Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 975

“You are the one who made trouble?” They looked at Chen Feng, but at the same time they saw Wu Xin, with some confusion on their faces.

“Isn’t this Gouzi his sister? What are you bringing this guy to?” someone asked Wu Xin.

Before Wu Xin could answer, Chen Feng said, “Come to Wu Cheng.”

“The dog is not here.”

“Does anyone know where Wu Cheng is?” Chen Feng asked again.

But the other party had an impatient expression: “How do we know that we are not Gouzi her sister, you need to find it, find it somewhere else, don’t get in the way here.”

These words even stabbed Wu Xin, and Chen Feng frowned. He walked two steps forward and said to these guys, “Do you know where he is?”

“I want you to get out, didn’t you hear it!” A thin man roared, completely annoyed.

But the hand that pointed to Chen Feng hadn’t waited for him to react before the joint was broken by Chen Feng.

The guy hurriedly cried out, and when the others saw it, they immediately became wary of Chen Feng.

“Quickly let him go.”

“Does anyone know the whereabouts? Show me a way, how about 10,000 yuan?” Chen Feng said again with interest.

At this moment, someone really moved. Ten thousand yuan is not a small sum. For those who are idlers, they may not be able to earn so much in a year.

Then a little monkey-like guy shouted, “I may know where he is. I will take you there.”

However, he was still a little worried about whether the money Chen Feng said was true, so he asked: “The money…”

Chen Feng was also unambiguous, and directly took out his wallet and took out some money from it.

“It’s about ten thousand here, you take me to Wu Cheng, it’s yours.”

And seeing the cash, everyone else finally believed it.

I heard that they were also fighting: “I know.”

“I also know…”

But Chen Feng ignored them, just pointed at the guy who spoke first.

The figure is like a monkey, and even when he moves, he jumps over.

When he got out of here, Chen Feng asked his name. He said that everyone else called him monkey, so it was enough for Chen Feng to call him the same.

Chen Feng nodded, but at this moment he noticed that Wu Xin seemed to be solemn.

He asked with concern: “What’s wrong with you?”

Wu Xin raised her head and looked at Chen Feng, a little uneasy and said, “That 10,000 yuan…”

Chen Feng immediately understood, and smiled: “This money has nothing to do with you, so don’t worry.”

“But you are here to find Xiaocheng.”

Chen Feng looked at her stubbornly, and said, “Now I want to save time. If you look for it according to your wishes, it won’t cost you money, so I will be responsible for the decision I made.”

Wu Xin couldn’t argue that it was true, but he felt wrong again in his heart, and then he was silent and didn’t speak anymore.

Chen Feng smiled and left it alone.

The monkey took Chen Feng to several mahjong parlors, hotels, and bathhouses, but still no one was found.

Chen Feng looked at him with some suspicion, and said, “Don’t you even know where he will go?”

The monkey was also a little panicked, and hurriedly said: “I know, I have seen him in these places several times.”

“How come you can’t find it?”


With that said, even Wu Xin was a little worried. She was also afraid of whether something had happened to Wu Cheng, and she had offended the group recently. If they were caught, she would not know how to do it.

But now he can only choose to believe in this monkey.

However, fortunately, in front of a bathing room, I happened to see Wu Cheng coming out of it. He was still holding a small amount of money in his hand. It was not much, but there was still a few thousand dollars, but I don’t know how he got it. of.

When Wu Xin saw him, he immediately relaxed, but after thinking about it, he became angry and called to Wu Cheng.

Hearing a familiar voice, Wu Cheng looked over here, and it turned out to be his own sister. He hurriedly hid the money in his hand, and then walked leisurely.

Suspiciously asked: “Sister, why are you here?”

He still looked at Chen Feng and the monkey, which was even more strange.

On the side, Chen Feng handed the money to the monkey and told him to leave.

Wu Cheng was puzzled, and immediately asked Chen Feng, “Why are you giving that guy so much money.”

But before Chen Feng spoke, Wu Xin twisted Wu Cheng’s ears, and Wu Cheng called out in pain.

“If you don’t listen to let you go home, let me find it.”

Wu Cheng was in pain, so he pushed Wu Xin away and staggered. Fortunately, Chen Feng’s hand was quick and he immediately supported her, otherwise he would definitely fall.

“What are you doing, sister?” Wu Cheng shouted.

When Wu Xin was about to teach him, a man stood up in front of the bathroom. He looked around and saw Wu Cheng. He shouted, “You little thief, stop me.”

Wu Chengyi couldn’t see it right, and shouted: “No, sister, run away.”

With that said, no matter what Wu Xin was doing, he turned around and was about to run away.

Chen Feng went straight to buckle his shoulders, making him unable to move.

He yelled to let go, but Chen Feng naturally would not agree.

After a while, the man in front of the bathing room walked over. He looked at Chen Feng and Wu Cheng again, subconsciously thinking that Chen Feng was the one who helped him catch the thief.

He said, “Thank you brother.”

Chen Feng didn’t explain, but just asked, “He stole your money?”

“Isn’t it? This little thief is very quick.”

Chen Feng thought about the money in Wu Cheng’s hand just now, and he believed it a little bit, then he touched Wu Cheng’s pocket and took out some money from it.

Wu Cheng was still yelling there, but no one paid any attention.

Chen Feng handed the money to this person, and then said, “Are you right with the money? You don’t have to worry about the rest, we just take care of it.”

The man took the money and naturally ordered a little more carefully, and the amount was correct, but he felt a little sorry for Chen Feng to deal with the rest of the matter, so he wanted to say something more.

Chen Feng said directly: “Go back, this matter is just a small matter, it seems that you haven’t handled it properly.”

This guy thought for a while, but only thanked Chen Feng and left.

Successfully defrauded people, at least not entangled in going to the police, but a lot less trouble.

At this time, Chen Feng took their siblings to other corners.

Wu Xin naturally taught Wu Cheng fiercely, but how much he could listen to, or even guess he would not listen at all. Looking at his appearance, Chen Feng stopped Wu Xin.

“Forget it, I will take him away, wait a few months, and send it back to you, it may be better than now.”

Wu Xin also knew that if Wu Cheng had been taking care of him all the time, Wu Cheng would basically be useless, so even though he couldn’t bear it, he nodded.

But this was what made Wu Cheng feel scared, and he asked quickly, “Sister, where are you going to send me?”

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