Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 96

Bai Jiuling sighed, his uneasiness in his heart became stronger and stronger. He always felt that he had overlooked something, that Chen Feng was definitely not that simple.
At this time, Li Qiuyan’s phone rang.
“Son, it’s your Uncle Li’s phone number. It is estimated that he has caught the bastard.” Li Qiuyan glanced at the caller ID and smiled triumphantly.
“Mom, pick it up, let Uncle Li quickly bring that bastard back!” Bai Guangyi said excitedly, he couldn’t wait to see Chen Feng kneeling down and begging for mercy.
“Okay, OK, mom will answer it.” Li Qiuyan smiled and pressed the answer.
“Li Qiuyan!” Li Yan’s gritted teeth came from over there.
“Li Di, why didn’t you bring that bastard back? My son is still waiting to break his bones.” Li Qiuyan didn’t hear it at all. Li Di’s tone was not right, and she still said with confidence.
Li Yan was itching with anger and asked your son to break other people’s bones. Your son’s bones were almost broken.
“Li Qiuyan, you should come to Jinling Hotel immediately.” Li Yan suppressed the anger in his chest and said calmly.
“What are you going to do to Jinling Hotel? I have to take care of Guangyi in the hospital. You can bring people back directly.” Li Qiuyan naturally ordered.
Li Yan’s teeth creaked and said, “I don’t want to go to the hospital. You will bring your son over immediately, otherwise I will let them go!”
After speaking, Li Qian hung up the phone. It was impossible for him to tell Li Qiuyan that his leg was interrupted, so Li Qiuran would take Bai Guangyi away without hesitation.
“What? Let people go?! Li Yan, what do you mean, do you want to do it?” Li Qiuyan said sharply.
Seeing Li Qian dared to hang up his phone, Li Qiuyan’s expression was immediately pale with anger.
“Mom, what’s the matter? Did Uncle Li missed it?” Bai Guangyi asked uncomfortably.
Li Qiuyan shook her head and said, “There should be none, but that old Li Li, let me take you there, otherwise he will let the bastard go.”
“Okay, then go to the hotel, anyway, I have to kill that bastard today.” Bai Guangyi gritted his teeth, he didn’t even consider the possibility of Li Li’s miss.
“Don’t go there! He may be controlled by that Chen Feng.” Bai Jiuling, realizing that something was wrong, reminded him aloud.
It’s okay not to say Bai Jiuling, this said, it made Li Qiuyan feel uncomfortable.
“Bai Jiuling, if you’re scared, you don’t have to go, and our wife will go there. Anyway, our son doesn’t expect you to be a father.” Li Qiuyan sneered.
“Unreasonably making trouble! You don’t want to think, if Li Yan really succeeds, why don’t you bring people here, but ask you to go there?” Bai Jiuling asked angrily.
“Heh, do you mean that Li Li betrayed me?” Li Qiuyan smiled disdainfully, and said: “I really don’t know what you think. Our Li family has raised Li Li for more than 30 years and raised him from the early days of Ming Jin to In the late Ming Jin period, the cultivation resources that our Li family spent on him over the years are worth three to four billion! If he dares to betray my Li family, he will face the pursuit of other masters in my Li family. At that time, he had only one end. That’s death!”
Bai Jiuling wanted to say something, but Li Qiuyan just packed up and got up. Before leaving, she mocked: “Bai Jiuling, I have recognized your essence. You are a timid coward! This time you will watch it. , See how I help my son out of this breath!”
Fifteen minutes later, Li Qiuyan took Bai Guangyi to the Jinling Hotel, and Bai Jiuling followed.
As soon as he entered the room, Bai Guangyi saw Chen Feng who was leisurely drinking tea.
Bai Guangyi’s eyes suddenly burst into anger, and he almost didn’t feel sore in the hospital, but this bastard was drinking tea here leisurely!
“Son, is this bastard who interrupted your hand?” Li Qiuyan pointed at Chen Feng with an aura and said coldly.
“Mom, it’s him!” Bai Guangyi gritted his teeth.
Li Qiuyan’s face was cold, and without saying anything, she strode in front of Chen Feng, raising her hand to prepare to slap Chen Feng first.
Unexpectedly, as soon as she raised her hand, she was tightly bound by a big hand.
“Bai Jiuling! What are you doing!” Seeing that it was her husband who was holding her wrist, Li Qiuyan immediately became furious.
Bai Jiuling was full of anger, and she slapped Li Qiuyan’s face with a slap in the face.
“Vixen! When are you going to make trouble?!”
Li Qiuyan covered her face, eyes full of incredible, why does Bai Jiuling slap her at this time?
“Brother Tai, why are you here?” At this time, Bai Guangyi finally found Yang Tai and Pang Dongqi in the corner. But why is Yang Tai here? And why did he calmly watch Chen Feng sitting there drinking tea? Doesn’t he want to avenge Yang Qing?
A terrible idea suddenly appeared in Bai Guangyi’s mind. This person from Cangzhou is probably not a hillbilly!
“Young Master Yang!” Li Qiuyan was also stunned. She had heard of Yang Tai’s name, the prince of Jinling. Bai Guangyi was able to achieve this achievement today, and Yang Tai’s support is inseparable.
“Bai Guangyi, you are so capable!” Yang Tai said coldly while looking at Bai Guangyi with a gloomy expression.
“Brother Tai, you…what do you mean?” Bai Guangyi smiled dryly.
“Also pretend to me!” Yang Tai shouted angrily and said coldly, “Did you just send someone to trouble Shao Chen?!”
With a bang, Bai Guangyi only felt that a thunder was exploding in his mind, did he hear it right?
Shao Chen!
Yang Tai actually called this hillbilly Shao Chen!
Li Qiuyan’s face also turned pale, she finally understood why Bai Jiuling had slapped her just now, and Li Di, she vowed to promise that she would not guarantee her Li Di, she had never seen her since she entered the door!
“Brother Tai, I…I…” Bai Guangyi spoke a little bit sharply, and even Yang Tai didn’t dare to offend him. He couldn’t imagine the background of Chen Feng.
“Shao Chen, how to deal with this idiot?” Yang Tai turned his gaze to Chen Feng. Bai Guangyi’s life is now in Chen Feng’s hand. As long as Chen Feng gives a word, he can make Bai Guangyi disappear.
“Stop your hand, are you not convinced?” Chen Feng glanced at Bai Guangyi calmly and said lightly.
“Shao Chen, I…I serve…” Bai Guangyi wiped the cold sweat from his head and stammered.
“Serve?” Chen Feng smiled contemptuously, and suddenly closed his smile: “Will you still send someone to serve?!”
The overwhelming pressure swept through, and Bai Guangyi instantly fell to the ground and was so scared that he could not speak.
“Chen Shao, I sent this person. It has nothing to do with my son. Please let my son go.” Li Qiuyan knelt directly in front of Chen Feng with a puff, begging, without the slightest arrogance.

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