Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 980

He almost came to the villa at the fastest speed.

The place still looked luxurious, but Chen Feng couldn’t wait to burn him with a fire, and he also decided to wait until Chu Qingwan was rescued, he would definitely let this be Liu Shaojie’s burial place.

Slowly walked in, the door was open, and a man was waiting for him on the side.

Chen Feng recognized it as one of those guys last time.

“What about people?” Chen Feng asked.

“Young Master Liu is waiting for you inside.” As he said, he walked in with Chen Feng.

Actually, the place hasn’t changed in any way. The frame of the torture instrument that was knocked down by Chen Feng last time has also been re-arranged, but Chen Feng still didn’t see Chu Qingwan.

Where he was standing, someone on the second floor platform pushed a wheelchair out.

That was Liu Shaojie, and what was doing on the wheelchair was Chu Qingwan who was kidnapped by him.

“Haha, you are finally here, but I have been waiting for you for a long time.” Seeing Chen Feng, Liu Shaojie burst into laughter.

Chen Feng looked at Chu Qingwan, who had faded away, and Liu Shaojie who was standing aside using this dagger to buckle Chu Qingwan’s neck, he was about to step forward.

But Liu Shaojie leaned the dagger on Chu Qingwan’s neck even more, and then sternly said: “If you dare to come closer, I will kill her immediately.”

Knowing that Chen Feng’s martial arts is very high, he dared not let Chen Feng come close.

Chen Feng had to stop, he stared at Liu Shaojie and said, “What do you want to do?”

Seeing Chen Feng so obedient, Liu Shaojie breathed a sigh of relief.

“I don’t want to do anything. I just give you the humiliation you gave me completely. I just let our last game continue.”

Chen Feng’s expression became even colder and said, “You better let her go, or I will definitely kill you.”

Liu Shaojie knew just now that Chen Feng would never step forward, so he was even more confident: “It depends on what you do. If I am happy, I will naturally let you go. Now, you sit on that stool for me.”

He suddenly shouted at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng looked at the tiger stool, a little helpless, and then sat down.

And soon the guy with Chen Feng came forward and tied up Chen Feng’s body, because they knew that ordinary ropes were easy to break free last time, so they chose a stronger wire.

After a while, Chen Feng was tied to it.

However, Chen Feng couldn’t resist, but just let him deal with it, which made Liu Shaojie even more excited.

As for what to do with Chen Feng next, he was a little uncertain. After thinking about it, he still felt that the first thing was to return the humiliation of the soldering iron to Chen Feng again.

He shouted at the person next to Chen Feng, “I will stamp him first.”

Chen Feng remained unmoved. It seemed that this was not the criminal law for him. At least he looked at Liu Shaojie, Chu Qingwan was already crying, he was also a little distressed, but now he was suppressed.

The man next to him walked to the stove, the soldering iron had already been burnt red, he took out one of them, and immediately caused the charcoal to rise.

His face was indifferent, but he had to do so. His survival relied on Liu Shaojie.

Chen Feng didn’t look at him or even the soldering iron.

The man walked to Chen Feng’s side and whispered something.

And Liu Shaojie seemed to hesitate looking at where he was, and immediately shouted: “Do it, what are you waiting for.”

The man had no choice but to hold the soldering iron and face Chen Feng.

The place of the branding was also specifically mentioned by Liu Shaojie, the same as the place Chen Feng burned on him.

Liu Shaojie thought that only after returning everything back, the rest would be considered his own, and that’s why he asked.

The soldering iron was scarlet and scary, and he was getting closer and closer to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng saw that Chu Qingwan closed her eyes in fear, and she was crying.

On the side, Liu Shaojie was different. He watched the process seriously. The only thing he regretted was that he couldn’t do it with his own hands, but he gave up thinking of Chen Feng’s strength.

When the soldering iron was in contact with the panel, wisps of blue smoke appeared, and then immediately there was a burning smell, like burning hair, which was very foul.

But in Liu Shaojie’s original imagination, Chen Feng’s howls and even helpless struggles, he did not see all of this.

Chen Feng just stared in the direction of Liu Shaojie without even feeling the pain.

Liu Shaojie’s eyes widened, looked incredible, and shouted in his mouth: “What are you doing, give me the hottest one, are you pitying him?”

But just looking at the burn marks, I also knew that this was definitely not what Liu Shaojie had imagined.

Liu Shaojie still couldn’t believe it. He even put down Chu Qingwan and wanted to walk over and see for himself, but at this moment.

Chen Feng broke open the iron wire on his body, just like the rope at that time, breaking it inch by inch.

And then, Chen Feng picked up the soldering iron against his chest, held the long handle, and raised his hand to throw it at Liu Shaojie.

And the next moment, a horrible scene appeared.

A guy who was flying out with a soldering iron was staring at the front dumbfounded, as if he didn’t even know why this happened.

After finally flying a few meters away, he was severely nailed to the ground.

The soldering iron was inserted directly from the heart, and the blood kept flowing out of the wound, while lying on the ground, his eyes were still open at this time, but he could only look at the ceiling helplessly and confusedly.

Chen Feng stood up, glanced at the person beside him, and the guy shrank away in fear.

And he was not completely as safe as he showed, everything just now was just that he was holding back desperately.

The wound didn’t bleed, but he still felt hot and painful. He stood up with difficulty and walked towards Chu Qingwan.

Finally came to the second floor and unlocked Chu Qingwan’s seal. She immediately cried to Chen Feng: “You…, why are you so stupid…”

With that, I couldn’t cry anymore.

Chen Feng comforted: “Isn’t it all okay? And because of you, I don’t feel any pain at all.”

Chu Qingwan cried: “Why do you lie to me…, he really hurts.”

Chen Feng untied Chu Qingwan’s whole body rope, and then said, “Okay, let’s go quickly. I don’t want to stay in such a dirty place at all.”

Chu Qingwan immediately stood up, held Chen Feng, and the two slowly walked towards the outside of the villa.

Before leaving, Chen Feng kicked the stove to the ground in the living room.

When they went out, a raging flame had risen in the room.

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