Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 971

So the car came here unconsciously.
But when he first got here, he saw a dozen people there and wanted to break in. He saw Brother Yang at a glance, and immediately became angry. Without even asking, he grabbed a guy and threw him away. go out.
When Brother Yang turned around, he was also taken aback.
The original plan was to lead Chen Feng to the place they preset, and then dozens of guys would subdue him, but now the woman hasn’t gotten it right, so she met first.
He was worried that Chen Fengcheng would not be very good, but before he could react, Chen Feng was the second one to find him, slapped him on the face, and fainted him directly.
He fainted to the ground, and everyone else saw that even the boss was knocked unconscious. Someone was about to come up for revenge, but in front of Chen Feng, Chen Feng was let him go with just one move.
Three or four people are like this, the remaining people dare not go up again. Some people want to escape. Chen Feng shouted: “Take this guy with you, don’t let me see you.”
So, after a while, more than a dozen guys disappeared, and he knocked on Wu Xin’s door.
Looking at Wu Xin now, there are already tears on that small face, and now there are tears that are about to fall. Chen Feng smiled and walked over and said, “It’s okay, those guys have been driven away by me. NS.”
Wu Xin really wanted to lean in Chen Feng’s arms and cry, but she also knew that Chen Feng was just a stranger, and she still restrained herself.
Turning around and wiping the tears from her eyes, she turned around and said to Chen Feng, “Well, thank you.”
Chen Feng chuckled, and the two looked at each other inexplicably for a few seconds before Wu Xin remembered to invite Chen Feng in.
Chen Feng was not polite. He glanced at the old window on the side and followed in.
There seemed to be only Wu Xin in the house. Chen Feng sat down and asked, “What about your brother, why is he not at home?”
“Go outside to play, you should.”
Wu Xin came to the kitchen to pour some water for Chen Feng. He looked at the pasted noodles and felt a little distressed. It was all food and it was a waste.
But now that Chen Feng was still outside, she was embarrassed to eat, so she had to hold back and walked outside with a water glass.
“Drink water.” She handed the cup to Chen Feng. At least it was supposed to make some tea, but the tea was not liked by the two siblings, and it has been a long time since the home has been a guest, so she can only give it to Chen. Feng drink some white water.
But Chen Feng didn’t care. He took the cup and just happened to be thirsty, so he took a sip.
And seeing Chen Feng really drank it, I felt comfortable for no reason, as if it was a rich person like Chen Feng who drank her water, that really didn’t mean to look down on her.
Wu Xin thought about this strange self-esteem, but she still felt happy when she looked at Chen Feng.
“How do you… come here?” Wu Xin asked curiously.
“Well, I just remembered it all of a sudden, so I came to have a look, but I didn’t expect that I would be in trouble,” Chen Feng replied.
“Oh! Thank you.” Wu Xin thanked again.
Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “You work in that restaurant. The salary should be good. Why do you still live in this kind of place and change to a better community? These people can’t trouble you anymore.”
And saying this, as if talking about the girl’s pain point, she was silent and stopped talking.
Chen Feng looked at the girl’s expression and continued, “Did you have any problems?”
Wu Xin is unwilling to share her difficulties with others. She always feels that she can make it through on her own, and she has lived like this for so many years.
But in front of Chen Feng, she said: “That restaurant did give a lot, but Wu Cheng owed money outside, and now he has to pay it back every month, and he spends a lot of money, those salaries…”
As she spoke, she still couldn’t say anymore, maybe because she thought of wronged things, tears came to the corners of her eyes.
Wu Xin always felt that she was not a crying girl, but she didn’t know why. After being rescued twice by Chen Feng, she didn’t bother to pretend to be strong in front of Chen Feng.
Chen Feng didn’t know how to comfort him, and even if he gave the money directly, he was afraid of hurting the girl’s self-esteem.
So he thought for a while and said, “If you don’t worry about me, I can watch Wu Cheng for you, at least I won’t let him be so confused.”
Wu Xin’s biggest headache is Wu Cheng. Now that Chen Feng actually took the initiative to help her, she happily said, “Can you really do it?”
But I didn’t expect Wu Xin’s happiness to be so easy. Chen Feng also seriously pondered that if Wu Cheng was taken to some militarized management to train for a period of time, or if he simply asked Qianjia to let him practice martial arts, this might be very useful.
That’s why he nodded and said, “It should be possible, it’s not difficult.”
Wu Xin said, “I will let Wu Cheng go home immediately.”
She stood up, went to look for the phone immediately, and quickly got through. Wu Cheng would not refuse to answer, but she still heard Wu Xin’s angry voice, and then ended the call.
Chen Feng asked, “Well, is he unwilling to come back.”
Wu Xin nodded: “Maybe I won’t be willing to come back until tomorrow.”
Looking at Wu Xin’s guilty expression, Chen Feng said, “It’s okay, I can have someone come and take him away tomorrow.”
But Wu Xin still feels sorry.
There is not much communication between the two, so some topics can not be discussed together, so sitting there is a bit cold.
Chen Feng could naturally say something, but he was worried about Wu Xin’s mood and her inner sensitivity.
Wu Xin was afraid that Chen Summit would think that he was a very boring person, so he anxiously looked for topics to talk about in his mind, but it was only today that he met two people.
She thought of the woman next to Chen Feng, and she asked, “The woman who ate with you today is your wife, right?”
Chen Feng was also surprised. He didn’t expect Wu Xin to ask such things. He said, “No, just a friend. My wife is in Cangzhou and didn’t come with me.”
Wu Xin was secretly happy when he heard that it was just a friend, but then he knew that Chen Feng had been married, but was lost for some reason.
“Oh, so you were married, but if you date such a beautiful woman, are you not afraid of being known by your wife?”
These are simply not words that a woman just met can ask, let alone Chen Feng helped her.
Chen Feng looked at Wu Xin suspiciously, Wu Xin also immediately understood that she had crossed the line, but she didn’t know the reason, she just wanted to know the answer, insisted on her question, and didn’t have any thoughts of taking it back.

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