally sighed and put on a standard smile again: “So, what about cooperating with Shao Chen?”
Chen Feng shook his head: “I will not cooperate with you.”
Qian Xueqiu exclaimed, “Why? This is a good thing for Chen Shao.”
“Because Qianjia is rotten, and rotten. Just letting Molang know your plan has shown that some of you are not credible, but no one knows who the hiding person is?” Chen Feng slowly said.
Together with Qian Xueqiu’s silence, he naturally knew what Chen Feng meant.
“But Chen Shao, although Qianjia has problems, in general, the advantages must outweigh the disadvantages. Haven’t you ever thought that Qianjia has a master, which is a great help that can never be ignored.”
Chen Feng didn’t think so.
The prerequisite for cooperation is fairness, and as Qian Xueqiu said, Qianjia has the realm of masters, which was unfair from the beginning.
Then to deal with Molang, Qianjia will first use those small families as sacrifices based on their own advantages.
Chen Feng didn’t want to see this, so he refused decisively.
Looking at Qian Xueqiu, it seemed that he couldn’t immediately understand. Chen Feng didn’t bother to explain to him, so he said, “Just tell Chihiro Yi what I think, and he will understand what I mean.”
It seems that Chen Feng did refuse very firmly. Qian Xueqiu wanted to say more, but could only give up.
It was naturally impossible to take away the Yunni Cake. He just ate a slice and didn’t even taste the taste. He kept thinking of Chen Feng’s words in his heart.
But after all, I didn’t think about it.
Chihiro Yi then learned about Chen Feng’s thoughts and didn’t say anything. It seemed that he had expected Chen Feng would not agree, and he didn’t even make any response.
But Qian Xueqiu was still curious, and asked: “Patriarch, if Chen Shao and the others really unite, it is a lot of power. Cooperating with them, it will naturally be much easier to deal with the desert wolf.”
Chihiro Yidao: “This thing ends here.”
Qian Xueqiu was a little surprised, he didn’t know why the Patriarch would deny it so decisively.
And Qianxunyi then asked, “Is there anything happening in Molang now?”
“A few days ago, they were preaching that our thousands of families were robbed of treasures. We caught a few of them. It seems that they were deliberately removing the prestige of our thousands of families, so they did so.”
Chihiro Yi nodded, and then said, “What about the Sea Lion Tower?”
Qian Xueqiu didn’t know how to answer.
He has never been in contact, and this kind of thing has never been accessible to him, but I don’t know why the Patriarch mentioned it now.
Did he forget.
Qian Xueqiu thought so.
He thought for a while, and said truthfully: “Patriarch, I don’t know anything about the Sea Lion Tower.”
Chihiro Art seemed to have forgotten, and he was a little stunned, and then said, “I forgot, you have never touched it.”
Qian Xueqiu remained silent, and the faint desire for Chihiro Art in his heart would allow him to get in touch with these things a little bit further, then he could really come into contact with the core personnel of Qianjia.
Unfortunately, Chihiro Art has no words.
Qian Xueqiu’s goodbye farewell, but she always feels sad in her heart. For Qianjia to work hard like this, she is always far from trust.
He didn’t know when he could truly be recognized by Qianjia.
Back to his residence, his mother was holding the soles of her shoes.
Qian Xueqiu’s mother, Shen Aoxue is nearly half a hundred women, her temples are already a little gray, and her eyes are squinted while holding the soles, which doesn’t seem to be very good.
But this is rare in Qianjia.
Even at this age, the women of Qianjia are properly maintained, and they can’t see how old they are at all.
And Qian Xueqiu saw that his mother was wearing a needle eye there, but after searching for it for a long time, he didn’t get it in. He hurriedly walked over and shouted, “I’ll come.”
Shen Aoxue looked up and saw Qian Xueqiu coming back, with a smile on her wrinkled face: “Have you come back?”
“Well. I went to see the Patriarch again today.”
Shen Aoxue said relaxedly: “Qiu’er, you have to do things for the Patriarch. If the Patriarch is not for the poor, we still don’t have a place to settle down.”
Qian Xueqiu nodded and said, “I know.”
He had already received the needle, threaded the thread in, and then passed the needle back before saying, “Mom, you don’t want to do this. Your eyes are not good. It’s too much effort.”
Shen Aoxue said: “If I can’t be idle, I just want to do something.”
Qian Xueqiu knew that she couldn’t persuade him. After so many years, her mother had been toiling, and she really let her relax, instead of getting used to it.
“Well, pay more attention.” As he said, he walked towards the house, and when he reached the door, he suddenly remembered something and said, “Mom, is there still no information from that person?”
Shen Aoxue sighed, “Qiu’er, can’t you call him a father?”
Qian Xueqiu did not answer, and Shen Aoxue continued: “Still not, but he said that he will come back to find us, and he will definitely come back.”
Qian Xueqiu said with an indifferent expression, “Mom, I don’t think you should go to the old house every day. It is so far away, two hours after a trip, and there is no car.”
But Shen Aoxue shook her head and said, “It’s okay, I’ll take it as an exercise.”
The old house was the place where Qian Xueqiu lived before returning to Qian’s family. It was remote, but Qian Xueqiu also lived there for more than ten years. He has been there since he has a memory.
And Shen Aoxue went over to wait for that person’s message. She was afraid that after that person returned, she would not be able to find them.
“If you are not at ease, I will find someone where is, if there is a message, he can notify you immediately.”
Qian Xueqiu persuaded Shen Aoxue to give up many times, but he was unsuccessful, so he thought of another way.
But Shen Aoxue still said, “How to let others do it is our own business.”
“It’s okay, I can give the money.”

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