Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 966

Brother Yang and the others were also afraid that Chen Feng and the others turned and ran, so they hurried over from there.
“Boy, you are good enough, you don’t even run.” When he came to him, Brother Yang praised: “However, what you said just now counts.”
Chen Feng nodded, “Is there an IOU? I can’t give you money for nothing.”
Brother Yang smiled and said, “Sure, we are all decent people. We owe debts and pay off. Of course, we are ready to take notes.”
As he said, he instructed a guy on the side to take out the IOU from his purse. He took it and gestured in front of Chen Feng: “This is the IOU, you give the money, I will give you things, and that kid from now on I won’t bother with the money I owe again.”
Chen Feng wanted to take over, but Yang Ge avoided vigilantly: “Pay the money with one hand, and receive the goods with the other.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “How do I know if this is true?”
Brother Yang thought for a while, and said, “Forget it, just show it to you. Anyway, you two can’t escape here.”
Then, the things were handed to Chen Feng’s hands.
In fact, there is not much useful information above, and Chen Feng just glanced at it.
The kid who just ran away should be the Wu Cheng written on the IOU, and the borrowed money is not much, only 50,000 yuan, but the high interest is scary.
It turns out that this is a loan shark, but I don’t know why I borrowed it.
But Chen Feng thought of the child’s words just now, but he didn’t think that the other party was justified. There was nothing to say about someone who could grab the money from his own sister.
“Why, don’t you want to pay it back?” Brother Yang looked at Chen Feng hesitantly, afraid that he would repent, “I tell you, if you dare to play Lao Tzu, and now people let you go, your damn must be here to atone for Lao Tzu. .”
Bai Xing couldn’t hear him, and wanted to step forward to teach him.
Chen Feng said, “Money can be given to you, but I want to ask you one thing.”
Hearing this, Brother Yang’s attitude eased a little, but he still said impatiently: “If you have anything to say, you can say anything if you have the money.”
Chen Feng said, “You find someone to take me to the kid’s house, and then you follow this guy to get the money.”
Brother Yang looked at Chen Feng hesitantly, wondering what Chen Feng was thinking.
“That’s fine, but that kid will definitely not be at home. Now his sister probably hasn’t gotten off work yet, and you won’t see anyone there.”
Chen Feng didn’t care, and then followed the thin man pointed to by Brother Yang to one side, while Bai Xing reluctantly led someone to withdraw money at Chen Feng’s request.
Chen Feng asked, “How does the kid owe you money?”
The thin man looked at Chen Feng with grunting eyes, and said, “If you lose, you’re addicted.”
Chen Feng didn’t ask too much. Although he guessed that the kid had a bad behavior, he still confirmed it now.
After a while, it seemed that the walk was getting more and more remote. Chen Feng felt strange and said, “Is this the way to go?”
But the thin man suddenly looked at Chen Feng with a smirk, and he took out a dagger from his hand.
“What are you doing?” Chen Feng didn’t understand, he gave them a sum of money for nothing, but now he still wants to do this kind of thing. Isn’t it a superfluous act?
“You are really rich if you can take out six hundred thousand at will. Then you might as well give two more flowers to the Lord now. Anyway, for you, it’s just a small amount of money.”
Chen Feng shook his head. This person was really greedy, but he thought it would be the same with Bai Xing, and he guessed that when Bai Xing gave them the money, they would grab it again.
Although Chen Feng had money, he wouldn’t ask for it so casually, he would just give it.
“If you put down the knife now and then take me to find the child’s house, I can let you go.” Chen Feng said.
The thin man seemed to be amused, gestured to the dagger in his hand, and smiled: “Can’t you see what this is? If you cut a knife on you, it will bleed.”
“I’ll give you one last chance.” Chen Feng said.
“I’m going, I don’t think you can give up on the Yellow River.” As he said, the thin man took a knife and was about to make a knife on Chen Feng’s body.
Chen Feng squeezed the opponent’s wrist with one hand, and the thin man hurriedly screamed, and the dagger fell to the ground with a clang.
“Do you want any more money now?” Chen Feng asked.
“No more, no more. Just let me go, it hurts…”
Chen Feng then kicked him out, and the thin man fell to the ground fiercely.
He rubbed his butt and looked at Chen Feng in fear.
Chen Feng said, “Take me to that child’s house.”
The thin man rubbed and didn’t want to stand up. Chen Feng glared at him, and the thin man stood up numbly.
After this lesson, he dared not play any tricks, so he had to take Chen Feng to the child’s address.
This is an old-fashioned apartment building with mottled walls and no one is seen when I walk in.
“That’s it, the house with the door closed is his house.”
While the thin man was talking, Chen Feng’s phone rang, it was Bai Xing’s.
After the connection, as expected, the group of guys did the same thing to Bai Xing. Naturally, Bai Xing taught them all, and didn’t even give them the money, but he was worried about Chen Feng, so Asked.
Chen Feng is naturally fine.
He hung up the phone, looked at the thin man, and said, “Your companions have the same idea, but they are probably lying on the side of the road now.”
The thin man looked horrified, afraid of what Chen Feng would do to him.
Chen Feng ignored him and walked towards the house the thin man was pointing at.
The thin man took advantage of this moment and wanted to escape. Chen Feng paid attention, but he let him go. The thin man rushed out as if he had lost his soul.
The door next door to Wu Cheng’s house happened to be open, and when Chen Feng walked over, an old man was walking out of it.
Chen Feng stepped forward and asked, “Master, is this Wu Cheng’s family?”
Uncle’s ear, Chen Feng asked again in a loud voice, but after he heard it clearly, he showed a look of fear, and even quickly denied: “No, it’s not here.”
Chen Feng probably guessed what the old man was thinking, but when he said this, he already admitted that he knew Wu Cheng.
Chen Feng said softly, “Uncle, I didn’t come here to trouble Wu Cheng. Don’t worry.”
The uncle seemed to still not believe it, so Chen Feng also insisted on him to admit it.
It’s like asking about the situation of the old man as usual, and speaking of himself, the old man is not so scrupulous, but his life experience is also very sad, childless, and living by collecting rags.
Although Chen Feng felt sorry for the other party, he could not help everyone, so Chen Feng would not bother him with his life.
Not long after, Chen Feng noticed that someone seemed to be looking here, he turned around and looked at it, hiding a figure in the distance.

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