Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 981

As for how to investigate later, none of this has anything to do with Chen Feng.

At this moment, he was in the hospital, lying on the bed, the wound had been wrapped, and the crying Chu Qingwan was sitting beside him.

After a long period of comfort, the girl finally calmed down, but Chu Qingwan was not to blame for what happened this time. Chen Feng knew that Liu Shaojie wanted to deal with him only.

After two or three days, although Chu Qingwan would still remember it from time to time, she was not as frightened as before.

And she started to live a normal life, this was also what Chen Feng advised, otherwise she still wanted to guard Chen Feng here.

While lying here for a few days, Chen Feng didn’t know anything outside.

Zhao Donglai brought fruits to the hospital to see him.

As soon as he entered the door, he smiled at Chen Feng and said, “It’s really unexpected that you guy would be injured because of a woman.”

Chen Feng glanced sideways at him, took Zhao Donglai and brought it all the time, and gnawed at the apple.

“What happened to Qianjia recently?” he asked.

Zhao Donglai looked at Chen Feng in surprise: “How do you know?”

Chen Feng said, “If it hadn’t happened to the Thousand Family, you wouldn’t have come to see me until now. You might have come to laugh at me early in the morning.”

Zhao Donglai nodded and said, “You really got it right. Qianjia was attacked by Molang.”

Chen Feng was also taken aback, and said in astonishment: “Molang actually rushed directly to a thousand families? This doesn’t seem to be in line with their plan, right.”

Zhao Donglai also seemed to be frightened, and said, “It is indeed unexpected, but it seems that it is not just to gift Huang Taihao, but also the woman Qian’er.”

But this is still surprising. I am afraid that this time the message will shake the entire desert even more than the last time, but the message hasn’t been sent out yet, so there is no movement in Bai Xing’s place.

“How many people did they go?”

“The number of people is not many, a dozen, but all of them are good players. I thought that the thousand-faced snake and wolf would also be in it, but I didn’t seem to see it.”

“That’s not useless, as long as Qianxun Qian is still in Qianjia, no matter how many people go there, it’s no use.” Chen Feng doubted.

But Zhao Donglai shook his head and said, “Chihiro Ken is not there. It seems that something has gone out, and this message must have been leaked by a traitor in Qianjia. That’s why Molang chose that time.”

“This…” Chen Feng didn’t know how to express his surprise.

“Then what’s going on now, are things taken away by them?”

Zhao Donglai laughed and said: “But this group of people never expected that Qianxunyi’s martial arts was higher than imagined. Within a few rounds, they were basically killed by him alone, and Molang even gave the emperor. I haven’t seen Taihao’s shadow.”

Chen Feng was a little surprised by this. He had fought with Qianxunyi. At the time, he didn’t think he was so amazing, but according to Zhao Donglai, Qianxunyi should be hidden, or it was just using something against the sky. The method will forcefully enhance the strength.

And with such a big change as Chihiro Art, if it were external stimulation, he might not even be able to save his life now.

But these naturally won’t be known to outsiders, it is estimated that even Zhao Donglai must be unclear.

After chatting with Zhao Dong again, he left.

But Chen Feng thought about where he was alone, and decided to check it out for himself. After all, relying on Zhao Dong’s words, there must be some differences from the actual situation.

Thinking about it, he quietly left the hospital.

The first place to go is naturally Qianjia, and before entering the door, it seems that you can feel a sense of killing. The impact of the desert wolf also seems to be a disaster for Qianjia.

When passing by, the thousands of people saw themselves, but didn’t say a word, just remained silent.

Going on, you can see that some places are damaged and some people are repairing them. The people of Qianjia are also in a hurry, and there is no time to estimate Chen Feng.

At this time, Chen Feng saw Qian Xueqiu who was slightly relaxed, and he stepped forward to stop him.

“I have something to ask you.” Chen Feng said.

Qian Qiuxue had to stop, and said to Chen Feng: “Chen Shao had better say a long story short.”

Chen Feng nodded and immediately asked, “Is something wrong with Chihiro Art?”

Qian Xueqiu was also taken aback. She didn’t expect Chen Summit to ask such a question, but she still replied plainly: “Chen Shao, this matter is a secret in Qian’s family. I can’t tell you clearly, but I think you guessed something. , And the facts are the same as you guessed. And now I’m going to go over and say to Chen Shao, it’s better not to stay at Qianjia these few days.”

After speaking, he hurried away again.

Chen Feng sighed. As expected, Qianxunyi was forcibly enhancing his strength. Even if he is still alive, it is probably no different from the waste.

But he didn’t want to understand what Qian Xueqiu’s last entrustment meant. Could it be that what would happen to Qian Family these few days?

He thought for a while, just looked at it casually, and then returned to his yard in Qianjia.

On the second day, Chen Feng saw two familiar figures.

They are actually the two sisters of the Chang family.

But the people from Qianjia took them away in a hurry, and Chen Feng didn’t even have time to go up and say hello to them.

And since they have invited the Chang family sisters, it is really dangerous, and it is estimated that Qianxunyi may be dying.

They waited until dinner before they arranged for the two sisters of the Chang family to come and stay, and the place was still in the yard where Chen Feng was.

So when they saw Chen Feng there as soon as they walked in, both of them were surprised.

Chen Feng smiled awkwardly and said hello: “Long time no see!”

But the surprised expression instantly returned to indifference, not only Long Ling, but Feng Qi also did the same, as if he didn’t know Chen Feng at all.

Chen Feng stared blankly at them as they walked past him, and then entered the room inside.

Naturally, it was the same room they had before, but when they entered, the door was heavily closed, and Chen Feng sitting in the courtyard could hear it very clearly.

Chen Feng also knew that the Chang family sisters must be angry with him, but after thinking about it, I am not in a hurry to apologize.

The person from Qian’s family who brought the two sisters over didn’t know what was going on. He just looked at Chen Feng curiously. Chen Feng smiled and said, “I don’t need you for the things here. I will take care of them.”

The man nodded, and really left.

After sitting in the courtyard for more than an hour, Chen Feng thought about whether to find Long Ling first or Feng Qi, and finally decided and walked towards Long Ling’s room.

He knocked on the door of the room, but there was no sound inside, and Chen Feng shouted, “It’s me.”

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