Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 965

Someone started whispering immediately, and Chen Feng watched, but did not stop.
At this time, someone asked, “Shao Chen, did the thousand family tell you personally?”
Without waiting for Chen Feng to answer, some people couldn’t see it and said, “Do you suspect that Chen Shao is lying to us? If you really think so, you don’t deserve to stay here.”
This person spoke very aggressively, and the face of the person who had just asked the question immediately changed. Chen Feng was afraid that the infighting would begin without uniting, so he hurriedly persuaded: “Suspects are also normal. Everyone can keep this vigilance. I think The plan and the road are good things.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the two men stopped each other and did not really quarrel.
Chen Fengcai said again: “It’s a pity to tell everyone that Qianjia didn’t really say this.”
Someone’s face was immediately surprised and even suspicious.
But Chen Feng immediately said: “However, I saw with my own eyes that the man who bestowed Emperor Taihao was taken away by Molang. I don’t know if you have heard of the grandmaster of Qianjia.”
Many of you have been in contact with these people, so they are still familiar with the divisions in the martial arts world. Grandmaster is already the highest state of martial arts, and they have heard of it more or less.
“You all know how great a grandmaster is, and even think that if there are grandmaster guards in thousands of families, how could it be taken away by Mowolf, but I told you that Mowolf actually invited one to move. Maybe someone has heard that Ever, a thousand-faced snake-wolf who is known as no one is not.”
Sure enough, as soon as this statement came out, it immediately aroused discussion. These people really knew what they knew, and they also introduced what they knew to the people around them.
After a while, everyone accepted this fact.
But accepting it does not mean that they are not afraid. The cruelty of Mowolves lies in their bad methods. They use assassinations to plunder other families’ wealth.
If it weren’t for a thousand families with a little check and balance, I’m afraid the entire desert will be controlled by the desert wolf.
If you say it, isn’t there any other master who checks and balances the desert wolf? Chen Feng had also been curious about this question, but the answer he got was that no one would do anything to Molang, even as long as he did not emerge from the desert, he could do anything.
This is also the reason why the people here panic about Mowolf. When Qianjia also falls, they won’t even have the only power they can rely on. At that time, they will only be taken and seized by Mowolf.
Someone immediately asked, “Shao Chen, do you think Qianjia will retaliate again? Is it possible for him to defeat Molang again.”
Some people wanted to know this, too, and everyone looked at Chen Feng.
“Maybe not recently.” Chen Feng just gave such an ambiguous answer.
And this is not what they hoped, some people are a little disappointed.
Chen Feng said again: “But don’t worry, everyone. When Molang is fighting with Qianjia and can’t worry about us, then we need to seek our own interests even more.”
Everyone didn’t have much support, and they didn’t seem to think that they could get any benefits from the struggle between Molang and Qianjia.
The banquet ended soon, and everyone dispersed.
When Bai Xing and Chen Feng walked together, he said, “These guys are afraid of being bullied. It’s okay to let them hug and keep warm, but they don’t have the courage to let them deal with Molang.”
Just looking at the expressions of those people, Chen Feng already knew this fact.
“Let’s take one step at a time. I have never placed hope on their group of people. If you really want to deal with Mowolf, you still have to look at Qianjia. All we can do is give Mowolf aside. Some little tricks.”
Bai Xing nodded, but as he was walking, he saw a group of people gathered around on the street in front of him, seeming to be doing something.
The two didn’t care, they just wanted to pass by.
As he passed by, Chen Feng glanced inside. The group was surrounded by a half-year-old child. The child’s mouth was bleeding and his face was blue. It seemed that he had been beaten by this group of guys.
One of the guys yelled, “Why didn’t you bring the money? Are you fucking not playing enough?”
The child hurriedly begged for mercy. He said, “Brother Yang, please allow me a few more days. I’m really nervous during these few days. After two days, I will get the money and I will definitely return it to you.”
“You fucking have to be forgiving. How many days have passed.” The young man called Yang Ge slapped the half-old child on the head, and the other party dodged in fright.
But this made Brother Yang very upset: “You still dare to hide, are you impatient to live.”
The child was crying and apologized: “Brother Yang, I was wrong, I was really wrong. If you have a large amount, give me two more days. My sister, you know, my sister will be paid soon. When she takes the money, I will send it to you immediately.”
Chen Feng, who was still a little pitiful for this child, frowned upon hearing this.
Bai Xing sensed Chen Feng’s emotions and asked, “Do you want to save this child?”
Chen Feng glanced at him, thought about it, and walked to the side of the group of guys.
“Let him go, I will pay him back his money.” Chen Feng said lightly.
Brother Yang took all of his accomplices and turned to look at Chen Feng, but after seeing Chen Feng’s appearance, his face wore a scornful smile.
“There are still people who come here to rush the hero.”
“He’s not in his head, and he also takes the initiative to pay people back, so why don’t you have any problems?”
Everyone laughed, and Bai Xing angrily said, “Stop talking nonsense, how much money does this guy owe you. We just pay it back for him.”
Brother Yang smiled and said, “Since someone has brought it to the door, don’t let it go for nothing, you say so.”
His companion laughed again.
“In fact, this guy doesn’t owe much, six hundred thousand. You see if it is cash or transfer, but this cash seems to be too much, I think you still transfer.”
Six hundred thousand is not much for Chen Feng, but for this ordinary person, it may not be possible to save it in a few years.
When Chen Feng was about to speak, the child watched as several people put their attention on Chen Feng. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he slipped into the lane.
As soon as Brother Yang noticed something was wrong, he shouted for someone to chase him.
The two of Chen Feng just stood there watching them catch up. Although the child was injured very badly, but his skills were really agile, the iron gate, he climbed a few times and passed, and then violently Running wildly, the few guys that Brother Yang had just turned over the iron gate.
Seeing that they couldn’t catch up, they all gave up. They also knew that as long as he was let go, it would not be easy to catch him.
But when he looked back, he found that Chen Feng and the two were still there, and Brother Yang laughed again.

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