Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 970

And even if Chen Feng could fight again, could he still deal with dozens of people, if they all brought weapons, I am afraid that even if Chen Feng is not dead, he will be crippled.
The more Brother Yang thought about it, the more possible it became.
He pondered and said, “Although I don’t know where that kid lives, I think that kid seems to be a little bit interested in the dog’s sister. If I can hold that woman, I don’t believe that kid will does not appear.”
“What are you waiting for, let’s pass now!”
Brother Yang thought about it, there seemed to be nothing to hesitate, so he nodded and agreed.
The efficiency of a group of people was really high. What was just decided, just a few minutes later, the cars at the door of the warehouse started one by one.
At this time, Wu Xin had just returned from the restaurant. She changed her casual clothes and walked on the road alone, thinking about what happened in the restaurant today.
Thinking of the man I met by chance today, but here seems to have saved her life.
Even now, she doesn’t even know his name, maybe she should say thank you at that time.
But she also thought of the woman next to Chen Feng. She was so beautiful. She was not comparable to her. She even felt inferiority complex inexplicably. Although life has not been very good all the time, Wu Xin has never Never feel that you are inferior to others.
It’s like she can drink that glass of wine, but she can’t do it by letting her sit down and accompany the guest.
There is so much self-esteem in my heart.
After thinking about it, I realized that I was almost home.
But the lights at home are off, and I don’t know where Wu Cheng is going crazy now.
Their siblings and their parents died early, and only she could barely make a living by working outside, but she didn’t have time to discipline Wu Cheng. He dropped out of school when he arrived in junior high school.
Wu Xin could only shook her head. She really didn’t know what to do with this matter.
Opened the door and turned on the lights. Wu Cheng was indeed not at home. Wu Xin hadn’t eaten yet. She turned on the refrigerator. There was not much left in the refrigerator. She could only order a bowl of noodles for herself.
While waiting for the noodles to ripen, she still remembered Chen Feng’s appearance, accidentally the noodle soup overflowed.
She hurriedly opened the lid and shook her head vigorously.
“That’s not what I can think of. We are not the same kind of people.”
She told herself.
But at this moment, the door of the room was knocked, Wu Xin didn’t think it would be Wu Cheng, he himself had the key and wouldn’t knock on the door.
But at this time, someone will come over.
“Quickly open the door!” Then I heard the rough man’s voice.
Wu Xin was taken aback. Naturally, he didn’t dare to open the door again. I thought that there was no one in the dress writer, but the light in the living room was on, and I could see it from the side window.
She hides in the bedroom, the noodles on the stove are still in the pot, but how can she care about the noodles at this time, just hope that the guys outside will leave after they can’t call anyone.
But seeing that the knocking on the door didn’t work, they climbed to the side window and looked inside. Naturally, they couldn’t see anyone. One of them was annoyed. He picked up the steel pipe in his hand and broke the glass.
Wu Xin was even more frightened by the sound of glass breaking. She didn’t know if they had come in, but she didn’t even dare to look outside. She could only think about it and get more frightened, hoping that someone could come and save her.
And somehow Chen Feng’s face suddenly appeared in her mind.
Brother Yang brought a group of people to find Wu Xin. When he reached the door, Brother Yang went to knock on the door himself, but just after knocking, the fat man behind him yelled.
Even Brother Yang was scared, not to mention Wu Xin who was inside.
Sure enough, there was no response no matter how he knocked it inside. Brother Yang could only look at the fat man in irritation, but there was nothing he could do.
The old man next door heard the sound coming out and asked.
Brother Yang just vented: “Old man, there is nothing to do with you here, hurry up where you come from and go back.”
The uncle had to hide again.
Looking at the light in the room and knowing that someone must be at home, Brother Yang was also a little upset. He looked at the window and said, “Find someone to take down this security window. It ran away from me.”
After he finished speaking, someone immediately knocked on the glass with a steel pipe, and some used something to pry at the corner of the anti-theft window.
Maybe it’s because the apartment building here is too long and the screws of the anti-theft window are rusted, so these guys started to pry them up a corner.
Brother Yang was overjoyed at first glance.
He yelled, “Wait when we catch that woman, let’s get rid of the meat first.”
This voice also reached Wu Xin’s ears, like a lightning strike, completely causing her to fall into fear, hiding in the corner and crying in a low voice.
But Zheng was frightened, and didn’t know when the group of people outside would come in, but they cried. Wu Xin seemed to be unable to hear the sound from outside, and the sound of smashing metal that had been pulling the metal disappeared.
The first thing she worried about was that the group of people had already come in, but they were quiet outside, not like a reaction to coming in.
After waiting for a short while, there was no sound, she wondered if the other party had already left.
But I thought it was impossible. Maybe these people were just waiting for her to go out by herself, she thought.
After thinking about it, I secretly looked out from the door of the bedroom. As expected, no one could be seen in the window of the living room. The window broke the glass and fell on the floor of the living room.
Then there was a knock on the door again, the sound was very soft, and then the sound was heard.
“It’s me, all those guys were driven away by me.”
Wu Xin heard the sound a little familiar, but couldn’t think of it, and was afraid that the other party was lying to her, so he didn’t dare to open the door at all, just hid by the bedroom door and waited.
There was another knock outside, saying: “If you are scared, I will come back tomorrow and I won’t bother you now.”
With that said, it seemed that he was about to leave.
Wu Xin thought, she seemed to confirm this voice, as if it was the person who helped her in the restaurant today.
But she couldn’t confirm, she just heard a few words of this voice.
If it weren’t for that person, she couldn’t believe what her fate would be like. She was not a girl who didn’t know anything. She could imagine the cruel life on the street all the year round.
But if it was really him, what would she do.
This choice seemed to be difficult, but Wu Xin ran over, really opening the door.
When Chen Feng heard the sound of the door behind him, he turned his head. The girl was standing there, looking at him with tears in her eyes.
In fact, Chen Feng was sending Chu Qingwan back, and he was more than faint in his heart. He wanted to find a girl to say a word.

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