Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 972

“She may be more tolerant of me.” Chen Feng said with a slight embarrassment.
Knowing the answer he wanted to know, Wu Xin looked at Chen Feng with satisfaction.
But as if he was scared, Chen Feng stood up and said to Wu Xin: “It’s so late, I don’t want to disturb you anymore, I’ll go back first.”
With that said, he had already walked to the door, and as if remembering something, he turned around and said to Wu Xin, “My name is Chen Feng, and I don’t know your name yet.”
“Wu Xin.”
Chen Feng nodded and left directly.
Two hours ago, in a luxurious villa in Lan City, the man who was driven out of the restaurant by Chen Feng was thinking about what happened today.
The first thing that made him angry was that woman. If she had agreed to her request earlier, there would be other things there. A waiter dared to disobey him, and the embarrassment in his heart was crushing him.
But even though there was the store manager, and even the people around him still annoyed, no one stood up to help him.
When it was the best, he seemed to think of Chen Feng.
But for Chen Feng, his arrogance seemed to be torn apart, the embarrassment was like killing him, and even humiliated him in front of so many people.
However, he couldn’t think of how to retaliate. He even thought it would be too cheap to kill Chen Feng. He must use more cruel methods to deal with Chen Feng.
I don’t have any specific ideas for the time being, but I can get Chen Feng back first.
Thinking about it, he picked up the phone and reached someone.
“Give me all the information about that guy. I have to know that he is eating in that restaurant. He must be someone…”
After talking a little bit, he ended the call.
And two hours later, he sat in a bar.
Opposite is the guy he called on the phone, and the most famous bag in Lanshi. His surname is Zhang. People call him Zhang Long, but no one knows his real name.
“Do you know the message of that person?” the man with glasses asked.
Zhang Long smiled and said, “Master Liu, you look down on me a little bit. There is really nothing that Zhang Long wants to find out.”
Young Master Liu sneered: “That’s the best. Money is not a problem. Just tell me who that guy is.”
Zhang Long said, “The price of this person is not low, but I don’t know whether some things are true or false. I can give Young Master Liu a 30% discount, which is 700,000.”
A message sells for one million, which is really faster than the money robbed, but this young master Liu didn’t care and said, “Seven hundred thousand, yes, but the message you’d better give me is true. , If you let me know that you lied to me, you know how good my Liu Shaojie is in Lan City.”
Zhang Long hurriedly replied, “Yes, yes. Who would dare to offend Master Liu you in Lan City? It’s not that you don’t want to live anymore. If you get caught in prison, you probably don’t even know how you died.”
Liu Shaojie looked a little better, and said, “It’s okay if you know it. Okay, don’t talk nonsense. Tell me who this guy is?”
Zhang Long said: “That guy’s name is Chen Feng, he is from Yanjing.”
Hearing this name, Liu Shaojie knew it, and muttered: “How could it be him? What is he doing in Lanshi?”
Zhang Long proactively said, “Master Liu, there is a reason why I took you 700,000 yuan. Do you know the purpose of Chen Feng coming to Lanshi?”
“Don’t sell it to me, just say it.” Liu Shaojie said impatiently.
Zhang Long said, “In fact, this Shao Chen is going to deal with Molang. Now a group of desert families are gathering, what are they planning?”
When Liu Shaojie heard this, he sneered: “Just like him, he still wants to deal with Molang. Doesn’t he know how terrible Molang is?”
Zhang Long immediately agreed: “Indeed, but did Young Master Liu have some conflict with him? If this is the case, you’d better not provoke him lately. There are so many families behind him, although they are small, they can gather together. Together they are also very large.”
Liu Shaojie naturally had to think about it. He had great rights in Lanshi, but he didn’t dare to go too far. It would not be a problem to kill someone secretly, but if it was Chen Feng, it seemed to be really difficult.
He thought for a while, and Zhang Long didn’t talk to him, he just thought about how to win Chen Feng.
Having been so wronged and embarrassed in front of others, this is the most unbearable thing for him.
So when Zhang Long left, Liu Shaojie made another call.
“Uncle Qian, I’m really sorry, I still have to disturb you at so late. But this matter is very important to me. If I can’t help it, I won’t disturb you…”
After talking for a while, I finally came to the point: “Yes, Uncle Qian just needs to help me catch that person.”
After the phone call was over, Liu Shaojie became satisfied. He took Mansha Zhuhua, who had not been imported yet, and took a sip.
The taste is still so long and lasting.
On the second day, Chen Feng didn’t expect to be summoned. He didn’t think he had committed any crime, but someone wanted to take him away.
Facing the people who came to take him away, Chen Feng thought for a while, and did not resist, and let them take him away.
But when the car drove halfway, Chen Feng looked as if he had become remote, and it didn’t look like a formal place in any way.
He asked, “Is it wrong? How come it looks like I’m going outside the city.”
Across the iron fence, the person in front turned around and yelled at Chen Feng: “Just sit there and you don’t care where he goes. You are still being roasted anyway.”
Chen Feng also felt helpless, and before he got in the car, he was handcuffed.
But thinking that this is the process, Chen Feng even forgot to resist, but then he reacted, but the things were handcuffed, and he didn’t bother to argue. Anyway, he wanted to get rid of this thing without any difficulty.
After a while, I really came to the outside of the city.
Looking at the desolate land boundary, there is not even a house, just a desolate mountain forest, at this moment, Chen Feng understands instead.
He didn’t speak, watching the two people in front stop, then one of them got out of the car, opened the door beside him, and pulled him down.
After a staggering, Chen Feng pretended to be unstable and really fell to the ground.
The guy who came out of Chen Feng looked at it and laughed instead.
“Just like this, Young Master Liu has to bother us, Mr. Qian, this is really unnecessary.” He said, he was about to come up and pull up Chen Feng.
But after hearing the names he said, Chen Feng had never heard of one. He thought about it very seriously, but he just didn’t know who he was talking about.
However, after standing up for a while, a car also drove across the road.

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