Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 967

It is not difficult to tell from the height that it was Wu Cheng, but Wu Cheng naturally recognized Chen Feng, but he was also defensive not to approach him.
Chen Feng thought for a while, as if he hadn’t seen it, he just continued to chat. After a while, he got up to leave as if it was not early.
Wu Cheng hid in that corner, just pretending that Chen Feng did not see him, thinking that he would go out again when Chen Feng left.
Walking slowly, Chen Feng didn’t watch Wu Cheng hiding in the place either.
But when Wu Cheng thought Chen Feng was about to walk over, a hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed his collar.
“Let go of me!” Wu Cheng shouted loudly.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “I’m afraid that if I let you go, you will run away.”
Wu Chengdao: “You let me go, I promise not to run.”
Chen Feng said, “I can’t believe this.”
“Then what do you want, I don’t owe you money, what are you doing with me.”
“I just think you are owed, so I want to…”
“What are you doing, let my brother go.” Before Chen Feng finished speaking, there was a thin girl standing at the intersection. She was not tall and had small limbs, just like a child.
Chen Feng looked at her, this girl should be his sister Wu Cheng heard.
He smiled at the girl: “I didn’t do anything.”
With that said, he also put down Wu Cheng.
Wu Cheng ran away to the girl in fear and hid behind her, but a girl who was not as big as Wu Cheng could not cover her at all.
“Are you okay? Did you get into trouble outside again?” The girl asked with concern, but then thought of Wu Cheng’s temperament, and then questioned.
Wu Cheng hurriedly shook his head: “I don’t even know him.”
This is not wrong. Wu Cheng does not know Chen Feng, but only meets Chen Feng on the road.
“I know about your siblings, so come and ask.” Chen Feng said.
He didn’t tell the girl about Wu Cheng’s loan sharking, and it seemed that the girl didn’t know.
“Then who are you?” The girl still looked at Chen Feng alertly.
Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “A very ordinary person.”
Then he said to Wu Cheng: “That group of guys might still come to you. I wanted to help you, but those guys were too greedy. I taught them a lesson. Now they can only spread the fire on you. On the body.”
Hearing what Chen Feng said, Wu Cheng naturally understood what he meant, but his face became ugly.
The girl immediately understood that her brother might be in trouble again, and she wanted to question him.
But before she could speak, a black van stopped at the intersection not far in front of them, and then seven or eight guys descended from above, the leader of which was Brother Yang.
There was a bandage on his face, and the other people were more or less hurt. It should have been hurt by Bai Xing.
After they got off the car, they saw Wu Cheng standing at the intersection and Chen Feng in front of his brother.
And just noticed that Brother Yang, Wu Cheng was obviously more frightened than Chen Feng, and he ran towards Chen Feng while pulling his sister, even subconsciously using Chen Feng as a protection.
Brother Yang was a little flustered. Originally, they just wanted to find Wu Cheng to vent, but they didn’t expect Chen Feng to be here.
I suffered a loss from Bai Xing, so I was very careful with Chen Feng.
“You… why are you still here?” Brother Yang was surprised.
Chen Feng said, “Naturally, I am waiting for you here.”
Brother Yang was even more surprised. He came here only temporarily, but Chen Zi showed it all.
He thought for a while and said, “Since this big brother is here, then we won’t bother and go.”
As he said, the group of people who had just gotten off immediately sat back down again, even at a faster speed just now.
Chen Feng didn’t plan to treat them, so he didn’t care.
Waiting for the other party’s car to leave, then look at Wu Cheng’s sister and brother.
“Do you want to thank me, I can help you drive this group of people away.”
The girl was still a little confused. She stared at Chen Feng’s eyes and said, “These people are here to find my brother. You helped him.”
Chen Feng nodded, but only smiled.
“Why are you doing this?”
In the girl’s mind, if a person does something, there is always a purpose, so she is afraid that Chen Feng’s real purpose is her.
But she also knew that this purpose would always be repaid.
“It’s just occasional kindness.” Chen Feng said: “However, now I am leaving, will those guys come over for a while, but next time, I won’t be able to tell.”
The girl wanted to say something, but when Chen Feng left, she just watched.
But when Chen Feng walked out only a few hundred meters, Wu Cheng caught up.
“Brother, wait a minute.”
Chen Feng turned his head, looked at Wu Cheng in a hurry, and asked, “What’s the matter?”
Wu Cheng said, “My sister asked me to come over and thank you.”
Seeing him reluctantly, as if being forced to come over, Chen Feng didn’t take it to heart, just asked, “Any other things?”
Wu Cheng’s pair of eyeballs kept turning, seeming to be thinking about something. He leaned in front of Chen Feng and whispered: “Big brother, you helped me, is it because you are in love with my sister.”
Guessing that Wu Cheng might be thinking of some horrible idea, Chen Feng coldly denied, “No, I just can’t understand it.”
Wu Cheng didn’t agree. He said, “Brother, just admit it. If you really like my sister, I’ll help you. If you sneak over at night, I can open the door for you. Money, after all, is not good for my sister’s health.”
Talking about how to betray his sister like that really made Chen Feng feel sick. This guy was completely hopeless.
An unnamed anger surged in Chen Feng’s heart. Wu Cheng wanted to say something, and looked at Chen Feng expectantly, but suddenly felt that Chen Feng’s face suddenly changed, and he was also afraid.
Looking at Chen Feng blankly, he didn’t expect Chen Feng to clasp a hand on Wu Cheng’s neck.
Chen Feng was very strong. After a while, Wu Cheng’s face flushed red. He struggled to untie Chen Feng’s palm, but the pair of vises remained firmly motionless.
Seeing that Wu Chengcheng was about to be strangled to death, Chen Feng let him go and threw him aside.
Wu Cheng only felt that his throat was loose and he could breathe, he gasped desperately, trying to make up for what he had just missed.
“If you dare to make any bad idea to your sister, I will tell you, I will make you dead and ugly.” Chen Feng said coldly.
Wu Cheng also seemed to have fled back from the gate of a ghost, feeling lingering with Chen Feng, and nodded again and again, indicating that he would never dare to do this again.
Naturally, Chen Feng wouldn’t believe it easily, but he was helpless. After all, this was a family affair for someone else’s family, and he couldn’t manage it so clearly.

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